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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


It's a long All Soul's and All Saint's weekend! And like what we have been doing every year, we shall have it in Lucena, Quezon Province!

UNDAS in Lucena, 2016!

Ever since Yub's Dad, passed away, we have been in Lucena every year for All Soul's day.

We did not wake up scandalously early as we would usually do before. Since we drove out on a Sunday, we figured the majority of the travelers have gone ahead and caused carmageddon last Saturday!

Our usual drive-through breakfast every time we go to the Yub's hometown!

Whenever we head out for Lucena, we always make our first stop at our favorite PALAISDAAN RESTAURANT for our early lunch.

It's great that the Chinese Dimpol's little brother, Sioti, and family, was able to join us!

Whenever we're in Lucena, I gain a little daughter in Isha, Syoti's first born. She and Andrei are always inseparable whenever we're there.

Me and MY first born!!!!!

In PALAISDAAN, we would usually have the following...

Barbecued Pork Chop!

Fried Crispy Tilapia!




After lunch, we saw a church in Tayabas. We figured that since it's a Sunday, we could hear mass there.

Mati and Andrei got excited to see an image of St. John Bosco, the patron Saint in their school.

“Run, jump, make noise, But do not sin.."

Mati and Andrei love his teachings so much!

There, we came upon St Michael Archangel Basilica Minor!

Though it's obvious that the Basilica hasn't received proper maintenance for several years, I still find the structure so beautiful.

Would you believe that it was made first with bamboo in the 1500's?

Yep! It's part of Philippine History!

Proud Mommy Moment!

Inside, the church was jampacked that we were all just standing at the back. At the blessing of the host, Andrei looked at me and proceeded to kneel on the hard flooring. Yup! Even without the comfort of a pew cushion! With that, his Kuya Mati followed behind me. 

I dont' know if I'm just mababaw or what but seeing the boys so respectful of prayers and the church just warmed my heart!

At the end, I too had to kneel on that ouchy flooring (mahiya naman ako di ba???). I may have a hard and painful time getting up but the memory of the two boys kneeling and doing their own little sacrifice will be with me for a looooong time.  

After a short rest, THE YAPPY BUNCH (with Isha) went to CAFE ANTIGUA for dinner with the family!

Yup! Whenever we're in Lucena, we NEVER miss the opportunity of eating here!

Nido soup!

Crispy Fried Chicken!

Lumpiang Shanghai!

Moriskita Fried Rice!


And their to die for Saucy Chami!


While in CAFE ANTIGUA, Andrei was teaching little Isha how to do the yo yo!

Of course, whenever we're in Lucena, we never miss having several games of duckpin in our favorite alley!

It was supposed to be closed that day but since the manager Loida loves me (hi hi hi), the kiddies were able to play!

There are no machines here. This duck pin alley is powered by humans!!!! He he he he he he!

Andrei and Isha really played with all their might!

WOAHHH! Andrei got a strike!

He really played a good game that night. 

Go Andrei!!!!

Come night time, I was FINALLY able to catch my favorite Halloween special, MAGANDANG GABI BAYAN!

It was not as scary as before (probably because I'm older and jaded now) but it is still something I will look forward to every year!

Oh noes... It's just me and the Yub! He he he he he he!

The next day after breakfast, THE YAPPY BUNCH set out to accompany the Chinese Dimpol in his yearly duty to his relatives.

As macabre as it may sound, we went cemetery hopping!

And this is our first stop.

It's a good thing we went here a day before All Soul's Day. Otherwise, it would be so crowded.

As we were going to different cemeteries, I armed Andrei with the medallion of St. Benedict the protector.

When the boys were younger, it was only the Chinese Dimpol who would go to the tombs of his relatives to say prayers and light up candles.

This time, the boys are with us!

They are more than eager to do so!

Especially fireball Andrei. He he he he he he!

We then went to Papa's older brother.

Offering prayers!

There was a total of 5 relatives of Yub buried in this cemetery.

Saying our prayers. Each one had the opportunity to lead.

After praying, Andrei pointed out how Maria had the same birth and death day.

I explained to him that Maria was a baby who perished when her Mom died in the delivery room.

So sad right?

Besides their tomb, I pointed out to the little lords how this guy celebrated his 50th birthday and died just 8 days after.

We transferred cemeteries afterwards.

Here, the deposed loved ones are buried underground.

I don't know how crowded it will be tomorrow but for now, this cemetery is my favorite because of the greens and strong winds!

Here lies the Chinese Dimpol's nanny who stayed with them for many years.

My husband would always visit her tomb every year because she didn't have a family and he didn't want her to be forgotten.

He had her tomb cleaned and brushed up. All in all (with painting) in only cost us P120.00!

It may sound weird but we enjoyed our little adventure in visiting the tombs of Yub's relatives. Goes on to show that you could find fun wherever you go.

For lunch, we went to PANSILOG -- a restaurant the Chinese Dimpol has always wanted to try!

That's because he's heard a lot about their CHAMSIG -- chami topped with sisig!!!

Check out our lunch there in our PANSILOG BLOGPOST!!!

After our delicious lunch, we visited Yub's Dad in Heaven's Garden!

Before, Yub's family was alone in this vast empty lot. Now, Papa has a lot of "neightbors".

Papa died a month before Andrei was born that's why we named my bunsoy "Ricardo". Too bad he wasn't able to meet Andrei and see how lovably naughty his second apo was.

Offering our prayers and each giving a special message for Papa.

After praying, we hung out at Heaven's Garden a bit more.

Mati read his comics....

Andrei burned some of the dead flowers....

I harassed the boys with kisses...

As for the Yubhub....

He fell asleep in the cemetery!

I told Andrei to draw on his Daddy and he happily obliged.

He was laughing and giggling all the while that it's a wonder Yub didn't wake up!

And here's the finished product!

Imagine the shock my husband felt when he saw his face on the mirror.


After a short nap, we met with the family of Yub's youngest sister in SLASH!!

Yub's Mom said their Crispy Pata could rival BUBBLES.

Check out our verdict in our blog post... HERE!!!!

After dinner, guess what we all did again?

Because it's one of the boys' favorite activities in Lucena!

It was cool of Tita Maan to play with Andrei because my bunsoy really wanted to have 2 teams in the bowling in order to have some kind of "tournament".

Master Mati didn't join us tonight because he was raring to watch HELL IN A CELL (WWE) on cable. He's been waiting for it since last week.

Guess who's team won again??? :)


Thanks pretty Maan for playing with the boys! They missed you!

That night, the Yub and I stayed up extra late to watch the second episode of the WALKING DEAD.


The next day, we woke up early to pack up and go to HEAVEN'S GARDEN again.

The little lords were so happy that Ninong Syoti rode with us to go there.

Andrei immediately lit up a candle for his Lolo Carding.

There we saw Yub's fatherside relatives, Koa Ebot and Koa Rosa!

Yub's lolo and lola were buried near Papa!

Tia Lilia and Imon!

Yub's cousin, Dhana was also there.

Every year she sells these perfumes that I just love!

This time though, Andrei joined in and checked the scents.

Awwww... So cute! My bunsoy is really the "porma" one.

His pick that day was the HUG-oh boss!

We needed to go home to avoid the holiday traffic so we immediately had lunch at MAX's, our November 1 staple (since it's near Heaven's Garden), with the family!

You could never go wrong with their fried chicken!

And we had other new discoveries too!

Check out our blogpost on MAX'S RESTAURANT!!!

What a great lunch with Yub's family to officially end our All Soul's Weekend in Lucena!

Missing Aaren and Tita Maan!

Till next year!

Egad. I'm sure Mati will be towering over me by that time!




  1. uy parang ang sarap naman ang daming kainan din dyan!

    1. SUPER Erika!!! Kaya tumataba ako everytime I go to Lucena. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And the best thing is, ANG MURA PA!!! Perfect!!!!! Mmmwah!

  2. Miss Jaz, yung chami!! <3 <3 Saan ang reco mo for the best chami dito sa Manila? Buddy's ba?

    Pati hala, ang tangkad na ng mga boys mo. Binata na :)

    1. Hi Dear Yanna!!! MISMO! The chami!!!! I really love it! As in, it's so saucy and delicious na pwedeng pwede iulam sa kanin! Ha ha ha ha ha ah! Yup! So far the husband said if you want authentic tasting chami and pancit lucban, go for BUDDY's! Isa pa yun na masarap na, mura pa!!! Winner na winner palagi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      I KNOWWWWWWWWW!!!! :( One time I didn't wear heels talagang nagulat ako at how tall Mati is na. I'm happy that they're growing up pogi pero at the same time, I remember when they were my little babies lang. Huhuhu. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. I want another boy, ayaw na ni Chinese pangit. Hmp. GHA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AHA!

  3. Ang galing naman ng mga boys, they offered prayers for the departed loved ones.

    You know Ms. Jaz, I wasn't able to tell my mom about the blog post you had about the Max's sa may QC near Meranti kasi we lost her last September 28 lang :(

    Thanks to your blog, I was able to make myself busy kahit papano nakakalimot sa pain nuong mga panahon na yun.

    By the way, pwede naman ang baby girl, baka baby girl na ang gusto ni Chinese Dimpol hehehe.

    1. Hiya Christine! I was glad din that they were fine with visiting Yub's relatives sa cemetery. Usually they'll fret and ask to go home na. Siguro they're sort of enjoying the experience din. Was really proud of them nung nag kneel sa church. I know it's mababaw pero nakakatuwa lang. Ha ha ha ha!

      Oh no... :( I'm so sorry Christine. I'm really sad to learn that. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Is there anything we could do for you? From what you told me she seems like a lovely lady. She is blessed to have somebody like you who loves her so much. Of course, I'm sure you are thankful for her also. To lose a family is really heart breaking and I could only imagine the pain you're going through. I will offer my prayers to your Mom. :(

      I'm glad my blog somehow cheered you up. But I really hope I could do more. I'll contact you on FB. :(

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Baka! Pero naku. Hindi ako bagay sa baby girl. Magiging tomboy yun. Hindi ako girly girly e. Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    2. Hello Ms. Jaz, sorry super late na nakareply busy kasi hehehe... Iba po name ko sa fb pati din mukha ko payat pa kasi ako dito sa picture ko sa blog lol, pero you can search for Bambhie Rosas Retardo. hihihi! Thanks po.

  4. Hahaha sige, I shall try. Pancit lucban pa lang natitikman ko from Buddy's, panalo ang serving size pati lasa :)

    Pwede pa yan :))) Hahahaha.

    1. Would you believe Yanna that before, Yub and I could finish an order of Pancit Lucban, with two cups of rice, then sisig? Grabe right? He he...

      Ayaw na niya e. Hmp. He he he he...


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