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Thursday, November 30, 2017


It's the holiday season and if you plan on sharing the love, why not do so with these adorable gift baskets from RUSTIC MORNINGS?

RUSTIC MORNINGS by ISABELO, the shabby chic all day breakfast hub in the Marikina side of the Metro, is giving you a chance to take home their fluffy and buttery pancakes. And I'm not talking about doggie bags, I meant the real deal where you could fry them up and pass them off as your own (that's what I would do)! He he he he he!!

BUT, if you're wanting to be in Santa's good side (for this season or all year round) you could treat your love ones to these charming Breakfast Baskets that carry RUSTIC MORNINGS' signature pancake mix, syrup, and coffee. I'm sure that if they're breakfast lovers (like me) then you'll be scoring some cutie patootie points that will get you #blessed all year round too!

Yohoo! We got a special delivery!

RUSTIC MORNINGS' Breakfast Baskets!

These are easy to carry yet so stylist (not to mention tasty) givaways this season!

I got pa a special message from the lovely Portia, owner of RUSTIC MORNINGS!

It seems that I got the RUSTIC MORNINGS Christmas Package B (P650.00)!

The package consisted of Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Classic Pancake Syrup, Rustic Mornings Breakfast Blend Coffee 250g, basket + gift tag)!

I was excited for the little lords to try out the pancakes that I enjoyed before in RUSTIC MORNINGS.

So let's start cooking!

Directions were VERY simple. For one whole pack, just add 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil, and water as needed. 

Since I only planned to use half of the pack, I just reduced additional ingredients in half as well. 

Ultra creamy!

I initially wanted to mix butter instead of oil, but I was advised that if I wanted to taste the authentic pancakes from the popular Marikina restaurant, I should still use vegetable oil. 


Fluffy and very fragrant pancakes!!! Yowza! If I was passing this off as my own creation, diner would think that I made this from scratch! 

Tee Hee!

Since I only added vegetable oil in the mix, I put a generous slather of the butter on top. I see why RUSTIC MORNINGS directed it the way they said so because the vegetable oil added to the soft texture of the pancakes. The mix already had its own flavor that adding butter might be too cloying. It was better to just spread melted butter afterwards because it would just be a complementary layer of flavor to the already rich and luscious pancakes.

To be honest, I was dubious at using their syrup because we already had a brand at home that the kiddies loved. Plus when I drizzled it over the hot pancakes, it was a bit watery. I wanted sana something thick like the consistency of caramel.

But wow! We just loved it!!!! The syrup was sweet but not disgustingly sugary!! It had that familiar maple taste that we savored with our pancakes but with a hint of caramel. Sarap!!!! I think this tub of light syrup will be my new favorite now!

Even though we were in a hurry, (since I wanted to eat FAST), I was still able to brew a cup of RUSTIC MORNING'S java!

It was bold and strong as any breakfast blend usually is. Perfect with my delicious and luscious pancakes. Oh my diet is in trouble now!!!!!!!

Okay lang. My guys are SOOOO happy! What a great start to our weekend!!!!

(I didn't take a pic of myself na kasi I was pawis and gobbling my pancakes. Not a pretty sight. Promise.)

My picky little eater was happily chomping on his pancakes till he was scraping his plate clean. Yay!!!!!!

Still thinking what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Go for the RUSTIC MORNINGS Breakfast Baskets na kasi!!!!!!

Christmas Breakfast Basket A - Php 450.00
(Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Classic Pancake Syrup, basket + gift tag)

Christmas Breakfast Basket B - Php 650.00
(Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Classic Pancake Syrup, Rustic Mornings Breakfast Blend Coffee 250g, basket + gift

Christmas Breakfast Basket C - Php 850.00
(Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Classic Pancake Syrup, Rustic Mornings Breakfast Blend Coffee 500g, basket + gift

Just in case you want to buy it individually.... 

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo Garden’s Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix is currently priced at Php150 per pack.

Rustic Mornings’ Classic Pancake Syrup is priced at Php200 per bottle.

Rustic Mornings’ Breakfast Blend Coffee is available in 250g (Php230) and 500g packs (Php450).

To order, you may contact or +639260556588.

#11 Isabelo Mendoza Street, San Roque, Marikina City
 +632 4258610, 6812461 or +639177005810. 

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Instagram (@rusticmornings) -


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