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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


It was a Friday and the Yub and I were particularly excited because not only was Monday a holiday ("Yipeee!!!") but we were also officially starting the long weekend with a date that we're both so looking forward to.....

We're going to have dinner at NIU!!!!!!

The fine dining buffet version of VIKINGS just opened their second branch in Ortigas Center.... The Podium!!!!!

Unlike their branch in SM AURA, NIU PODIUM was more bright and used vibrant yet soothing colors. 

The Yub and I met with our favorite KAIN TULOG GANG for this feast worthy of a (classy) viking. He he he he he!

Now let's start eating!!!!!!!!!

NIU Appetizer Station!

Salmon Pate! Yummmm...

NIU Cheese!!!!!

NIU Bread Station!

Blinis and Caviar? Naks!

NIU Cold Seafood and Salad Station!

You could also have these shrimps and mussels baked or fried in butter.

NIU Carved Meats Station!


NIU Turkey!

Beef Ribs!

NIU Angus Chuck Eye!

NIU Rib Eye!

Angus Beef Belly!

The meats are good on its own but you may also pour over a generous amount of their rich gravies!

NIU Grilled Meats Station!

Marinated meats ready for the grill!

For the ready to eat grilled dishes, the Squid was a strong favorite!

NIU also made a showstopping presentation of their Beef Shawarma!

When I'm eating grilled meats, I always pair it with creamy veggies so this Sweet Potato Dauphinois is perfect!

NIU Chinese Station!

Fried Radish Puff with Bacon!

Noodle bowls upon request!

NIU has their own version of Dimsum Baskets. Ha ha ha ha!


I'll still eat you.

Hot and Sour Soup!

You could also have your own Shabu Shabu!

Just assemble and give it to the NIU chef for quick cooking!

Choose your noodles!

Beside the Chinese Station is the Filipino Station!

Here, you could request for mouth-watering popular Filipino barbecues straight from the grill.

Like Chicken Inasal and Inahaw na Liempo!

You shouldn't miss their ready to pig-on Filipino dishes!

Camaron Rebusado!

Kare Kare!!!!!

Ginger and Onion Crabs!!!


NIU Japanese Station!


This was sooooo good!

There's another cooking station that you shouldn't miss!

The gourmet and pasta station!

Just mention your table number and servers will deliver your order!

More NIU Main Entrees!

(Yes it never stops!)


Indonesian Lamb Rendang!


Pizza Station!

They also have baked oysters.....

AND mussels!

I'm sure you're already bondat by this point, but please don't forget about dessert!

NIU even had a dessert bar for your sweet "shots!"

Ice Cream!

Cookies and Pastries!

Candies galore!

Of course, my husband would go to the Halo Halo Station. He he he he he!

Great thing about NIU was that drinks are already included.

Egad! Juice drinks in flavors I wouldn't have thought of.


Check this out... 


I think this is the first time I saw this popular Japanese drink in a buffet.

Red Wine, White Wine, and Draft Beer!

For non-alcohol drinkers, there's soda!

I think I would be in station A LOT!

That buffet line seemed ENDLESS that I thought I'd never get to eat!

Finally, I was able to pick from the many choices of food and sat down with my mares and pares.



And US!

Mr. and Mrs. BUHAGHAG!


My first plate of appetizers!

Everything I got here was SO yum!

After finishing my appetizer plate, I went right onto the major food.

While I was feasting on my Beef Belly, the Yub was savoring the crunchy skin of the Lechon Belly and the saucy pieces of Crabs!


Ok lang... He he he he he...

Another round of main grub for me!

I tried out the Mushroom and Brie Croquettas!

The Spaghetti Truffled Cacio E Pepe was a bit bland.

My last round of grub!

Yes. I got full agad.

I ended everything with cups of Capuccino.


In between gobbles of delicious NIU food, my foodie mares and I would chat up a storm!

HANGGAGANDA NAMIN NO??? Our husbands are SO lucky!!!

Tee hee!

And don't say "Gutom lang yan." CHE!

It was awesome seeing familiar faces in NIU.... Like my former schoolmate, Atty. Chet!!! Super bitin our chat!

We also bumped into the beautiful vlogger Raquel!

And I became so happy to meet Ms. PASCG (Pretty And Sexy Chinita Girl).

Sorry if this seems mababaw compared to the thousands of followers other bloggers have but I treat my readers as family. And if you understand and appreciate my weirdness in this silly foodie online diary, then I love you my kindred spirit!

He he he he he!

PLUS! Ang ganda pa niya OMG!!!!!!

We stayed in NIU beyond closing time!


Super delicious food with our favorite foodie company to start off the long weekend. I can only imagine one thing better than this...


Yup! Very soon!

AND I hope I run into MS. PASCG girl again! He he he he he he!

Mwah mwah!


Adult Weekday Lunch: 938 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekday Dinner: 1,438 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 1,438 (+5% service charge)


Kids below 3 ft: FREE
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 308 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 408 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 408 (+5% service charge)

Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Lunch: 618 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Dinner: 718 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 718 (+5% service charge)

*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.

Fifth Floor, The Podium, 
ADB Avenue, Ortigas, 
Mandaluyong City
02 8454647




  1. Replies
    1. Yes it was!!! They also replenish the dishes in their buffet extra fast!

  2. Papicture ako pag nakita kita ha? Hihi

    1. SUREEEE!!!! Sinabi mo yan ha??? Picture picture tayo!!!! :)

  3. Hi Ms. Jaz...I love NIU too..but I have dined at NIU SM Aura pa lang pero thrice na already hehehe (i'm so takaw) :D i love the violet chairs at NIU aura..but I think I like more the lighter shade in NIU Podium..<3

    I think I will be "kilig" too if I see you in person <3...hihihi and I won't be shy na magpapicture po sayo hahahaha

    mwah mwah

    1. Hiya Tinemon!!!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sinabi mo yan ah???? Naku sana ako ang hindi mahiya sa yo magpapicture. Promise yung first na nagapproach sakin noon (they were an elderly couple) I really wanted to ask for a picture kasi nahiya talaga ako. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      Oo sulit sa NIU! You should try the Podium branch kasi mas bright sya and parang more pang family. Yun lang ang DAMIIIIING tao! You really need to make a reservation. The great thing about NIU is that besides the food, you also get free drinks!! Sarap!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah! Takaw girls RULE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dami mo ng fans ah. Remind me to get your autograph next time we meet...hahaha!

    1. Sure!!!! Gusto mo besides the autograph, you get my picture and bill na din???? BWAHAHAHAHAAH!

    2. YESSSSSS! May bibili kaya sa e-Bay ng signed pic mo...hahaha!

    3. I’m sure daig pa sa benta ng Avengers 4 tickets. May advance order pa AY!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Stacy!! I wasnt able to try it because they ran out of Foie Gras that night. But on another visit my brother said it was real good (i wasnt able to eat it kasi I was so full then... hahaah) Take care!!! Mwah!!!

  6. Hi,

    Niu SM Aura serves lobsters and cocktails (mojito). Same rin ba sa Niu Podium? :)

    - Rainbow Bright

    1. Hi dear Rainbow Bright!!!

      How are you??? Hope you'll stay safe and dry this stormy weekend!

      I wasn't able to see Lobsters (I'm not sure if they do or don't carry them) but I did see cocktails (yup mojito to be precise) from my friends. They seemed to like it naman hehe he he he.

      Thanks!!! Have fun! Mwah mwah!


  7. Is that baked mussels with cheese? looks so yummy!! ♥ but ano po mas better when it comes sa lasa ng foods and sa dami, sm aura or podium? thanks!! ♥

    1. Hulooooooo!!!!!! They're baked Oysters!!! Sarap siya!! The cheese sauce was so malinamnam. Just make sure to get the newly baked ones. I'm craving tuloy. Ha ha ha ha h aha!!!

      Hmmmmm..... Personally, I enjoyed my visit in NIU Podium more because it was new, and the interiors were bright and happy. In NIU at SM Aura kasi, the place was a bit dark and it took a while for them to refill some of the station. When it comes to taste, they're the same. What I loved in NIU AURA though is that they had Foie Gras on Toast, MY FAVORITE!!!! Too bad they don't have it in PODIUM. They only have Foie Gras in their Ravioli. But when you're asking about overall enjoyment, we will most likely return to their Podium branch instead. When you check it out, I'm sure you'll know what I mean.


      Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwah!

    2. thanks for the reply! ♥ really appreciated po! im planning to visit NIU kasi but im torn between Podium or Aura hahahaha! Im reading lots of reviews about NIU for awhile now but yours is the best kaya dito ako nagtanong hehehehehe! Thanks again! ♥♥

    3. Awwwwww!!! Thanks for the comment! Kinilig naman ako sa kind words mo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I hope I was really able to help. Please update me how you liked it.

      You're so welcome! Hope to hear from you more soon! Take care always! Mwah mwah! Tsup! Tsup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Niu SM Aura or NIU Podium? I mean aside sa itsura ng place. Sa dami ng foods, mas okay ba sa podium or sa aura? We have tried sm aura niu already, parang level up ng normal vikings ng SM Jazz :) wanted to try Podium sana para macompare, bukod dun I'll just miss my dad coz fave nya sa Aura :(

    1. Hi TheToothblogger!

      I liked Niu Podium better because they replenish the food faster than Ned Stark would say "Winter is Coming." However, unlike their SM Aura branch, they don't serve the Foie Gras bites that I loved. Also I didn't like the Shawarma very much.

      Awwwww... I get you. Me too parang I'm not that enthusiastic to go back to the restos that my Dad loved because it would just get me crying. Sayang, I'm sure my Dad would be happy with Niu because not only is the food good but they have a good deal for senior citizens. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care... mwah mwah!


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