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Friday, December 22, 2017


After a tiring but very fun day at DISNEYLAND, it was time to go back to our hotel. When deciding where to eat, the Chinese Dimpol and I were first thinking of the restaurants recommended online. But since our feet were aching and we wanted nothing more than to lie down on our beds, we thought of just having dinner in the restaurant we saw near our hotel.

We initially chose FU DOO because it was the most convenient restaurant at that time. But after a delicious meal, that was somewhat disastrous (you'll see why later), we were glad that we went for this Chinese restaurant because it had that authentic Hong Kong flavors we were craving for.

Now THAT and the mini-disaster that happened, our meal at FU DOO was something that we will NEVER forget!! 

FU DOO!!!!!

FU DOO was located a street away from our hotel and we often pass by it in the morning.

The prices seem okay. Hopefully the food is good too!

It's usually closed when we pass by it in the morning. I guess it's really geared for the people with a nightlife. He he he he he!

It was late but people were still coming and going in FU DOO!

FU DOO is like your typical restaurant in Binondo where it seemed like the interiors didn't change for decades. You wouldn't mind because all you'll care about is tasting the food from where that delicious aroma is coming from.


I know... Poor Andwei....

The Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati!

Me and my baby!

Andrei was pooped from our day in Disneyland and immediately dozed off once he got settled in. However, I had to wake him up to eat because his last meal was a bucket of popcorn at about 4pm. And knowing him, he would choose to sleep through rather than eat in the middle of the night. 

Sorry Andwei!  

The servers at FU DOO were nice but they were always in a hurry and didn't understand english. After serving the complimentary hot tea, we ordered up. Everything was okay but he had difficulty understanding that we needed ice cold water. 

For some reason, they only have hot water. Our server cannot comprehend what we needed. They only understood what we meant when we ordered soda which came with a glasses full of ice. I showed our guy what we wanted when I poured the hot water into the glass with ice. He he he he he!

Our order slip!

Andrei was in the mood for some hot noodles so we shared a bowl of Wanton Noodle Soup!

Plump and fatty wantons in a very flavorful clear broth!

When I stuck my chopstick in, BWOINGWONGWONGWONGWONG, the noodles sprang up and it was more than enough for me and the Androse!

When Andrei woke up, he wanted to drink some soda or tea. I told him that his noodles were ready so he should eat first.


(You'll know why later! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

The Chinese Dimpol was sick of noodles (after having ICHIRAN for 2 consecutive nights) and had the FU DOO breakfast (yes breakfast) of Pork Chop, Fried Egg, and Bread!

His breakfast supposedly came with a serving of Pork and Beans. The Yub requested to change it to bread. Good thing our guy understood. 

This was just okay for him. It is what it is. The pork chop was supposed to be a thick slab of bacon. He he he he!

As for Master Mati, he got the oven baked seafood rice!

The rice was cheesy and very creamy.

You can't see it but it's loaded with seafood. I'm sure my boy is going to like this one.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in FU DOO!!!

If you check reviews, tourists lambasted this restaurant for having bad service specifying that waiters were inattentive and were in a hurry. For us, our guy was also in a hurry but he was quite nice if you just give him a cutie pie smile. He was also so game in taking our pictures. 

So if you eat here, just try to understand that they are rushing off to clean up, take orders, or serve their diners. Just give them a friendly smile and I'm sure you'll get it right back.

My bunsoy Andrei was now wide awake and enjoyed his noodles.


I cannot finish my bowl so I asked my Yub to get a good helping from me.

Sorry ka Yub. Wala kang takas sa noodles. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

With the tiny bit that he left over, I pimped it up with some chili oil. 


Almost done...


Yep! Even the hot tea!!!!

While we were resting and waiting for our server, I glanced upon the diner behind Yub...





To think that I drank my share and Andrei's!!!!!! INANGKUPO!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So THAT'S what our guy was trying to tell us while we were asking for ice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Oh well.... My insides suddenly feel so clean now.

Even if we had that "tea disaster", we're still glad that we ate at FU DOO. The food was good and it just gave us a priceless anecdote to share for many, many, many, years to come!!!!!

Now let THIS blog post serve as a warning. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

G/F, 114 Austin Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China
852-23140882 / 852-23140878



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