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Monday, November 14, 2016


ERICJAZ FOODIES met up with Best Galpal Mariane and Manong Fred in UPTOWN PLACE MALL. And in deciding where to eat, we thought of trying out the new HARRY'S in the top floor.


HARRY'S is an Australian franchise famous for meat pies and hotdog sandwiches. It's actually more popular in the land down under as HARRY'S CAFE DE WHEELS since it's more of a food truck. But here, it's stable and settled at UPTOWN PLACE MALL.

HARRY'S is cozy and casual with a few wooden tables and chairs. It may not be our usual favorite fast food restaurant, it's still something the Yub and I want to try with the our family....

and best friends!


Pretty BGP Mariane and Manong Fred!

Best Guy Pals Andrei and PaoPao!


Maggie Esmeralda and Jimmy Darling!

Guess what show I'm binge-watching on right now????

(That is, when I made this blog entry. He he he he he--- Jaz)

It's semi-self service in HARRY'S so we went to the counter to place our orders.

Counter guy was chirpy and eager to help out!

Hmmm.... Now what should I get???

HARRY's menu 1...

HARRY'S menu 2...

HARRY's menu 3!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little Andrei and Team Mina in HARRY'S!


HARRY'S Classic Beef Pie (P120.00)!

Crust was flaky and the soft chunks of beef were in a light gravy.

HARRY'S Sausage Roll (P90.00)!

Fried sausage wrapped in flaky pastry then drizzled with mayo and ketchup!

I wanted to try HARRY'S specialty so I got their Tiger Pie (P220.00)!

It's the same meat pie but topped with mashed potatoes, green pea mash, and a generous plop of their special gravy.

I'm gonna have it with some sriracha sauce!

Tiger Pie innards!

My mess of a pie!

We thought Andrei was going to order the HARRY'S Fried Chicken but he chose to have the Goldcoast Dog (P190.00) instead.

The hotdog is loaded with Monterey Jack Cheese and Cheese sauce.

I took a bite and I loved how the hotdog had a slight crunch before I got a burst of its juiciness. The bread was also delightfully chewy with the flavors of butter and fresh off the oven goodness.

Andrei happily chomped on his hotdog.

May I have some more Andrei? :(

The Chinese Dimpol ordered the HARRY'S Classic Hotdog (P140.00).

"Jumbo hotdog kaya mo ba to????"

Oh I'm so cursed with that song whenever I see a big hotdog.


We also got a basket of HARRY'S Onion Rings on the side (P65.00).

What to match Andrei's hotdog? A cold glass of their Dirty Dutch Mudpie Milkshake (P135.00)!

Thick, sweet, and creamy. So perfect with the savory bites of the hotdog.

For dessert, BGP Marian ordered the HARRY'S Darling Ala Mode (P135.00)!

HARRY'S Brownies topped with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup.

This was good but it would've been better if they serve it on a bowl or something. We had to eat it in a hurry because the ice cream was melting and oozing out of the basket. He he he he he he!

HARRY's Creamy Cheese Brownies (P60.00)!

Fudgy brownies baked with cream cheese on top.

And I'm done!

If you're a fan of meatpies and delicious hotdog sandwiches, go to HARRY'S!

Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 9061859

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