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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited by MARCO POLO MANILA one Saturday to try out their AFTERNOON TEA. And since having refreshments ala Downton Abbey is not really the Chinese Dimpol's type of thing, I just invited the next best person who is actually MORE adorable, MORE fun to be with, and MORE cute, than the Yubhub.... 

My bunsoy Andrei!!!

He's my "Matthew"! 

I just need to ignore that Downton Abbey character's untimely demise!

As much as it's fun to be out as a whole family, there is a certain kind of personal enjoyment when I have one-one dates with my boys. When I have these dates, my son behaves differently and is more confident in sharing his feelings. Of course, I will still promote family togetherness, but once in a while, it's nice to be all alone and have our own kind of date night. That's why the AFTERNOON TEA at MARCO POLO was perfect for us that Saturday. It's something different that my bunsoy and I could do!

The AFTERNOON TEA at MARCO POLO is at the Connect Lounge!

It is advisable to make reservations as people are so loving the AFTERNOON TEA. It was so evident on the day of our visit.

And my date is here!

We got a table just beside the tall windows of CONNECT LOUNGE!

Our wonderful view!

Now let's officially start our "tea date" dear Andrei!

The AFTERNOON TEA in CONNECT LOUNGE is only for P788.00nett for 2 persons. 

For that price you each get a choice of coffee, tea, iced tea, or hot chocolate.

For an additional P160.00, you could upgrade your hot drink to their creamy fruit smoothies! 

If you wish to have this extra (along with your hot drink), just shell out P300.00nett!

While waiting for our food, dear Andrei was enchanted with the pink drink that's "smoked" by dry ice in the glass chamber.


I told you bunsoy Andrei is MY Matthew aka The Beast aka DAN STEVENS!!! :)

While Andrei was admiring the smokey dry ice, the CONNECT LOUNGE attendant was very helpful in making my AFTERNOON TEA experience more personal.

Now what are we going to do dear Andrei? Come over here please my darling!

For the tea sandwiches, we were made to choose from their different flavored baguettes!!

From left to right that's Corn, Parsley, Squid Ink, Tomato, and the Classic Baguette!

Andrei fancied the tomato!

Along with the baguette, you get to request what toppings and spreads you would like to go on it!

There's cured meats, smoked hams, and boiled shrimps!


And my favorite, the smoked salmon!

From their long table, I also saw this pork sausage in sesame encrusted bread!


They change their selection of desserts everyday! 

And English scones with raisins!!!

Now it's time for our tea!

My date was feeling all "grown-uppy" in his seat!

My bunsoy  chose the Mango Smoothie for his drinks and he loved the sweet and creamy smoothie!

To kick off our munchies for the AFTERNOON TEA, we were served with Amuse Bouche of Mango and Strawberry Sherbet!

My bunsoy again got mesmerized with the dry ice in water!


Such fancy shmancy first bites for the AFTERNOON TEA!!!

While he was enjoying the lipsmacking fruity flavors of his Amuse Bouche, I proceeded to pour myself some English Tea!

No prepackaged tea leaves here. You get a fresh pot and metal strainer!

After sipping Andrei's tea (which he didn't touch because he had an upgrade), I proceeded to my coffee and gave a toast to the world!

What are you thinking about Androse???

Coffee and tea with my special little bunsoy!

Later on, our AFTERNOON TEA snacks arrived!

My date proceeded to attack the desserts as I thought he would. He he he he he he!

I'm not sure if it's just because of my waning appetite but this could certainly fill up 2 hungry people!

The first tier consisted of sweets and pastries...

The second tier had the Tea Sandwiches!

Salami over Corn Baguette and Grilled Chicken on the Parsley Bread!

Parma Ham on Tomato Baguette!

And my favorite, the Smoked Salmon!

The top tier had the English Scones served with Strawberry Jam and Thick Cream!

Oooh... Another sweet ending for me!

ERICJAZ FOODIES (minus Eric) with little Andrei for MARCO POLO MANILA's AFTERNOON TEA!

Since we were having tea in a posh lounge, little Andrei and I acted all spiffy and sophisticated ala DOWNTON ABBEY!

After 5 minutes, our true colors came out. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I took it upon myself to eat all of the sandwiches because I know my date is eyeing something else.

AND he was not so subtle about it! He he he he he he!

The English Scones were moist and made more perfect with the strawberry jam and cream!

Ain't that a lovely combination????

The "dessert" for AFTERNOON TEA was Chocolate Fondant for 2!!

My bunsoy and I both loved chocolate so this delighted us oh so much!

Could you see the look of determination on Andrei??

The Chocolate Fondant was GLORIOUS!!! It was fudgy but not cloying at all. Each spoonful was decadent yet luscious and addicting!

The cream and chocolate sauce just made it a more chocoholic's dream come too! Sooo yum!!!!!

If you want to upgrade your AFTERNOON TEA to cocktails and wine, you could do so for an additional P224.00. To order separately, it's P300.00 nett.

I got the Pink Blossom Non-Alcoholic drink and it was just lovely!

It was sweet, fruity, and very refreshing. A great finish to that relaxing AFTERNOON TEA!!!

Yep! The best way to end a great date is getting sloshed!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, me and bunsoy Andrei enjoyed the AFTERNOON TEA to the fullest. We chatted, we laughed, we joked around, and we shared a lot.

This AFTERNOON TEA is not just for lovers, friends, work mates -- it's actually something that you could enjoy with your little one.  

If you want to have a different kind of date with your son or daughter that will give loving memories, this might be it. For only P788.00 nett you will let your special one have that pretend grown-up date with delicious food and the sophistication of "tea time".

I knew that Andrei had a good time but I never guessed that he had such a GREAT time until we got home.

He rushed to find his Kuya (who just got home from a field trip) and excitedly said "Kuya! Kuya!! Too bad you cannot go with me and Mommy! We had a great tea time! I ate a lot of desserts! I also had smoothies! Tapos the place was so nice!!! It was so fun Kuya!!!"


I love you so much dear Andrei!!! You just made AFTERNOON TEA more unforgettable!!!

Now it's time for me to book another one with Master Mati!

You should too on your next date time with your little ones!




 Meralco Avenue, San Antonio, 
Pasig City, 1600 Metro Manila
(02) 720 7777


  1. Huhuhu nainggit ako the moment I saw these on your Instagram Miss Jaz! Might try this din with my little boy soon! Very reasonable siya for 788 nett ah, kasi most hotels offer afternoon tea for 1000php and up :/

    1. Hiya dear Yanna!! Awww! Sorry! Didn't meant to! Ha ha ha ha!!! Pero yes! Do try this with your boy. Ang sayang date nito promise!! And you're right kasi P788.00 is reasonable compared to other hotels and to think it's MARCO POLO pa! Call to make reservations and request for the table by the window para maganda view. Yeyyy! I'm so excited for you and your boy! Please tell me how it turns out! Super fun talaga ang mommy son dates!!! I'm sure it's something your son will not forget. Mmmmwaaaah! Hope to hear from you again!!! :)

    2. Haha keribams Miss Jaz! Sige, I'll let you know how it goes once matuloy kami. Turning five pa lang yung son ko, hopefully maenjoy niya kahit papaano :)

    3. Hiya Yanna!! I hope you will. Confirm that he could get hot chocolate or iced tea for his drinks. Tapos I'm sure maaliw siya sa dry ice dun sa amuse bouche and the chocolate fondant. Expect to eat the rest. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nakakabusog siya! I didn't eat lunch pero it really filled me up!! :) Take care!!! :)


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