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Friday, December 1, 2017


The YAPPY BUNCH just checked out from our awesome 5-star staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL and we were feeling a bit hungry. Good thing that CAFE PRONTO was just downstairs and it was perfect for that "something light" that we were craving for.
This was good news especially to hotel guests because they don't have to go to a fast food joint or a convenience store -- CAFE PRONTO is just there to make our tummies happy.

Not only that, it also meant that we could somehow "extend" our experience in Forbes Travel Guide's 5-star awardee while munching on delicious snacks. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Well, sleeping is the best of course. But we'll do THAT after we get ourselves full from CAFE PRONTO!!! He he he he!


The chic cafe could be found beside the main entrance of MARCO POLO HOTEL.

CAFE PRONTO was casual but still had that warm and stylish vibe going on.

Lighting was hushed but was still bright enough to have some reading material while you enjoy your coffee. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH found a spot by the counter where the pastries were on display.

Yep! Because that's how we roll!

Well could you blame us? He he he he he!

If you want to take home some of MARCO POLO goodness, you got it all right here.

Hmmm... A cookie seems nice this afternoon.

You may see some of the menu items and bread that they serve in CONNECT LOUNGE. 

Our bunsoy though went for the ice cream! Heh eh he he he!

In CAFE PRONTO, it's semi-self service. After ordering from the counter, they will deliver the goods to your table. 

Ordering up!

And now we wait for our orders. 


The Flash and Superman!

Wonder Woman and.... Chinese Man! He he he he he!

(We just saw JUSTICE LEAGUE when I made this blog and SUPERMAN IS SO HAAAAWT! -  Jaz)

First on the table is Yub's order of CAFE PRONTO Sausage Roll (P150.00)!

The Yub took big bites of this savory pastry. 

He was happy at how big the sausage was!

Jumbo hotdog, kaya mo ba to? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It was my first time to eat at CAFE PRONTO so I was not sure what to get. The server recommended that I try their Salmon and Cream sandwich in Focaccia bread. 

I loved Smoked Salmon but was a bit apprehensive because they said the sandwich didn't have any other veggies (like capers, onions, pickles, etc that would usually go well with smoked Salmon).

But, this was strongly recommended so I'm willing to try it!!!!!

And woah! I was so glad I did! The Smoked Salmon was firm and moist, and it went so well with the cream cheese with toasted Focaccia bread. I didn't mind that there were no veggies because the coleslaw and potato chips were great to munch on in between bites of my heavenly sandwich!


We also had some CAFE PRONTO Churros Con Chocolate (P220.00)!

Somebody was amused at how big the churros are!

My bunsoy loved Churros and immediately went for it.

He was a bit surprised that the chocolate sauce is not like his favorite in malls. But the rich fudginess were all there. 

Hot cocoa for our churros! Yowza!

Besides the churros, the Yubhub and bunsoy Andrei also had some Gelato!

Andrei got the Chocolate with marshmallow and fudge drizzle!

As for the Yub he had Mango gelato with chocolate chips (I think?).

Master Mati had the CAFE PRONTO Blended Green Tea in medium (P185.00)!

He was the only one in the family who loved Green Tea so he drained it till the last drop all by himself.

As for me, I got the large Strawberry Iced Tea (P195.00) and it went oh so well with my Salmon sandwich.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in CAFE PRONTO!

My bunsoy Androse ate a lot that afternoon and went home with a full and happy tummy.

I think that goes for the rest of us!

Time to sleep na!

He he he he he he! Kidding.

Thanks MARCO POLO HOTEL for this delicious afternoon delight!

Ground Floor, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, 
Sapphire Street Corner Meralco Avenue, 
Ortigas, Pasig City
02 7207777

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