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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


For our family trips, I'm usually the one footing the bill since it is my idea in the first place (and because the Yubhub takes care of everything else). However for our recent HONG KONG trip, he offered to shoulder many aspects of the vacation and that included our hotel for the rest of the weekend.

We just checked out of Disney Explorer's Lodge and we wanted something that offered a more practical price that was still clean, safe, and with a good location (we will be out most of the day anyway!!). The Chinese Dimpol looked online and found the answer in BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL!

BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL had packages for all budgets and it was a good thing that the Yub was able to get a family room that was about P7,500.00 for 2 nights. They offered a promo for early booking and provided an extra bed for a kiddie guest. Breakfast for 2 was included and we thought it was a pretty good deal. So he reserved it, booked, and paid for it.

Yehesss!!! Now were on our way to having our kind of GRAND vacation!

Grand or not, you know we'll still have fun as long as we're together!!!


After having a fun stay at Disney Explorer's Lodge, we transferred to BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL. 

We had a bit of walk going to the hotel but it was actually close to the bus and train stations that we needed.

Time to check in!

Since it's Yubhub's credit details provided in the reservation, he was the one who communicated with the front desk officer. 

We arrived at the hotel about 4:00pm and saw that there were other guests doing a late check-in.

The little lords waited by the lobby which had the shabby royal design.

Check out the long couch still in plastic. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Still, it's all good. Internet was free everywhere so the boys were fine and dandy.

We got our keys and proceeded to go up!

Hallways were a bit cramped and carpets were somehow old style but we didn't mind. We were still able to pass through anyway. He he he he he! 

Besides, our room was near the elevator. At first we were concerned with the possible noise from other guests but we didn't hear anything at all!

Room 2512!!!!!

The BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL family room had 2 wide beds which they placed beside each other. 

The wall paper was dark and tried to contrast from the golden accents. But the room was spacious so it was still fine.

Room service promptly arrived and set up Master Mati's bed!

See what I mean about space? It could still fit an extra bed!

If you ask me, this room was still a good place to spend the night in because it had everything that we needed plus a lot of space! Interiors may be old-fashioned but it was clean and the airconditioning was cool and comfy!!

Tee hee.. See our little one hiding because he knows I'm taking a picture?

Awwwww... Soo cute!!!! He's hiding with all his might!!!!

Good job my bunsoy Andrei!!!!!

They sure do love their chandeliers! He he he he!

It may just be plastic but it still added a certain style and elegance in the room. He he he he!

We opened the window and had a wonderful view!

BEST WESTERN bathroom!

The bathroom provided toiletries in every corner.

Plus a hair dryer!


Their bathroom had a tub but the boys were not able to use it.

My usual bathroom selfie...

TV set framed with gold (he he he he)!

Complimentary tea, coffee, and water that they replenish whenever we ask for it. 

Great job Yubhub!!! We love our HONG KONG hotel!

Now it's time to go out and have some funnnnn....

This was when we went to VICTORIA'S PEAK and had another dinner at ICHIRAN!

When we got back, the bunsoy plopped on bed and fell right asleep.

Same goes for my Master Mati! Humihilik pa!

As for me and the Yubhub??? Tweng tweng tweng... Time to get it onnnn...

#BoatSceneAllNightLong #WeStillLoveGameOfThrones 

Ahem Yub? Why do you look so constipated? HELLER!

The next morning...

My Master Mati and I used the breakfast stubs while the Yub and Andrei snoozed on. 

Check out our blogpost of our BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL breakfast!

After breakfast we immediately set out for THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!

You may see our DISNEYLAND fun HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got back, our beds were made up and room services tidied up our mess.

YAYY! Now THIS is truly a vacation! No clean required! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We all got ready for bed and the boys proceeded to sleep away (Yub was even snoring like a truck!).

As for me, I did our usual "goodnight snack" of noodles! Too bad my usual companion (Mati) is already sleeping. 

The next day...

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be going on a city tour for our last day (before our flight) so we're going to do an early check out.

Uh oh... somebody didn't want to leave yet.

My guys really loved the view.

Since we're checking out, you know the drill...


By the window...

By the wall (doing our favorite drunk pose)...

By the bed...

Yep! We just love inflicting bodily harm on each other.

As usual, the little lords were sad to go. They enjoyed their stay at BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL!

Good bye room! Thank you for being "nice" and "kind" to us (meaning everything worked well and we felt taken cared for... Yup! We sometimes feel that in our room).

Semi-hallway/elevator shot!

Door shot!

Elevator shot!

We deposited our bags first in their baggage counter because we still plan to go around Hong Kong. 

Checking out!

And it's time to invade HONG KONG again!

After our full day in our city tour of HONG KONG, we went back to BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL to pick up our bags and hitch a bus ride to the airport. Everything was fast and efficient. Not once did we have any tense feeling of urgency for our last day.

So were we happy with BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL? Of course! It may not be as posh or new as the other places out there but all of us still had a comfortable stay and it had all the essentials that we needed for our restful nights. We're thankful that the Yubhub chose BEST WESTERN GRAND HOTEL for our remaining nights at HONG KONG as we do all the touristy stuff! He he he he he!!!!




23 Austin Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 3122 6222



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