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Thursday, November 24, 2016


It's the surprise birthday of our favorite Henyo and I was invited, along with my favorite TAPE INC., ladies to this celebration that was full of laughter, love, and LAMON!


On one fine day, we received a text message from the beautiful Ms. Eileen that her children will be throwing a surprise birthday dinner for their Dad in The Grove, Rockwell and that we're invited. She hoped that we could attend the party.

Of course we're going! I wouldn't miss it for anything! Tito Joey, after all, has always been my favorite while growing up!

After my TRICK OR TREATING with the kiddies, my boys took me to The Grove. As usual, I was early because it was a Surprise Birthday Party after all!

I immediately joined my friend, Tita Josie at the table she saved for our group!

The other TAPE INC., ladies haven't arrived yet so we just chatted first with our officemates from work -- Kuya Anjo, Tito Jimmy, dear Maru, and Mr. Val!

While chatting, we were also chomping on crispy chicharon and peanuts.

I see a familiar dip made of olive oil and roasted green peppers!

Aha! I knew it!!!!

Woah! If this dinner is catered by THE Chef Jessie then I know that it is going to be a delicious one!!!

Yey! Finally my "Tita's of TAPE Inc.," are here -- Mam Zeny, Tita Grace, and Tita Flory (my frenemy... ha ha ha ha!)!!!!

Now we're complete!

While waiting for the celebrant, we immediately proceeded to do the important things -- taking pictures!

You could never get enough pictures in a special event like this!

And finally, the moment of truth!

We got word that the celebrant is on his way so all lights were turned off and we waited.

And the man of the hour arrives...


According to Ms. Eileen and the kids, he was really surprised!


THAT'S the smile we all love!!!

THAT'S why you're my super wan tu tri favorite!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hello Ate Chenee!!!

Tito Joey went onstage and Ms. Eileen gave a very touching and loving message that I almost teared up. 

Tito Joey in turn declared how he got to where he is because of his wife and that he is nothing without Ms. Eileen's support and love.


Sniff... sniff..


And our usual "no frills" Tito Joey immediately declared that it's time to eat!

I was so excited to learn that the dinner was catered by Chef Jessie! I loved her food in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT! It was delightful to meet and chat with her a bit! She was actually a bit shy but I'm glad she agreed to a picture with me and Ate Chenee's daughter, Sofia!


Kuya Anjo is hungry na!

When I saw Chef Jessie's Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie with Melba Toasts, I knew what I'll be loading up my plate with again and again!

It's been awhile since I've had this but the salty flavor of the sea caviar works so well with the cream cheese, capers, chopped boiled eggs, and smoked Salmon!

I wonder if anyone would notice if I put the half chunk in my bag????

Chef Jessie's Heart of Palm and Alugbati Salad with Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing!

I wasn't able to get this (because I was stocking up more on the caviar pie) but my table mates said it was good.

Chef Jessie's Beef Salpicao!

The beef was so tender and the sauce was rich and so garlicky!

Chef Jessie's Baked Norwegian Salmon in Salt Crust with Dill Hollandaise Dressing!

This may not look much in the picture but believe me, the baked salmon was moist and fresh! It went so well with the creamy and tangy dressing!

One of my top favorites for the night was the Spaghetti Ala Jessie!

If I wasn't watching my carb intake, I would DEFINITELY get MORE of this!

The al dente pasta was sauteed in olive oil, loads of garlic, peppers, and seafood. Then, it was topped with parmesan shavings and slivers of basil!

The result is a light pasta that was still so appetizing to eat along with the other entrees! I loved the freshness of the ingredients and how it went so well together!

Our veggie fix!!!

Chef Jessie's Roast Tom Turkey with Onion, Sage, Chestnut, and Apple Stuffing!

Each juicy slice of the turkey was so yum with the thick giblet gravy!


I know this may be so politically incorrect but the roasted baby pig was just so darn good! The skin was crispy and flavorful , and the meat was fork tender! 

Sorry baby pig... But we're ravaging you tonight!

Dessert was coffee and an assortment of pastries!

Hmmm... I think I'll need an extra cup of coffee while I eat more of the assortment of french pastries that included the French Chocolate Kiss, Princess Carmen, Crocant Roll, and Caramelized Profiteroles (my favorite!).

Panna Cotta anyone???

But of course, THIS was the one that caught my eye!

Time to attack the buffet!!!!

Me and TAPE INC., Account Executive Jewel clowning around! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate!!! My disorganized-but-believe-me-this-was-ALL-good plate!!!!!

Me and my seatmate in the office AND in parties! He he he he he he!

TAPE Inc Executive Producers Ate Sheila and Tita Helen were at my other side!

Even if Ms. Eileen was busy, she joined our table for a quick but fun chat!

TAPE INC girlies with Mam Leslie and Tito Jimmy in Tito Joey's Surprise Birthday Party!

And in no time, I was ALMOST done!

Table kulitan with Julia and Direk Poochie!

Direk Bert in the house!

With Jewel, and the boys who drank from the fountain of youth, Maru and Direk Bert!

Of course, our favorite TAPE guy is always Maru! He he he he he he!

For dessert I had coffee and my usual pastries in a hotel buffet!

The pudding and the profiteroles were awesome!

All of us were so happy for Tito Joey! It was so obvious how he is so loved by his family!

While we were having dessert, it was time for speeches. Tito Joey received kind words from his good friend Mr. Mike Enriquez!

He also got a semi-trip down memory lane with our TAPE INC President, Mr. Antonio P. Tuviera!

After the speeches, the band started playing! We loved their selection of music because most of it were classic, light rock, and even new wave songs!!!!

While the music was playing, my TAPE INC., friends and I raided the photo booth! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I think it's pretty obvious that we're having fun here!

From the corner of my eye, I saw our President, Mr. Tuviera looking at us and he was chuckling at how we were so kulit and gulo.

Picture pa more!

The ladies agreed to change positions depending on who was going to get the copy. But we immediately lost track who was getting which so we just all stuck our pwits out and gave very sweet smiles. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tita Josie, Tita Grace, and I were still not satisfied with the pictures that we stayed behind for a black and white copy! HA!

With the birthday celebrant, Direk Poochie, my boss SVP-COO Mam Malou, Ms. Jenny, and Ate Ruby!

Us again with Ms. Helen Sotto!!!!!

Initially, my TAPE friends and I thought that the party will be big bash (which I'm normally shy of) but I was glad to find out that it was more of close workmates, friends, family, and relatives! I think there were only about 60 guests!

Here are some of the people I bumped and/or chatted with that night!

Mr. Mike Enriquez (eskyuz me POH)!!!


 Ate Chenee! Long time no see!!!!

I saw there also Tito Joey's beautiful daughter Jocas (who made sure that everything in the venue was alright), and Maru's equally pretty and elegant daughter, Mara!

Kuya Anjo as usual provided a lot of laughs in our table!

Saw direk Bert de Leon and was so kilig to learn that he reads my blog!

Keempee!!! We miss you!

Juliaaaa!!!! We miss you too!!! Please drop by at TAPE Inc., when you're not busy!

Jako!!!! Since he and fellow sibs organized the party, I was secretly hoping that my favorite vloggers Wil Dasovich and Coraleen Wadell were there! He he he he he!

Anywho, since he was a fellow geek, I asked him who he thought were Negan's victims in the (upcoming) premiere of THE WALKING DEAD.

He guessed Maggie (same as me) because "it cannot be Glenn".


BOO HOO!!!! 


Of course, I could NEVER have enough pictures with the man of the night...

My Super Wan Tu Tri (Super Hero na Magbabalot...)
My "Ma'am May We Go Out"...
My "Naku Ha!"...
My "Working Boy"...
My "Kwelang Skwela"...
My "TODAS"...
My Starzan...
My Barbie...

My favorite, Tito Joey de Leon!!!!!

Yes. Even if by some stroke of luck, I fixed my hair in a way that it suddenly looked like a toupee and my forehead looked bigger than usual.

For givaways, they had cupcakes at Tito Joey's different stages in his career!

Of course, I immediately looked for EAT BULAGA!

But I also got from the TVJ and Family Cupcakes because they said I should just get from the flavors I liked! Tee heee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and CONGRATULATIONS Tito Joey! You are indeed blessed! Not only are you one of the country's most treasured artists, but you are so respected by so many people around you. Not only that, you also have a beautiful family that's full of kindness, beauty, and LOVE!!!!!

Thank you so much to the De Leon kids and Ms. Eileen for inviting us!!! We're so happy to be part of this happy and wonderful occasion!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN to our one and only PINOY HENYO!!! Please continue being a JOEY TO THE WORLD!!!



  1. As always Miss Jaz, your pictures are wonderfully taken --- and by that, I mean lakas makagutom :))))

    Happy Birthday Tito Joey! Huhuhu ang gwapo ni Jako! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Hiya Yanna!!! Yeyyy!!! Thanks so much!!! Hopefully my pictures are improving. Kasi talaga it's nothing compared to my idols from the KTG. He he he he he!!!

      I'm sure Ms. Eileen and Tito Joey will see your greeting. Kaya makakadating sa kanila! He he he he he!!! Yes! Jako is pogi and also very nice!!! In fact, all of his children are, kaya our favorite Henyo and Ms. Eileen are so blessed!!! :)

      Thanks for dropping by dear Yanna!!! Your comments always make my day!!! Mmmwaaaaaah!

  2. Happy Birthday Tito Joey! May you have more birthdays to come. You are such a genius.

    Ang ganda ni Jocas!

    1. Hiya Christine!!! Sorry for the late reply... Hay naku nakakainis my internet connection!!! I cannot go on blogspot!!! Anyway,I'm sure they'll see your greetings. That's so sweet of you!

      Ay oo, she's so pretty AND very nice pa!!! Even if she seems so sosy, she's really down to earth and kind to everyone. Ms. Eileen really raised her kids well!

      Mwaaaah mwah!!!!!

  3. Chef Jessie's foods are to die for, though they are quite on the pricey side especially her food selection at her 100 Revolving Restaurant...Chef Jessie's foods are simply quality beyond elegance!... Nice article Ms. Ericjaz!

    1. Hiya Dave!!! How are you? Naku so sorry for my late reply and my internet connection was weird this week! I wasn't even able to publish a post. Huhuhu!!!!

      Yes I agree!!! Her food is so delicious! Yun lang medyo pricey. Ha ha ha ha!!! We love 100 Revolving Restaurant! It's one of my favorites! The kids love the sosy and different kind of experience. Plus the dishes are all so awesome!!!! You really hit it there... "Quality beyond elegance"! Naks! I couldn't have said it better!!!

      Please, wala na Ms.!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Friends tayong lahat. (Or feeling closey ako ha ha ha ha!)

      Thanks again for dropping by! Have a great weekend!!!!!


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