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Thursday, December 7, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in HONG KONG and like what we always do when we're in another country, we check out their local MCDONALD'S because we want to see how different it would be from Manila.

We already put a space for MCDONALD'S HONG KONG in our itinerary on our second or third day -- it was our aim to have our fill of delicious Chinese food after all. BUT, lucky us we ended up in a mall because our bus going to the hotel was stationed there. And, even if we have been going around and around the place, we can't find the type of Chinese food we enjoyed before.

After about an hour of going around, the boys saw the familiar golden arches of MCDONALD'S. Immediately they asked if we could have our lunch there because they were in the mood for some fries and chicken.

NGIKS! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well. I never thought that our first official meal in HONG KONG would be in an American franchise but we gave in -- we were tired and we were planning to eat here anyway. Napaaga lang! Ha ha ha! And wow, we're so glad that we did because there was something so comforting biting into hot sandwiches and drinking cold soda after a long morning. Plus, we were able to find out how deliciously different MCDONALD'S HONG KONG was from Manila.

Yup! So even in HONG KONG, we would profess our love for MCDONALD'S. And like their ad declares, "Love namin to!"  

The place with the golden arches!

It was a full day at MCDONALD'S HONG KONG!

Good thing we and our bags got a place to park!

Deciding what to order!

The Chinese Yub was so engrossed with the menu that he absent-mindedly got the bag in front of him thinking that it was ours. Oh how the Mom in the peach back pack gave us such dagger looks! Ha ha ha ha ha!

MCDONALD'S HONG KONG got the usual Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Fries, etc. But they also have these mouth watering signature items in the menu.

Check it out!

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Burger...
Angus Beef and Mushrooms Burger...
Garden Breeze Grilled Chicken Burger...


Even if I was craving for a Big Mac, I went for something that we don't have in the Philippines -- the Spicy Sriracha Chicken Burger!

Besides those special burgers, MCDONALD'S HONG KONG also had these Cheesy Fries, Poutine, and Oreo Mcflurry!!!! 

I don't know if I'm just tired with our menu but why can't we have these goodies in Manila??? 

Ordering up!

Ze bill...

This was not the final bill because we had loads of additional orders to come. 

Yub volunteered to wait at the counter while I go back to the little lords.


The King in the North and Bruce Lee...

Danaerys and Drogon!!!!!!

I just saw the season 7 episode 4 episode (when I wrote this) and it was AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Brace yourselves because...


First on the table is Andrei's order of MCDONALD'S HONG KONG Cheesy Fries with Bacon .

Andrei loved this because he loved anything with cheese! Just after one bite, he immediately asked if he could have another one.

To match his Cheesy Fries he got an order of MCDONALD'S Chicken Nuggets. It still tasted like what we have back home except that they don't serve it with rice or an option to have gravy. He he he he he...

My little Bruce Lee was still happy though and tried his hardest to eat the nuggets because he really loved the fries.

My foodie Mati made a great choice...

MCDONALD'S Signature Burger of Angus Beef with Mushrooms (HKd 43.00 / Php P280.00)

Look at how thick the patty was! I had a bite of Mati's juicy burger and it was just phenomenal. So juicy and meaty. If I wasn't going for variety, I would've ordered this instead and made Mati have the Spicy Chicken. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

Here's my order...

The Spicy Sriracha Chicken (HKd 41.00 / Php 266.00)

It was good but not as shockingly delicious as what Mati had. The chicken fillet was thick and topped with this creamy mayonnaise with sriracha.

Oh and it also had an egg too to have that "mother-son" thing going on.

Sorry. I still can't get over that burger. Ha ha ha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MCDONALD'S HONG KONG!

Egad. I forgot to take a picture of Yub's Chicken Wings order.


While eating my burger, I wanted it to be more spicy. Good thing that MCDONALD'S HONG KONG provided this hot sauce that's similar to what they have in Lee Kum Kee.

When I saw their ketchup packets, I was amused a bit because it's the same as what we have back home. 

In no time, Master Mati finished his burger.

(Hmp. He didn't give me another bite.)


Well almost.

As promised, we ordered another basket of Cheesy Fries for Andrei with an extra smother of cheese on top. Even if he already had one with nuggets, he attacked this ferociously.

Yun lang, his Kuya attacked with him.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry ka Andrei. You have to share!

For dessert, he asked for some Green Matcha Chocolate Sundae!

We don't have that back and he immensely enjoyed it!

As for Andrei, he got the Oreo Sundae with Caramel Sauce.


Finally I'm finished!

Unlike in Manila, I noticed that MCDONALD'S HONG KONG had older employees. But still, they were very alert and are fast in cleaning up some of the tables. We helped this lady of course with our mess.

We may have broken the foodies' cardinal rule of "international eating" when we had a foreign fast food franchise as our first meal. But I'm sure it doesn't really matter considering the hungry state that we're in and the happy tummies it gave us after. Besides, we're not sure when we'll encounter another MCDONALD'S branch so it's good that we grabbed (and ate) the opportunity when it presented itself. He he he!

We enjoyed our meal so much and I was really impressed with MCDONALD'S HONG KONG menu selection. Hopefully our country would follow suit since food IS a strong factor in nationalism and loyalty.

Yup. I heard somebody smart say that before.

He he he he he he! Kidding!






  1. I love their Choco shakes! And guacamole mcchicken! :)

    1. Hullo dear Renz!!! Ugh! We were not able to try that!!! I think their menu changes regularly? Sayang! Hope they transport those here. He he he he he! Great seeing you last week. Hi to your lovely Mom! :)


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