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Thursday, December 21, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in DISNEYLAND HONG KONG and I don't know if it's because the boys are bigger, or there aren't many people that day in the theme park, or that we were able to ride all the attractions that we wanted, or that we just make it a point to always have a fun time whenever we can....

But we were all having such an awesome time that it may be one of our best vacations to date!!!!!

Here's part two of our DISNEYLAND HONG KONG trip with more of our great times and pictures! He he he he he! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Yoo to the hoo! 

In part one, the boys were thrilled to be able to chat up with IRON MAN.

When I said "boys", yes the Chinese Dimpol is included. He he he he! 

The little lords were also able to undergo Jedi training and spar with the likes of Darth Vader!

We also got to meet the very cute BB8!

Yup! We were all just having an exciting time!

Now what else happened after our late lunch?

(Jeeez! How could anyone sleep in DISNEYLAND??? ha ha ha!)

We passed by IT'S A SMALL WORLD and I'm glad that the little lords still want to check it out.

IT'S A SMALL WORLD is after all a very "kiddie" attraction. But I feel that it's one of DISNEYLAND'S forever classics so it's always worth a visit when we're there.

It's great that THE YAPPY BUNCH all had the same thing in mind.

It's more great too that there was no line!!!! I remember before how the queue would reach until the outside.

And we're on!!!!!

Normally the boys (especially Andrei) would scramble to sit with their Daddy. For some reason, they both asked to sit with me.

Hmmmmm... Something tells me they're plotting to throw me overboard? Let's see.

Tee hee1


The ride starts with the United Kingdom!

I spy Cinderella and her Prince Charming.

It's a Small World is a boat ride through all the different continents in the world and you will hear the same song over and over again.

But really, it's something we find so enjoyable especially with the animatronics, the sets, and just the over all feel to it!

Ooh! It's Aladdin and Jasmine!

Each section is always breath taking!

Hey Woody and friend!

It's PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYY!

And the crowd goes wild!

I loved how you could find something interesting at every corner.

And we're done!


That was fun!

This section of DISNEYLAND was more crowded compared to the other parts.

The little lords know that I only have one requested in DISNEYLAND HONG KONG and that was my favorite PHILHARMAGIC!

If in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS my favorite will always be the TERMINATOR ride, in HONG KONG DISNEYLAND, it's going to THE PHILHARMAGIC!

There was quite a line but we didn't mind. The kiddies got excited with me!

When the doors opened, we all scrambled to get to our seats.


The PHILHARMAGIC is 4D show where Donald loses the Mickey's sorcerer's hat and he goes to different DISNEY stories to look for it. 

The show was funny and heart warming at the same time because in my case, it's like a trip down memory lane of my past Disney favorites (Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Fantasia, etc etc).

I was so glad that we went again!

Up next... TOY STORY LAND!

The last time we went in DISNEYLAND HONG KONG, Toy Story Land was not yet finished. 

It's great that we could explore once more this larger than life favorite!

While we were walking, toy soldiers were asking for volunteers to participate in their street show.

Andrei asked if he could join.


I think he should try going on theatre again. He he he he he!

Go Andrei! He really had a lot of fun.

There was not much rides in TOY STORY LAND that interested the kiddies so after a few pics, we went on our way.

While walking, we came upon this new attraction -- THE MYSTIC MANOR!

We asked the DISNEY attendant if this was similar to THE HAUNTED MANSION and she said that it was but without the scary undertones.

It's a new ride anyway so there was no chance that we wouldn't try it! We learned too that there is only 1 MYSTIC MANOR attraction in all DISNEYLAND parks!

The line was manageable so we went for it.

MYSTIC MANOR is a trip around the house of a famed antique collector and adventurer.

The "magic" happens when Lord Henry Mystic his pet monkey plays around with his haunted artifacts!

Like the IRON MAN ride, the artworks and pictures in the waiting area made the wait interesting.

The model of the house!

My handsome Mati!


We were made to sit in pairs on this magneto-electric carriage and we were given a tour around the huge mansion.

 The magic starts after the pet monkey plays around with a haunted object. 

See the light effects? You'll see a combination of lights and moving objects in telling the story.

There are actually about 8 galleries. Too bad I can't take clear pictures and videos.

Do you see the 4 faces on the right? I think I saw them in HAUNTED MANSION too!

The ride was not scary at all! Still, very young kiddies may be frightened with some of the effects and the dark rooms.

After MYSTIC MANOR, we played around with some of the Egyptian relics found outside.

Tee hee!

There was a new section in HONG KONG DISNEYLAND -- The Grizzly Gulch!

This place takes you to the old wild west!

We then decided to go for FAIRY TALE land!

The sun was going down already but the boys were still excited and energetic as ever!

I can't say the same for some parents though. He he he he he!

Bunsoy Andrei could still do a karate chop!

When we passed by the big HONG KONG DISNEYLAND carousel, we all wanted to to take a ride.

We only ran up when they were calling for the last few riders. Good thing the boys and I were still able to sit besides each other.

My Bruce Lee!

The Yub got separated from us and was in front.

Hey Master Mati!

It's great that my little lords are still fine with riding a carousel. I often tell them that they shouldn't stop doing kiddie stuff anyways because life is more fun that way!

Now where to next?

This was the only time that the little lords wanted to do something differently -- Master Mati wanted to checkout the Winnie the Pooh ride while Andrei wants to watch the parade. As much as bunsoy wanted to go with his Kuya, he knows that the parade will go on any minute now but the Pooh ride will be closing very soon. 

So just this time, the Yub and I decided to split up! The Master Mati and I will go for the Pooh Ride!

Now THIS was the longest line that we encountered!

We initially wanted to go on our solo buggies but decided to sit beside each other instead.

The Pooh Ride is a combination of colorful sets and monitors showing scenes from the cartoon for that complete visual effect. Add to that the whimsical popular songs from the series that would make anyone nostalgic!

Even if he might be jaded already from his PS3 games, Master Mati was WOWED!

Hi! I'm Tigger! T-I-double GUH- ER!!!

"Hefalumps and woozles steal honey...."

"The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down...."

In about 5 minutes, the ride was done!

Master Mati was a bit sad that it's over.

The honeypot carriages here were constantly moving so you have to be careful going out.

Master Mati and I loved this!!!! Good thing we took this ride together.

If you're wondering about the Chinese Dimpol and bunsoy Andrei, they got front row seats to the parade!

Master Mati and I were able to catch a bit of the light parade and we're so glad that we did because it was awesome!

It's Ariel!

Beauty and the Beast!

And as always, Mickey was the last!

We were happy that we were able to go to the rides that we all wanted. And as if on cue, the thunderous music signals to us that the fireworks show is about to start!

And the best way to enjoy this wonderful show is with a piping hot, fresh off the grill, Mickey waffle!!!!!

Andrei told me that he's not anymore scared of firecrackers. Yay! I remember before that we had to rush off before it started because the boys didn't want to watch it.

The DISNEYLAND Fireworks show is always a sight to behold!

After the show, somebody asked for some Iron Man waffles (nainggit). He he he he he!

These looked scrumptious! But I loved the Mickey waffles more. He he he he he!

After enjoying our waffles, it's time for us to go!

We had the park to ourselves and the lighting was just so magical. We just HAVE to take more pictures!

Finally, this Indian guy is all alone.

The boys didn't want to go too.

Oh well... Good bye DISNEYLAND!!!  Hope we'll be back again soon!

When we finally made the exit from the park, we stopped by the beautiful fountain.

I didn't need to ask. I know Andrei would love to sit by and stare at the colorful waters for a while.

I don't blame him. It was indeed beautiful!

The Chinese Dimpol certainly  didn't mind waiting.

It gave him a chance to doze off. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep! Strike anywhere talaga.

When Andrei had his fill of the fountain, we woke up the Chinese Dimpol and said that it's time to go.

Of course, we had to take a picture first. He he he he he!

Haaaay.... "Thank you for visiting" signs always make me sad.


And that's a wrap!!!!

For me, DISNEYLAND has always signified wonderful memories and a loving childhood. Watching their movies always bring me back to a time of innocence, clean fun, traditions, true romance, and family values. Seeing it live in DISNEYLAND gets me all sentimental and brings me back to that time when everything was just perfect. 

Of course, it's even better that the loves of my life have the same appreciation and affection for DISNEYLAND as we have.  In a way, the Yub and I are thankful that Master Mati loved DISNEYLAND so much and that he made it his choice for his reward. Nadamay kaming ibang fans! Ha a ha ha ha ha ha!




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