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Thursday, November 17, 2016


We've already got a lot of reasons to love OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE because their food never fails to satisfy even the hungriest or choosiest of diners. Imagine my surprise though when I received an invite to try out their new items on the menu because really, how COULD it get any better right?

Believe me it did. And on so many levels!

Our triumph on discovering these new OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE dishes is bittersweet because it's only offered for a limited time. So I guess that serves as a reminder (or a warning) that you need to go IMMEDIATELY to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.

Check out the food AND fun that we so recently had in OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in Citywalk, Eastwood. And I'm sure you'll be rushing out to savor these hot dishes in no time!!!



It's actually my first time here in this OUTBACK branch and it's so comforting to find out that amidst the noise outside from the gimik people, it's quiet and relaxing in here.

You could just stay by the bar and not worry about sleezy fanatics yelling at your ears.

Of course, I instantly headed for the table where MY kind of people are staying...


If you noticed, the Chinese Dimpol is nowhere in sight because he suddenly had a meeting with his officemates in Greenhills. Too bad that he, along with THE FOOD ALPHABET'S wife, were not able to join us tonight.

As much as we miss them though, that just means... "MORE FOR US!"


Pareng Abet missed his wifey so much that he called her on Facetime and we had a short chat.

Awwww... So sweet!

As for me?

Ah... Let's keep eating!

KIDDING! He he he he he he!

There were a lot of sparkling cocktails to choose from in OUTBACK but since I don't like the taste of alcohol, I went for the The Strawberry Bull (P165.00), as recommended by our server.

My drink was light, fruity, and refreshing! Nabuhaghag nga buhok ko sa sarap! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE HEFTY FOODIE ordered the Long Island Iced Tea P255.00 and it was a great thirst quencher with a slight kick in the end. Maybe next time when I'm with the Chinese Dimpol na, I'll get this. He he he he he!!!

Tweng... tweng... tweng... tweng....

While waiting for our food, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE served their complimentary loaf of warm bread with whipped butter.

Seriously, I could pig out on platters of this bread and call it a day. It's just one of my favorite complimentary grub in a restaurant.

But guess what? You could amp up the enjoyment level by ordering a tub of their chocolate fudge and DIP YOUR BREAD IN IT.

Yup! You heard me. DIP. THE. EFFING. BREAD!

OMAYGAD!!!!! What a sweet discovery in OUTBACK!!!! This is just crazy good. Not just good. It's FRIGGIN ADDICTING!!!! Go try it out. I dare you. I swear you'll be cursing at the high heavens why you didn't know of this much sooner.

Of course, even if we're slated to try out the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Limited Time menu, we CANNOT go there and NOT have a taste of their best selling Kookaburra Wings (P299.00- half / P499.00 full).

Deep Fried Chicken wings with a slightly spicy breading. Each wing was still piping hot but that didn't stop us from ravaging its meat down to its juicy bone. YEHESSS. We definitely Kookaburra-d ALL NIGHT LONG!

And what's fried chicken wings without the crunchy celery sticks and bleu cheese dip? See? I think I already got here the important components of the food pyramid.

Tee to the Hee!

Another best-seller that would be a sin to the food gods if we didn't have it is the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Typhoon Bloom (P399.00)!!!

Hand-cut onion rings dipped into a batter of secret seasonings and fried to an enticing golden brown. The only thing better than seeing it is EATING it without further ado!

My only complaint about the Typhoon Bloom is that they don't serve enough Spicy Mayo dip with the dish. It's much too work for lazy old me to ask for an extra serving again and again...

Tee hee!

And since we know there'll be an abundance of meats later on, we tried out OUTBACK's Crispy Parmesan Shrimp Salad (P569.00)!

I've always loved seafood mixed in with creamy spicy mayo dressing. More so with grilled veggies that are tossed in Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette!!!

Winner of a veggie dinner!

And now, time to attack the dishes that we're here for!!!!

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE New Menu Items available at a limited time!!!!!

OUTBACK's Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta (P349.00)!

Of course, the first reaction would always be (in thick Southern accent) "I didn't know OUTBACK served Italian fewd???"

The main point here is variety and taste so without really minding the point of origin, you'll be surprised at how this Bruschetta would work well with your meal!

Unlike other Bruschetta's where the bread becomes soggy from the stewed tomatoes, OUTBACK cleverly had the sliced mozzarella to soak up the tomato juices that mixed in with the pesto oils. 

The result? An earthy, tangy, and herby sensation at every bite!!!! Add arugula leaves too and it will be SO YUM! This is a very refreshing starter for your rich meal ahead.

For the hot entrees, we were able to try out OUTBACK's new Hearts of Gold Cod (P449.00)!!!

Imagine a moist fillet of fish topped with that creamy artichoke dip almost everyone I know is crazy about. And, to add a little zing to it, you'll get slivers of tangy sun-dried tomatoes at every bite!

This dish is just so beautiful! So worth a try if you love your dishes creamy (like me) but with more punch of flavors!

Of course, the piece de resistance would be OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE's Chile Marinated Rib-Eye (P1,599.00)!

A full and fatty slab of Rib-Eye steak grilled to a delectable medium rare!!!

This beautiful piece of meat is topped with fresh avocado pico de gallo and served with grilled tomatoes, nacho strips, and Mexican style corn on the cob!

It's like fiesta on a plate but unlike town celebrations, I want to be the ONLY guest enjoying this party!





My first plate...

My second plate...

And my third plate!

Ain't that steak a beauty???

For dessert, we all enjoyed the OUTBACK Tropical Fruit Cheesecake (P269.00)!!!

You got the velvety smoothness and creaminess of a New York Cheesecake then topped with whipped cream and cubes of juicy and sweet tropical fruit.

I seriously loved this dessert. As in REALLY loved it. I want to spread it on a mirror and smother my face on it as if I was kissing it.

Sounds sick???

Oh you should ask my companions at how I gave out a panicked yell when the server was about to take my plate of cheesecake. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

THAT GOOD. I promise you.

(Raspy voice) "Gahd gave me yuhuu.... To show me huwats reaaal....."

Almost done!!!!

I scraped two plates of the cheesecake clean. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's been awhile since I had dinner in OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, and woah. What a comeback!!!! I'm seriously making a return with my 3 boys to let them try out the delicious menu. We have to go back ASAP though because it's only available for a limited time only!!!

If you're more familiar with OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in Citywalk, you'll be happy to know that they open early at 7:00am to serve hot platters of breakfast!!! Yup! Who doesn't love breakfast food right??? And with the deliciousness of their entrees, you're sure to enjoy their morning offerings too!!! Do check it out ONLY at their Eastwood branch!!!

SEE YOU SOON hungry people!

Eastwood Citywalk 1, 
Libis, Quezon City
02 2773216


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