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Monday, November 7, 2016


Little Baby Izh, as I would always call her, was in Manila for a vacation recently, and was FINALLY able to squeeze us in for a meet-up. She's a flight attendant who lives in California and has always been my favorite little niece/brat (via my fatherside cousin).

As much as I love her, she posted this horrific picture of me many, many years ago in Facebook that raised many suspicions that I had glutathione, a nosejob, forehead reduction, breast implants, and oral cosmetic works. 

ALSO, she just proved that a lady couldn't have enough stripes from shirt, pants, to shoes pa!!!!


Because of this Baby Izh, I got disqualified from Sports Illustrated Hall of Fame! GRRR! MASAYA KA NA?!!!!!


BUT! I am serious that some people think I had some skin whitening done. HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  (Is it me you're looking for???) Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble my dears but my skin just got stretched up. Meaning. I GOT FAT.


I know that I look like a goddess now but that just gives inspiration to all scrawny bucktoothed little girls..... LAHAT MAY PAGASA. 

AT (dramatic pause).... Makakakuha din kayo ng Chinese Dimpol nyo.

EGAD I veered so much away from the subject. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT BABY IZH!!! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO???!!!

ANYWAYYYYY.... (Tee hee)...

So I invited her to meet up at CAFE MARY GRACE in UPTOWN PLACE MALL for dinner. 

I asked her what she felt like eating and she said suddenly craved for pasta. I remembered how much I loved the Salmon Cream Pasta of CAFE MARY GRACE and wanted her to try it. Also, for me MARY GRACE is one of the restaurants where you could bring your balikbayan friends and family for its Filipino comfort food but with a twist! 

PLUS, their signature ensaymadas ARE THE BOMB!!!

Baby Izh flew in with her own baby, little Zeddy, who is also my godchild.

Ninang has a lot of "utang" to dear Zeddy. I told them they could go to KIDZOONA while waiting for me and I'll treat them. In the end, I forgot to pay them. OOPS! He he he he he he he he he!

Payback for the picture????

Naaaaah! Will make up the next time you're here.

LET'S SEE shall we?


First on the table was an order of CAFE MARY GRACE Fried Kesong Puti with Calamansi Vinaigrette Salad (P264.00)!

The vegetables may be simple but having it with the crispy on the outside creamy on the inside fried kesong puti gives it a lot of difference. Plus, the Calamansi Vinaigrette complements the freshness of the greens with its sweet and citrusy taste!

The Chinese Dimpol and I were trying to eat light on weekdays so we just shared the CAFE MARY GRACE All Day Breakfast of Chicken Inasal (P288.00)!

I'm not fond of the breast part but the way the CAFE MARY GRACE roasted this bird was still moist and juicy. Plus, it had the appetizing taste of garlic, lemongrass, and the bite of sinamak, that makes me want to reach more for the fried rice!

The fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs were a nice "breaker" from the strong flavors of the dish!!!!

And as I recommended, little Izh ordered the Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta (P312.00)!

Smoked Pasta fried in garlic and olive oil then mixed with rich cream and lemon zest over al dente linguine pasta! So perfect!!!!

I could finish a whole order of this but I controlled myself and let the little Izh have it all.

BUT! I did have a strand when she's not looking. HAR DE HAR HAR!

Little Izh felt like indulging and forgot about her diet as well and got the CAFE MARY GRACE Peppermint Iced Mocha Shake (P178.00)!

Naks! So pretty!!!!

You really took after your favorite Tita --  ME!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little Izh and Baby Zed in CAFE MARY GRACE!!!


I really, really, really, tried my best not to eat my half of the rice. But my willpower deserted me after a bite of the chicken.

While we were eating, Zeddy was behaved and just stayed beside his Mommy. He loved saying AYAW to everything we gave him. He loved the bread at CAFE MARY GRACE though and asked for another one.


Little Izh took home the rest of her pasta for later. He he he he he he he!

And as usual, I had a cup of cappuccino to end my meal.

While we were having drinks and chatting, baby Zed made himself comfortable at the other side. He didn't cry or get impatient. He just waited for us and played quietly by himself.

Don't worry. He picked up those pillows he dropped accidentally. He he he he he he!


Zeddy: AYAW!!!!!!!
We really enjoyed dinner!!!! The Chinese Dimpol and I wondered why it's our first time to eat in CAFE MARY GRACE when there are a lot of delicious choices for us. We will surely be back!

It was a great night with my forever little Izh!!!! Take care going back to the US and we'll see you soon!!!!

Tee hee!

But all is not YET forgiven! HA HA HA HA HA HA!



Fourth Floor Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 8237746


  1. My favorite restaurant! Super love their Mango Bene and Cassava Chips with Onion Dip! Try mo next time! PS. sa sobrang fave namin sya, dyan kami nag prenup pictorial ��

    1. Huloooo Erika!!! Uy will try that! It's really weird of us that this is our first time to eat at CAFE MARY GRACE. I thought kasi talaga that it's just another bakery. But wow! Their food is so good pala!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Ang cuuute!! Talaga palang may special meaning ang Cafe Mary Grace sanyo. Oo maganda din kasi their interiors. Romantiks ang dating!!! :) Mwah! Cheers!!!!

  2. Hi Miss Jaz!

    I am a big fan of your blog! Just silently lurking all this time. When I first encountered and read one of your posts, I instantly got hooked! I learned a lot about raising my kid and one of the most important thing this blog taught me is the value of traditions. Promise, I am already setting some as early as now habang baby pa ang daughter ko. I so love everything about your posts, not only the food or restaurants you feature but also the humor and being a good mommy/ wife! Keep posting Ms Jaz! I will always be a fan of the Yappy bunch!

    1. Hiya Dear Jean DC!!!

      Yihiiiiiiiiii! Talaga??? You made me so happy!!! Nakakatuwa talaga that people appreciate something that I am so passionate about. As in I really love my blog and post about things that I don't want to forget. I'm glad too that you pick up some things from me. Yes! Traditions are important. My parents did it with us, and I find myself doing the same because it is something that you'll end up doing AND enjoying for many years to come. And promise, since napaenjoy mo your kids, they'll do it to their future family as well. It's a different kind of bonding experience that we'll be committed in doing. Yey!!! Thanks sooo much! Love kita niyan. And please, don't call me Ms. Jaz. Friends tayo e!!!

      A tip you might want to try with your daughter. Write to her. Keep a small journal and write to her everyday. Write down what she did and what made you love her that day. I did that when I was pregnant with my boys and nakakatuwa siya. I'm sure your little girl will appreciate it. Definitely a perfect gift when she gets married or when she debuts. Awwww! Nakakaiyak! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks sooo much again! You really made my night!!! Mmmmwaaaah! Hope to meet you soon!


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