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Monday, December 11, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in HONG KONG to have a DISNEYLAND weekend and we are all so excited! For this family trip though, the Chinese Dimpol and I are thinking what else we could do to make the vacation more fun. With that, we thought of booking a staycation at a DISNEYLAND hotel.

But which one?

At first, we thought of Disneyland Hollywood Hotel (being the more practical option) but then we saw that DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE will open its doors on the same month of our trip so we decided to go for that one. After all, it would be much, much, better to stay at a brand new hotel... and then mess it up. Teee Hee!

Seriously though, DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE is a great place for a staycation for families with kiddies who have adventurous hearts. You may not see Disney princesses here or cutesie patootsie decors but you'll really be encouraged to go out and have a different kind of hotel fun.

Check out our adventurous staycation at the new DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords will have a DISNEY adventure!!!

And we're here!


The DISNEY HOTEL bus dropped us off at the entrance.

Ooh la la! Everything feels and smells brand new. Ha ha ha ha!

The lobby!

It was very sunny inside the DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE lobby. The place was enclosed but they had vast windows to let the natural light in.

Lovely right?

Their lobby was hu-uge and you would get that native american tribal feel to it. 

The whole place screams bonfire under the stars, that is, if it's not illegal to light up in an enclosed space. he he he he he!

I went straight to the front desk to register.

Checking in!

It was not actually check in time yet but early guests could come in to register and enjoy the surroundings.

Our front desk officer was friendly and lovely!

Check out the big propeller.

And the big map!

As with other DISNEY destinations, you would always find your favorite characters around. 

While the grown ups are busy, the kiddies could go to their corner and enjoy some of DISNEY'S classic cartoons!

Our bill!

Our staycation already included 2 adult buffet breakfasts. We were advised that if we wanted to add more for our kiddies, we have to make a reservation (and payment) right then and there otherwise, prices would be higher.

Is that the thing for international theme park hotels? We were given the same choice in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA.

Since our room was not yet ready, we deposited our bags first at their luggage counter.

Now it's time to do some explorins!

An adventure jeep was parked out front. He he he he!

A painting of the lodge!

They also featured the DISNEY characters' cabinet if they were going on a trip! Could you guess who this was is?

I think this was is Donald's. My favorite!

DISNEY EXPLORER LODGE had this lounging area to hang out. Their wifi signal was so strong too!

That made the boys EXTRA happy!



My bunsoy Andrei was so curious with this stony structure.

When he looked inside, there were sound effects of deep waters in caves.

We decided to go outside and check out the surroundings.

It's greens and trees all the way!

The weather was perfect and worked well with us! 


Tee hee!

Based on the map legend, DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE is one big mother effin resort!

 Since we're just bent on swimming and lounging around, we'll just do the explorins tomorrow.

There was a lovely area behind the hotel facing the waters and skyline of HONG KONG.

It was certainly nice to hang out here and just enjoy the fresh air.

I was waiting for the boys to ask when we're going to our rooms but they were all in good spirits.

They were all fine with staying by the breakwaters and taking a lot of pictures.

But not for long though... Ha ha ha ha ha! Just kidding.

We found a LOT of picture perfect areas for the family.

And it's time to go back.

Wohoo! Our room was ready!

Our room was located at the Asia Oceana.

The hallways were a bit meh and old fashioned. I don't know if this was done on purpose.

We're here!

Room 5246 baby!

WOHOO!!! Finally we're in the room!

We got the DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE Premiere Double Room!

2 Queen-size and fluffy beds for us!

I think I could stay here ALL day!

There was an open wash area with ample space for our toiletries!

Ooh! I loved their toiletry kit that contained 4 sets of toothbrush, tooth paste, sewing kit, toothpick, and dental floss (etc).

Bathroom mirror selfie!

Toilet and bath area.

They didn't have bidet though.


He he he he!

TV set...

Fridge and drinks corner...

They were quick to replenish the complimentary mineral water bottles.


In true DISNEY fashion, they cleverly put in hidden Mickeys wherever they can.

In the soap...

In wooden structures...

In hair care covers...

He he he he he he he!

I'm sure there's so much more BUT I'm too tired to look for it.

Our view!

Wohoo! It's going to be an awesome staycation!

We planned on swimming in a while but first we gotta unpack.

While we were unpacking and resting, the hotel showed classic DISNEY cartoons. And right on time they had one of my favorite shorts on TV where Donald was cooking waffles and mistakenly put, you guessed it, rubber cement. So funny!

After resting, it was time for a swim!

Pool entrance!

The DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE swimming pool looked okay but there was nothing impressive about it.

Considering the size of the place, I was expecting a bigger pool. Still, maybe they prioritized more on the exploring activities rather than just the swimming. 

But that wouldn't stop us from having fun!

All suited up!

Or not. He he he he he! Yub was feeling nippy!

Andrei liked this "walkway to cleanliness" and kept on passing it.

The water was a bit cold but there was nothing that a prolonged dip wouldn't cure. Tee Hee!


It's always fun to swim with the boys no matter what the weather!

Hamming around!

Even if there were not too many swimmers, DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE had 2 lifeguards stationed that day.

Warm towels were provided and should be returned at this bin.

Here's the shower and comfort room. It's just a bit far from the pool so you really should drain yourself before swimming.

Tee Hee!

But there's no stopping the boys anytime soon!

The happy Yappy bunch!

Everything of course, is all for them. If they wish to swim the whole time we're in DISNEY'S EXPLORER'S LODGE, then that's fine with us. 

We got our money's worth with this vacation from their happy smiles and shrieks of laughter.

After swimming, it was time to go out for dinner!

Could you see how they set up the elevator to make it look like we're in a hot air balloon?

There is always so calming and relaxing with the interiors of DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE.

Andrei asked to have a picture here. He he he he he!

We had a long but fun day so we just planned to go out for dinner tonight.


Even if our DISNEYLAND RESORT day will be on another day, we can't resist having a picture by their beautiful signage whenever we can.

Waiting for our train!

We almost had the whole train to ourselves that we took advantage of it. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Master Mati!

Bunsoy Andrei!



Yep! Kahit train ride lang, aliw na aliw na kami. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Dinner was in ICHIRAN! Yup! We know that it's faraway from DISNEYLAND but that's how much we wanted to try it!

After our delicious dinner, it's time to go back.

The little lords were so busog to fool around. Ha ha ha ha1

The train exit going to DISNEYLAND RESORT.

And we had another picture! Sorry we can't resist.

I figured out that there would be a lot of people in here on the day of our DISNEYLAND day.

My pogi boys!

Bunsoy Andrei asked if he could take a look at the DISNEYLAND fountain.

We thought that since we ARE hotel guests, we should take advantage of being able to go around DISNEYLAND grounds after the park closed.

Besides, this trip was for them anyways.

Awwww... My heart melted seeing the two brothers walking and fooling around going to the fountain. It's so rare when they don't drive each other crazy.

Ze fountain!

My bunsoy could stay and stay here for a loooong time.

The older boys waited patiently for him.

My baby Andwei!

Going back to our hotel, it's still the DISNEY bus for us!

Master Mati wanted to be by his lonesome.

Huy! Bata ka pa para magemote!

The bus smells and feels like brand new. Kudos to their maintenance team. He he he he he!

And we're back in the hotel!

The boys were feeling sassy. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The little lords decided to hang around a bit in the lobby.

They were talking about life, economics, business, etc etc.

Anything but girls.


THE YAPPY BUNCH serious look!


Yub! Up to now you still don't know how to dab!

End-of-concert-by-rock-star look!

Tee hee! After our mini-pictorial, the boys were excited to go back to the room. It's very obvious that they're more enthusiastic about THAT than the pictorial. Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei immediately fell asleep. As for Master Mati, he wanted to stay up more to watch TV.

Donald Duck and his waffles were on again! He he he he he he!

Like master Mati, I don't plan on getting sleep anytime soon.

I'm going to have some brewed coffee...

Plus my favorite Japanese munchies. He he he he he he!

This is the YAPPY BUNCH signing off. 


More to come tomorrow! He he he he he!



Disney Explorers Lodge, Magic Road
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
 +852 3510 2000



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