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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


If there's one thing I confirmed ever since I started writing for ERICJAZ FOODIES, is that no matter how much I pride myself in keeping my promises.... 



I'm not really starving myself to be paper thin. Actually, I'm just watching what I eat for health purposes and to maintain my (already) hot figure (;P). So yes, I would still go to my favorites and TRY my ultimate "bestest" to control my food intake. HOWEVER, there are just some restaurants that get me powerless and make me break every dietary promise known to man.

And one of them for me is THE GRILL BOY.

THE GRILL BOY is now one of our top favorites when we want to have Filipino food. No, we don't go there because it's cheap or that it's fast. We eat there because the food is just superkaduper delicious. PERIOD.

I swear, every time the Chinese Dimpol and I go to THE GRILL BOY, I come up with different "levels" of promises: "I'll not have rice" to "If ever I have rice, I'll only eat half", and then "I'll just lessen my craving for fatty food for tonight."

But as expected, I break each one of them.

Yup. EACH. SINGLE. PATHETIC. ONE. OF THEM. In my futile attempt at "balik-alindog" program.

Oh well. Considering that we just LOVE going back there again and again, I think it would really help if I just get myself out of denial and enjoy the deliciousness offered by THE GRILL BOY.

Yup! To think that they always have new dishes!!!

At least by freeing myself from "dietary commitment" when I visit THE GRILL BOY, I would always indulge in addicting Filipino comfort food known to the hungry man.

Without breaking ANY sort of futile promise! He he he he he he he he!

And we're back in THE GRILL BOY!

We were so hungry and got a bit "concerned" with the line. Good thing service was fast and efficient that we were able to order in no time!

YIHIIII! Now this OUR kind of date night!!!!

I was feeling ravenous that night so I ordered my favorite GRILL BOY value meal (P98.00) with extra egg (P10.00)!

Doesn't THAT look so beautiful??? Now how could I miss rice for this?

Besides my favorite sisig, I also got my other favorite in THE GRILL BOY... Their Crispy Pork and Mango Salad (P66.00)!

Crunchy fried chopped pork liempo mixed in diced raw mangoes, tomatoes, and onions then tossed with bagoong. Woah. DEFIINTELY addicting and made for "extra rice". 

Promise. Ito pa lang sulit ka na. SOBRANG SARAP!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol was craving for THE GRILL BOY'S Pork Barbecue (P98.00) and was so giddy when his food arrived.

Yes. He totally ignored me. 


He cannot wait to dig in!

My beautiful view!

I love that THE GRILL BOY has chili garlic oil that I could mix in my rice.

My heavenly spoonful of sisig and mango salad!!!!

Oh THE GRILL BOY sisig!!! Why are you so irresistible???

Before our food arrived THE GRILL BOY already served us cups of piping hot sinigang soup which we slurped on hungrily!

My husband was eating at warp speed.

We were halfway through our meal when I said "Hmmm... Why don't we order their pancit canton? The solo size is only P42.00."

And that we did.

It was our first time to order this AND WE LOVED IT!

The pancit was very saucy and the egg noodles had just the right chewiness. I loved too that the vegetables still had that appetizing crunch!

Haaaay! Sooo good with rice!!!!

Seriously. I'm getting so hungry now while typing this.

Our delicious feast for date night!!!!


To have more spice in my rice, I asked for my favorite sili!!!!

And in no time...

I did not finish my sisig because I was controlling my food for the night.

Of course, there's still room for dessert!

For dessert, I also had my favorite dessert -- leche flan (P25.00)!

On another night, we want back to THE GRILL BOY with THE KAIN TULOG GANG to celebrate the birthday of my kumare, MRS. FOOD ALPHABET!

There, I was able to finally taste their Kare Kareng Kawali!!!!

Crispy fried pork liempo with their thick Kare Kare sauce and vegetables!!! HAAAAAAY! Natikman din kita and you were WALASTIK!!!

Their Laing (P53.00) was something too! Creamy, spicy, but had that meaty appetizing taste with the coconut milk!

I also loved the simplicity but delicious Pinakbet (P53.00)! What I admired about it was that it was not mushed up like in other Filipino restaurants I've been to. For its very reasonable price, the vegetables were still in its bright color and crunchy to the bite! It was obvious that this was fresh off the pans!!!!

THE GRILL BOY's Luis Boneless Chicken Inasal (P99.00) was a mighty contender for their barbecue!

WOAH!!! More of my favorite pansit!

AND on another date night, the Chinese Dimpol and I were back in THE GRILL BOY!!!

This time, my husband went for the Grilled Liempo (P99.00)!

While I ordered THE GRILL BOY Sisig Ala Carte (P165.00) so that I could have MORE of it!!!

And of course, our favorite Pancit Canton solo (P42.00) was there!

I remember this to be a happy night! We didn't need to go somewhere expensive or swanky to have fun in our date night! We just had to be together and enjoying delicious food!

And in THE GRILL BOY, we really enjoyed our night. Like, A LOT.

Our feast!!!


Yub raved about mixing the crispy sisig on his rice!

Now THAT'S what I call "hating magkapatid". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate! My beautiful THE GRILL BOY plate!

And in no time...

BURP. Ubos!

Yes, when you're at THE GRILL BOY, all bets are off when it's about your diet. It's going to be useless trust me.

And why should you even attempt to diet at all? Going to THE GRILL BOY and not feasting on their delicious plates of hot food is just foodie sacrilege. Believe me. It's no way to live.


Especially if, like us, you plan to go back there AGAIN AND AGAIN!

But this time, head out for THE FORT as The GRILL BOY in Cubao will be transferring to a stall in Market Market so WATCH OUT FOR THAT!



  1. I must also try this cool foodie joint in QC!~ Thanks for the info Ms. EricJaz!~ I hope you could also feature some restos in Shangrila Mall (EDSA). TIA!

    1. Hiya Dave!!! They'll be transferring na to a stall in Market Market kaya if you're nearer there, YAHOO!!!! Do try it because the food is really delicious and the cost is friendly for the Christmas season. He he he he he he he!!!!

      Okay will do!!! I really need to get out more. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Do you have anything in mind in Shangrila? We used to frequent there a lot kaso when Powerplant Mall opened, we went there more since it's nearer our place.

      But I promise to do so realllllly soon!!! Thanks again! Mmmwah mwah!

  2. I want to try Chops Chicago Steakhouse there! I already tried Wild West Roadhouse Grill, it was quite good though! I'm a big carnivore here hahaha, so I always look forward to eating steaks!... My wife and I usually frequent foodie places near Ortigas and Kapitolyo since we work and live near the area...

    Thanks again! More restos and getaways to conquer!

    1. Hi Dave!!!!

      Aughhh!!! Us too!!!! My hub and I just LOOOOVE steaks! As much as we're for being healthy and watching our diets, we just HAVE to have fatty beef in our system on a regular basis -- with loads of gravy pa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Hmmm.... That sounds really interesting! Would love to check that out real soon! Thanks for the suggestions. We DO really need to get out of our comfort zones more. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cheers!!!!! Thanks again!

  3. No, Grill Boy, stay here in Cubao! :((( I literally live ten to fifteen minutes by car, pero for some reason hindi ko siya napupuntahan :( Miss Jaz, pwede bang magmakaawa kina Sir Pickiest Eater and Miss Rina? Hahaha :) Kakatakam ang pictures as always.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Will mention it to them dear Yanna! You're so sweet!!! Naku ako din I almost made makaawa kasi GRILL BOY is our favorite in QC. But I think they have a better opportunity in Market Market kaya I'm happy for them. At least din, papayat na ako. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Pero who knows pag nagexpand pa THE GRILL BOY I'm sure soon they'll have more branches with one hopefully near your place. Kaya yahooo!!!!! Mwah mwah dear Yanna!!!!

    2. Sabagay... but malayo sa bahay nila sa Antipolo! (Haha halatang stalker / lurker sa KTG blogs :p ) Diba pwedeng sa Broadway na lang? *wink wink* Meanwhile, dayuhin ang Market Market! Hahaha.

      Pero Miss Jaz, I agree with Christine down below, dapat talaga magkaroon ng fans club day ang EricJazfoodies. Daming food + love team ng taon :))))

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Don't worry Yanna. Mas stalker ako sayo. Ha ha ha ha ha! Promise!!! That's what Spanky calls me privately.

      Broadway? Ha ha ha ha! Suuure!!!! Why not??? :)

      As for the ERICJAZ FOODIES fans club, I'll say the same thing: Gutom lang yan! HA HA HA HA HA AH! Kidding! But you guys are so sweet na baka magpatreat ako sa GRILL BOY niyan! Favorite e!!! Thanks again!!! Mmmmwaaaaaaaah!!!

  4. Oh my gerddd! Sarap! and yung sisig... tapos maanghang, grabeh! rice pa nga mga 4 pa! lol. Affordable talaga sya, pagnagkaroon ka Ms. Jaz ng Ericjazfoodies fans club day pwedeng pwede dito! hehehe. Looking forward ako sa fans club day na yan hehehe!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Alam mo Christine, gutom lang yan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! And just in case I DO get possessed to have a FAN'S CLUB day, yes, I'll do it at GRILL BOY and yes, feeling ko kami lang ni Chinese Dimpol ang nandoon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for making me laugh tonight! I'll really treat you at THE GRILL when they open shop na uli!!! Mmmmwaaaaah!!!! :)


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