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Thursday, December 14, 2017


For our Hong Kong trip, the little lords were our bosses and we centered our vacation with their happiness and fun in mind. However, I had one request that I deemed superkaduper important when we go to Hong Kong:

We should eat in ICHIRAN. Period.

I know it was not the same as what they had in Japan but I saw how this popular Ramen joint was featured and raved by many youtubers that I was kicking myself why we didn't try it when we were in the Land of the Rising Sun. At least, Hong Kong would be the next best thing and it important was for us to have one meal there. True enough, the Chinese Adonis planned and plotted when and where we'll be going. Even if it was SO far from our hotel, we'll travel far and wide to get a taste of that famous hot bowl of noodles.

And that we did. With delicious and unexpected results!!!!!! 

We are in Causeway Bay and we're going to eat in ICHIRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bunsoy was a very picky eater and just wanted to stay in our hotel. But he was a good sport in our long travel to look for ICHIRAN!

Here we are!!!!

Wait... Where are we?

There we are at the end of the line... He he he he he!

I hope it's worth it!

After about a 30 minute wait, we were called inside to form a line.

I learned that ICHIRAN in HONG KONG was open 24 hours and they had 2 branches side by side to accommodate their diners on a per 12 hour basis. Since there was a lot of people that night, we were made to go to the supposed ICHIRAN for daytime.

I dont' mind where we go as long as we eat PRONTO!!!!!!

In ICHIRAN, they don't want you to get distracted with interiors or other customers while you're having your noodles. Here, diners are seated in their own private cubicles so that they will fully enjoy their ramen experience in isolation. 

Huli ka balbon!!!!!

In your cubicle, you'll get your order slip where you cross out your ramen preference.

When you're done, put your paper near the window. Then, ring the bell that's on the top right for them to get your order slip. Later on, they'll give you a receipt which you put in the box. That's what you surrender at the counter for payment on your way out.

Each cubicle also had its own water faucet. Yay! No need to call the server whenever I need a drink!

ICHIRAN even had a post in the cubicle saying how their water tasted good and it's the same liquid they used for their ramen.

Instructions on how to properly enjoy their noodles!

And MORE instructions! Ha ha ha ha ha!

If you check the walls, ICHIRAN has provided coat hooks and rolls of tissue paper. 

My picky eater Andrei does not eat much so the Yubhub will just share with him. This was fine in ICHIRAN and you could just remove the divider.

As for me and the Master Mati, we'll one bowl each!!!!! 

I'll forget my diet muna. He he he he he!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!

Me (so excited for my ICHIRAN)!

My Master Mati!

He's excited as me. He he he he he!

Bruce Lee and his dad Bruce Dee 

A little later, Andrei's Ramen arrived!

After they put it in front of him, they put the divider down so that you could eat your Ramen in peace.

Yay! Here's mine!

I was so happy that I almost stretched myself and grab the server's arms to shake his hand. Ha ha ha ha!

Ahhh... Perfection.

For my ICHIRAN Ramen I just had checked normal, with spicy level of 5 and an extra order of Tamago egg.

Egad. Look how creamy, buttery, and rich the broth is!!!! I swear I could almost see a film of oil by the spoon!


The aroma was so heavenly. It took a lot of control for me to not put my whole face in and slurp down all my noodles.

The first sip....





If I have to describe it, the broth of ICHIRAN was similar to the taste of adobo (possibly because of the garlic, pork, and soy sauce)  but with the creamy mix of mashed bone marrow. One spoonful will get in you in Ramen heaven.

Egad I'm remembering how awesome it was and I'm drooling right now.

Of course, when there's Ramen, I can't help but order a serving of Tamago. What they have in ICHIRAN had the perfect soft yolk that I love and with that slight saltiness to it. This is great to match the heartiness of my fatty broth.


Aaaah... This is more beautiful than some of the movies I've seen this year.

The first slurp of noodles...

ICHIRAN noodles were thin but since I had mine extra hard, it was still chewy even after I took a long time to have a slurpful of it. 

Even if I was supposed to watch my carb intake, I can't help it. I was suddenly in noodle cloud 9 and I can't stop putting noodles in my mouth.

My dear Master Mati was so happy with his noodles too!

After the first slurp of noodles, he immediately asked me if he could have a second helping of it.


The pork chasyu was nothing special. However, since it was so tender and thin, it soaked the delicious Ramen broth that when you bite into it, you'll be chewing on more of the richness. It had the right amount of lean meat in it because you already got all the fattiness from the lipsmacking soup!

My bunsoy liked noodles but we never expecting to LOVE ICHIRAN! As in he really LOVED it!!!!!

He happily ate and ate his noodles. He said he wanted to whole thing for himself!

That is so rare!

Woah!!! I can't believe that I didn't have to remind Andrei to eat his food tonight. 

In a jiffy, he finished his big bowl of noodles!


As for me, yup! Simot sarap ko din!

I glanced over at Master Mati's cubicle and saw that his second helping of noodles arrived. 

After only about 5 minutes, HE WAS DONE.


We were so full and in Ramen ecstasy. As much as we wanted to stay and have some more, we needed to go and stop the gluttony. He he he he he he!

We got the receipts and to the counter for payment.

My bill was HKD 373!

 That's P2,421.00 :)

I don't mind. I swear that it's ALL worth it!!!!!!!

My little lords had an awesome experience in ICHIRAN that they wanted to go back again.

We didn't expect bunsoy Andrei to love it so much that when we were in Victoria's Peak the next day, he kept on chanting ICHIRAN ICHIRAN ICHIRAN!!! Yep that was how much he loved it (to think that the thing he hated most was eating). Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

As for me, it was as magical as I dreamed it would be. Ang sarap talaga! To think that I heard some people claim the Japan ICHIRAN was more topnotch. I can't imagine that great bowl of noodles have any more chance to be better. For me it's already perfection!!!!!!

I'm so happy we really went for ICHIRAN! I'm happi-ER also that the boys LOVED it and immediately craved for it!!!!

And so next day, we were BACK AGAIN!


We went to HONG KONG to eat at a Japanese franchise!

Read about our ICHIRAN PART TWO coming soon!

Lockhart House, Block A, 
440 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
 +852 2152 4040



  1. OMG nakakagutom haha!! Ichiran forever!!! Nice Andrei diba super sarap!!! I cant wait to eat Ichiran again!!

    1. Super Erika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time I was there sabi ko, I won't buy the instant because I'm sure it's nothing compared to the real Ichiran (tapos mahal pa). But now I'm like I MISS ICHIRAN! EVERYONE BUY ME THE INSTANT NOODLES PLEASE! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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