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Monday, November 21, 2016


One weekend, I met up with BGP Mariane and Manong Fred for a mini-play date of our boys Andrei and Paolo. I suggested that we try out the new KIDZOONA in UPTOWN PLACE MALL because since it recently opened, it's more likely that it is not as crowded as its Robinsons Galleria counterpart.

And yup! I was right!

I'm thankful that even if my boy is a bit older than little Pao Pao, they are also becoming fast best guy pals! If it we're the opposite, what a nightmare that might be considering that me and the BGP are always together. At least, with Andrei and PaoPao being great friends, Best Gal Pal Mariane and I have MORE reasons to set up meet ups!

And with KIDZOONA in UPTOWN PLACE MALL, we have found a place that's not only a great play-area for kiddies but it was also a suitable place for BGPs to be together as well!!!!


KIDZOONA is located in the second level of UPTOWN PLACE MALL that's near the escalator going up to the food court.

Prices are very reasonable compared to other kiddie areas. The great thing too is that the price already includes an adult companion.

Parents need to fill up KIDZOONA's information form for admission.

The form includes KIDZOONA'S rules and regulations.

Plus information about your child and your preferred duration of playing.

You then surrender the paper by the entrance.

KIDZOONA attendants are friendly and helpful.

Oops! May butas pa naman medyas ko!

What I like about KIDZOONA is that they provide you with free locker to stuff in your things. 

Strollers could be parked by the waiting area.

And now we're in!!!


The popular attraction usually for my boys is the big ball pit!

The big ball pit also came with slides!!!!

Besides the pirate ship slide, there's also an inflatable slide at the corner.

Andrei never got tired trying this out!



The boys will get to that AFTER they get their fill of the ball pit!

It's good that KIDZOONA'S ball pit is clean. I have read of many horror stories where fast food joints or play areas not cleaning their ball pits properly that you would find leftover grub or even used band-aids under the flood of balls!



While playing in the ball pit, Andrei would help out little Pao Pao!

It's great that Pao Pao and BGP Marian were able to try out KIDZOONA. However, when my inaanak had to go to the restroom, we learned that they do not have it in the play area and we have to go outside. The restrooms are not far but it was just a hassle to do so especially that the mall's changing area was not that clean at that time. 

Too bad that KIDZOONA didn't have a restroom even just for kiddie use!

If ballpits are really your kiddies' thing, then you'll be happy to discover that there's ANOTHER mini-ball pit in a bigger slide.

Little Andrei loved this because the slide was a bit higher than the other one. 

You may have to be careful with the steps because it's wooden. If your kid is bouncing inside, he/she might accidentally hop on to the hard surface.

A scooter area for the  younger KIDZOONA guests!

KIDZOONA Toy Corner!

My Andrei may be bigger but he still enjoyed tinkering with the wooden toys.

Andrei particularly liked this board that would temporarily mold your face if you press on it.

Does it look like Andrei???


KIDZOONA Role Play Town!

In this corner, you kiddie could choose whichever booth he desires and pretend to be a working grown up!

As for the adults, you could be their "customer".

Yep! MORE WINE... este... TEA!!!!!

Woah! That looks great Iron Chef Andrei!

Little Pao Pao tried out being a sushi chef too!

KIDZOONA Cyber Wheel!!!!

I tried this and got a bit dizzy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Andrei was still ago-go there and went for it many times.

KIDZOONA Arcade Area!

However it only has 1 arcade game at the moment. 

The real fun started when Andrei and I played it together.

It took a long time though before we got to the GHOSTBUSTERS song. Let's just say that Andrei was doing fine managing the controls and when I tried to help, EVERYTHING JUST WENT TO WHERE HE STARTED.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry Androse. Your Mommy is not so technologically aware of these things. 

WOHOO! It was a fun dance off! I could still remember some of the moves!


The great thing about KIDZOONA is that they have a waiting/resting area for the adults.

Hmmmm... Somebody got REALLY comfortable there. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I don't blame her. The chairs were soft and relaxing!!!!

While the Best Guy Pals were going around playing....

Me and BGP Marian would rest here a bit after running around after them. It a comfy area for us to catch up and take a breather from all that playing. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry! Mga Tunders na kami!!!!!

If you're wondering about the Chinese Dimpol and Manong Fred, they're waiting outside. He he he he he he!

Sorry! 1 adult only per kid!

And the 1 hour and 30 minutes was done!

Thanks for joining us BGP Marian!!! The boys definitely had fun playing together!

After running around in KIDZOONA, you would think that we would let the boys rest and go home. But NOOOOH! For some reason we thought that having sweet ice cream is a good idea. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Andrei had not 1 but 2 ice cream cups! 

Cookies and cream AND cotton candy!!!!

Andrei cam!!!!

He also took a picture of his BGP. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

AND if you're looking for the boys again, they're huddled lovingly at some corner.



Would love to go back to KIDZOONA UPTOWN PLACE MALL with the BGP and PaoPao!

Hopefully it's still not crowded! He he he he he he he he!

Kidzoona Uptown BGC- 3rd Floor, 
38th St. corner 9th Avenue, 
Uptown Bonifacio Global City 
955 2861 /  0917 8024064

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