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Saturday, November 26, 2016


One Sunday, THE YAPPY BUNCH forgot that it was a school night the next day and just proceeded to have a family night out. We reasoned, we all had a loooong nap that afternoon, so we could stay up late a little bit longer.

And we thought of having our favorite IPPUDO RAMEN but this time at the new UPTOWN PLACE MALL in BGC!

We are starting to love UPTOWN PLACE MALL in BGC because it is is great place to hang out with the kids besides Rockwell.

The first time I saw the big and colorful fountain, I knew that my little bunsoy would fall in love with it. He just LOVES fountains with a capital EL!

Tee hee!

While my boys were staring at the colorful fountain, I lined up to get inside IPPUDO RAMEN!


IPPUDO RAMEN in UPTOWN PLACE MALL is more spacious compared to its branch in SM Fashion Hall. 

You could say that there's still space to do the tango!

Yup! Right in the middle. He he he he he he!

Loved their lighting in the middle!

THE YAPPY BUNCH settled on our tables and drooled at the thought of the food ahead.


Me and some ugly guy I picked up somewhere.

The little lords, Andrei and Mati!

Isn't Mati so big na???

Yup!! It's good that he decided to join us. I guess these days, the presence of just "Mommy and Daddy" don't cut it anymore for him. The restaurant that we'll go to should have his approval.

Approval... Pssshhh... I'll make you pay for it. Now THAT gets MY approval!

Hee he he he he he he!

Oh well... I'll just console myself to the fact that I still have my baby Andrei to stay with me.

Yep! He's still MY baby!

My little one was busy that night and fussed silly on his water glass.

WHAT THE...........?!!!!

Ordering up!

We revved up our condiments on the table because we will be using a lot of it to tweak our Ramen bowls just the way we like it. He he he he he he he!

First on the table was an order of the IPPUDO Goma Q (P150.00)!

I'm starting to love the freshness and crunch of Japanese cucumbers and this certainly didn't disappoint.

Each slice of crisp cucumber were doused with IPPUDO'S light soy sesame dressing. This is a perfect siding to your rich ramen if you're looking for something to munch on in between slurps!

Of course, if'we're going to have Ramen, we're also going to get a plate of IPPUDO Gyoza (P210.00)!

As always, the Gyoza had that slight crust at the bottom but inside, the meat was juicy and well flavored. My boy could wipe out a whole order by himself with his Ramen!

Our bowls of hot Ramen arrived and I was so excited with my order tonight...

The New Hakata Style Nikusoba (P530.00)!

I've been all sorts of raves about this hyped Ramen online that's why my little (but cute) brain got curious!

As promised, the broth was thick, rich, and milky with the pork fat. 

Oh wow... Am I in trouble now....

An extra layer of flavor was added from the saucy slivers of Pork Belly!!! 

Before I could start digging into my Ramen my bunsoy zoinked my Nori strip and proceeded to eat it!

Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He asked permission of course and even if I also wanted the Nori strip, I gave it to my little guy.  I just cannot resist his cute puppy dog eyes....

Maybe next time, I'll not look at him when I give him my big, fat, NO.

Tee hee! I'm kidding again.

To add to the already rich broth of the Ippudo Ramen, we were given a serving of half cooked egg to mix into it. 

Doing so just made the soup heartier with the creaminess of the egg. 


As for my boys, Mati ordered his favorite IPPUDO Akamaru (P400.00)!

This may look "bold" (as in bare... he he he he) because he asked to have all veggies on the side.

The same goes for Andrei and the Chinese Dimpol's Shiromaru (P385.00)! 

My master Mati did add some of the veggies plus the bean sprouts from the other ramen!


Andrei and the Yubhub shared a bowl of Ramen. I plan to give him some more from my bowl since I'm controlling my carb intake.

Yeah right.

My master Mati slurping away.

My Ramen may already be perfect but I cannot resist adding a LOT of spice to make it more exciting. He he he he he he!

And some more will do!

I was so happy to see my little picky bunsoy slurping and chomping away on his Ramen!


And in no time...


I can't believe I finished it. I think my stomach is about to burst.

If it DOES, I'll eat it again.



Our IPPUDO RAMEN bill!!!!

What an AWESOME dinner!!!!!!

Afterwards, we went back to the Uptown Place fountain for Andrei.

My bunsoy could really get lost in the movement of the fountains.

Nahiya! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My boy wished to catch the show with music and lights. Good thing we were able to watch one before going home!

My boy really loves his fountains!

And we will always stay with him while he watches!

When it's a school night, the little lords would usually be snoozing by 8:30pm. But tonight, they stayed out a little longer.

Of course, looking at the broader sense of things, we all didn't mind it. Family time should be the top priority anyways....

Yup! Until forever!

Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 7763435


  1. I'm here in Japan. at latest find ko Ippudo Instant Ramen! Just add water!! Same taste sila!

    1. Wow really??? Saraaaap!!! Hopefully they sell that here too. Yeyyy youre in Japan! Please take care dear Erika and have fun!!!! Mmmwaaaaah!

  2. Thank you!!! binasa ko ulit blog mo haha! Osaka and Kyoto kami today

    1. Yihii! You're welcome!!! I hope you got something useful from my blogs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!Awwww! I miss Osaka and Kyoto!!! Ang sarap naman!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!! Eat a lot!!!!!! :)

  3. We ate at the revolving sushi outside USJ and thank you for your blog kasi ang sarap sarap don! Super affordable pa! grabe sarap nung grilled cheese salmon nila! naka 3 plate ako non! hihi. I miss japan na din!

    1. Yeyyy!!! Di baaa? It's affordable considering the location (so conveniently near Universal Studios) plus, it was so yum!!! Sulit na sulit din kami. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Mapapahiya ako if you didn't. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaah! Take care dearest!


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