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Friday, November 4, 2016


As you may know by now (if you haven't blocked us yet), the Chinese Dimpol and I love going out on date nights. Usually we have "insta-dates" when he picks me up from work. But our regular schedule is always on Saturday. Yu-uh! We really try our best to NEVER miss that!

Yes date nights are very important for us and my ideal Saturdate is when we do it the "classic
" way with dinner and a movie. You could say that we're "old-style" like that. He he he he he he! Some may brush off date nights reasoning that they could just download the movie or that dinners out could be expensive. But really. When there's a will, there's a way. It's important that you get out from the usual routine and be alone to act like GF/BF. And while we were just going out, the Yub and I love eating and watching movies! I admit that with films, there are some that we could just download for home. But there is just something about dressing up and snuggling inside a big, dark, movie house with the sounds a-blaring that makes the night more memorable.

Of course, date nights need not to be expensive. Besides the cliche of "what's important is that you and your hub are together", but there are actually some restaurants that serve delicious food that is very easy in the budget.

Yup! And that's how we discovered YANG CHOW in Powerplant Mall, our usual date place!!!! Yes, there may be other Chinese restaurants in Powerplant Mall that is more fitting for date night, but when you want to have MORE Chinese date nights (to fit your budget) that at the same fill you up happily, YANG CHOW is the road to go.

And guess what?   If you are with THE ONE, you two will still have a great time in YANG CHOW the same way when you are in a 5 star restaurant!

Check out my delicious date night in YANG CHOW with THE ONE.

Dan... dan... DANNNN!



YANG CHOW is a wee eatery that's located at the side of Marketplace, Powerplant Mall's grocery. 

Ordering up at the counter!

Look at that cute butt!!!!!

YANG CHOW has an open kitchen so you could see your order being prepared.

YANG CHOW menu 1...

YANG CHOW menu 2!

We sat at the dining section of Marketplace and YANG CHOW delivered our food to us. What's great about sitting at this area is that you could buy drinks from Marketplace to save money!!!!!

Yun ay kung if you have a very loving hub like mine who doesn't mind getting the drinks and lining up at the grocery counter.

Swoon! Swoon!


Our YANG CHOW food!!!!!!!

We ordered the YANG CHOW Spicy Sate Beef Noodle Soup (P200.00)!

For only P200.00, we got a big bowl of piping hot noodles with loads of noodles in a very meaty broth!

We also got my favorite YANG CHOW Hakaw (P120.00) with 4 plump pieces of this popular shrimp dimsum!

Of course, if we're having dimsum  we cannot miss having some Siomai (P100.00)! These were so full to the bite! No extenders!

If we're not having rice, the Chinese Dimpol would most likely order himself Asado Siopaos (P95.00) because it's his favorite!

Yohooo! Time to eat!

Our YANG CHOW feast!

The YANG CHOW noodle soup could fill up one hungry person. But since we're trying to watch our "coke figure", we're going to share!

I can't get over how that soup is so tasty and slurp worthy!

Even if the noodles were spicy already, we asked for some extra Chili Garlic oil!

YUMMMMM... Let's eat!

Noodles were thick, chewy, and SO hot!!!!

My Chinese Dimpol was so happy with his siopao!

Of course, he didn't forget to offer me a bite.

Kungdi humanda talaga siya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


This is Yub's view of me while I eat and chatter about something. Yup! That's how passionate I am when I'm telling a story. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In no time...


Our YANG CHOW bill!

Of course, the price is a bit higher than fast food rates. But we were able to enjoy delicious  dimsum and noodles that could match popular Chinese restaurants out there.

Afterwards, we were all smiles for our movie!

Our choice for the night.


With ERICJAZ FOODIES, when we love a restaurant, we always go back to it! So YANG CHOW became a regular venue for us when we want noodles and dimsum in Powerplant Mall!

Me and the Yubhub back in YANG CHOW to try out their Steamed Spare Rib rice with Tausi (WHICH WAS AWESOME BY THE WAY).

And here we are again on another Saturdate with me having a bad hair day. He he he he he he he!

So let's just go back to the same picture I posted above because I wanna leave you (aka end this blog) with beautiful memories of me. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Feeling ko maganda ako dito bakit ba???



Lower Ground Floor, Rustan's, 
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
+63 9228845342

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