Monday, September 28, 2015


If the Chinese Adonis and I could have it our way, we would like to have date nights EVERY night because we are always in the mood for a little "something-something" after a hard days work. As much as we want to do so though, we cannot just be happy-go-lucky when we need to stay with the boys on school nights, and having frequent dinners out could be quite costly.

Good thing that during one of our impromptu date nights, I remembered that THE GRILL BOY in  Spark Place Cubao Quezon City just opened.  At last! We have a restaurant nearby that gives effin great value for our money and serves the kind of food WE love!

I mentioned this to the Chinese Adonis and he agreed to have another date night at THE GRILL BOY. I guess, he is as excited to have a taste of their famous sisig, pork barbecue, etc. etc. because even if he'll be coming from Sta. Rosa Laguna, he really pushed for our date night to go forth! I thought of inviting some friends to join us (the more the merrier), but when they bailed out on us, my husband was still like "We should still go for THE GRILL BOY! At least we could pig out as much as we want without judgement!"

There you go. That's a man with a plan! And the promise of having a taste of delicious Filipino food at an affordable price drove us to enjoy another date night no matter how far away or feeling stingy we are.

THE GRILL BOY definitely got us deliciously covered!  


The GRILL BOY also has branches in Mall of Asia but this one is so conveniently near where I work in Quezon City!

Plus, the building is quite new so it may be a cool place to hang out!


THE GRILL BOY is semi-self service. You have to order at the counter and the ever smiling attendants will bring the food to you!


THE GRILL BOY menu 2!!

THE GRILL BOY menu 3!!!

THE GRILL BOY merienda menu!

Aren't prices SO affordable? Perfect for those who are on a budget! 

Like US!


THE GRILL BOY was clean, well-lit and designed like your favorite fast food franchises out there.

Good thing we arrived early because later on, the place became packed with hungry diners.

Like US!

Upon sitting down, we were immediately served with a cups of piping hot Sinigang broth that was so comforting at the very first sip. I love Siningang soup because it just goes oh so well with any type of Filipino food. My husband loved this even more because there wasn't a veggie in sight! He he he he he! 

Officially first on the table is the much raved about THE GRILL BOY Crispy Pork and Mango Salad (P66.00)!

This is the perfect companion to ANY dish with rice in THE GRILL BOY! The vegetable medley of tomato and onions were hyped up with the strong bite of the green mangoes, and the crunchy pork skin. Add to that a generous coating of their salty fish paste and you got yourself the force that will get you ordering for another cup of rice!

MAPAPA-INANGKU KA SA SARAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband was feeling ravenous that night, but not the kind that would get me brushing my teeth (tee hee). His favorite has always been pork barbecue so it was his instant choice in THE GRILL BOY! Imagine his delight when he got 2 fat pieces for only P98.00 with drink and rice!

Worried that the Chinese Adonis will not get full with the mini-serving of java rice?

Be concerned no more because THE GRILL BOY is ALWAYS ready with their hot and fluffy unli-rice!!!

I guess, my husband really has no choice but to have an intense pig-out session!

Come to think of it, you would be insane to pass up on the rice after you take a bite out of their soft and juicy pork barbecue! My husband was almost groaning every time he messily tore off the meat from the stick not caring that the savory sauce was dripping over his dimpled cheeks.

Oooh! Pambansang Chinese Dimple like ALDEN noh????

When in THE GRILL BOY you should NEVER, OMAYGULAY EVER, pass up on their best-selling Pork Sisig (P165.00). It would be your instant favorite especially with the addicting crunch that you'll have in every savory spoonful!

THE GRILL BOY Pork Sisig was a sure winner for us because it was already so meaty, flavorful, and delicious even without spritzes of calamansi or any seasoning. My husband and I took turns in scooping and mixing this Filipino favorite onto our rice and controlling our desire NOT share our food like Joey Tribbiani! 

If you have been following ERICJAZ FOODIES (poor you) you would see that I am such a noodle and carb addict. So that night, since we were YOLO-ing our tummies out, I ordered a bowl of steaming hot THE GRILL BOY Batchoy Supreme (P82.00) to go with our meal.

You got that right. This is not an appetizer nor a starter for the meal to come. With the generous servings of meat chunks and pork rind in every spoonful, this would be so glorious with helpings of my hot garlic rice!

Oh and I am one of those binge-loving beings that eat their noodles with rice. Don't judge it till you've tried it!

So THIS would go onto my plate later!

When you're Pinoy, how do you say "Let's Eat?"

E di... "ATTAAACCCK!!!!!"

Of course, even if we have been married for almost 11 years now (yuk), I still act all cutesie-patootsie-pa-demure-little-lady in front of Yub.

Did you believe that? Neither did he!

My delicious view!

And the Chinese Adonis immediately dug in!

In between mouthfuls of pork barbecue and sisig, he exclaimed that THE GRILL BOY was indeed worth travelling from Sta. Rosa Laguna for!

My plate! My full, heaping, and anything but pabebe, plate!

EGAD! I'm craving for some THE GRILL BOY now!

When Yub ran out of rice, he asked for MORE helpings!

As for me, I quit eating rice to lose some weight. But this heaping spoonful with the pork and mango salad with sisig was just too awesome to ignore!

Add to that a stick of butter... este... barbecue and I'm in Filipino food heaven!

(By the way, how many of you guys know this:
A loaf of bread...
A container of milk..
And a stick of butter!
Do you remember?
This is from my age group I guess. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Slurping on some noodles while wolfing down the food on my plate!

Later on, the lines for THE GRILL BOY came in!

Egad we were so full!

I try to control my carb intake now but for me to have noodles AND 3/4 cup of garlic rice is something to make my tummy burst!


I'll be YOLO-ing on some alka-seltzers for now. I'm so full I can't move anymore.

My happy Chinese Adonis! We had an awesome meal AND did not break bank!

THE GRILL BOY was truly an awesome discovery for the Chinese Adonis and me. Now, we don't have to endure the traffic plus the hustle and bustle of the popular malls out there if we're craving for affordable and superkaduper delicious Filipino food. We have one nearby my work place that is so perfect for impromptu date nights and binge-eating festivals for ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!! 

We will definitely be back THE GRILL BOY! We still have MORE of our mouth-watering dishes to try out!

Come to think of it, even if we have to travel far, we just might do so!

Like in Star Wars, this hungry force had just been re-awakened by the savory glory of THE GRILL BOY! 


So. There.

2nd.Flr. Spark Place Bldg.cor. 10th Ave.
Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines


  1. Masama talaga basahin blog mo sa gabi. Nakakagutom! Haha! Grabe ang mura naman dito! At mukhang masarap pa! Will try this pag nagpunta kami sa Mall of Asia. Ang cute nyo ng hubby mo. Hihi #relationshipgoal

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ako din super nagutom Erika! I want to go back tuloy!!! Yes the prices are soooo affordable and promise the food is SOOO delicious and sulit! Do try it when you can!
      Wow thanks! Minsan lang kami masabihan ng cute! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! :)

  2. hi maam, everytime I saw your new posts blogs I really enjoying it. it seems that Im in the phhilippine again. just continue posting all the good things happened in your life and to your family. God bless you more.

    1. Awwww... thank you so much dear Rommel! Promise you really made my night! I'm so happy that you also enjoyed my silly little blog posts. Ha ha ha h h h!!! Thank you again and I hope to hear more of you soon! Naku don't call me ma'am please. Just Jaz or Eric! He he he he he he! Mas nakakagana tuloy mag post more he he he he he!

      God bless you too always and do take care!!!! Cheers!


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