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Thursday, November 3, 2016


It's PIZZA NIGHT at TEAM MINA'S house and the verdict for the grub fest was our favorite DI' MARK'S PIZZA!!!!!

Yup! And DI' MARK'S is celebrating their 50th year of serving us their pizza goodness!!!!!

Lately, we have been regulars at Casa MINA for our usual movie night, chatter, and coffee!!!!

Sometimes, we would ride with them to try out a restaurant in the South. But most of the time, especially if the restaurant is small, we just order for delivery.

And because it has been years since we've had our favorite pizza, we're going for DI MARK'S tonight!!!! 

Our families wouldn't really fit in the small diner of DI MARKS so Fred just ordered for delivery.

After a few minutes, BOOM!!!!! Pizza is here!

For Andrei, we got DI MARK'S Menlo Special family size (P535.00)!

We got a 13 inch pizza that's loaded with native cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella! 

Andrei immediately loved this pizza because it was soooo cheesy and the crust had a nice crunchy chewiness to it!!!!

Yummmm!!! My bunsoy ate a lot that night!

For our second pizza, we got the DI MARK'S Mad Scramble Party Size at P795.00!

We got a 17 inch thin crust pizza with Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Chicken, and veggies!!!!

Egad! That's going to be one helluva bite of a pizza!

Normally, my husband would stay away from pizzas that have more toppings than his usual pepperoni. But the Chinese Dimpol fancied the sweet sauce and gooey cheese of the DI MARK'S pizza that he just happily chomped away!

Besides the pizza, we also got DI MARK'S Carbonara (P315.00)!

The spaghetti may have a lot of cheese but it was just okay for us. It was good but nothing that would make us stand on top of our chairs and declare "Oh captain my captain!".

It may not look much but the DI MARK'S Italian Sausage with Tomato Sauce (P275.00) was more popular with our group!

Again, it was packed with cheese with a sauce that is more appetizing. 

Plus it got this fat sausage hidden inside the spaghetti!



ERICJAZ FOODIES with little lord Andrei, BGP Marian, Manong Fred, and little Pao Pao for our DI MARK'S night!

Tsk... tsk... Some people cannot wait talaga!

Rewind cam

Secret food lovers! He he he he he he!

Manong Fred digging into the Italian Sausage spaghetti!

I told Andrei that I ordered the Carbonara for him which he didn't like. He promised to eat a LOT of pizza instead.

Awww my little negotiator boy!

The counter filled with DI' MARK'S food!

Somebody was so happy with the pizzas!

Same goes with his boytoy! He he he he he he!

What I liked about the DI MARK'S pizza, besides having a crust that was just right, the sauce had that sweet spicy appetizing flavor that matched so well with the creamy cheese!

To be honest, we could forego the pastas next time. They were good but it was just not a worthy sidekick for the DI MARK'S pizzas!


Uuuuuyyyy! Subuan!

I turned to the Chinese Dimpol to see if he's going to feed me food as well. He just gave me a sheepish smile confessing that he wanted to go to the bathroom from being too full!


Kay BGP na lang ako! CHE!

My full plate of DI MARK'S goodness!

Almost done!

The last piece!

For dessert, we had ice cream and coffee.

After eating, the boys did their usual thing....

Video games!

As for our little guys, they went somewhere for some privacy.

Andrei loved PaoPao's room because it was full of toys!!!!

As for me and BGP Marian, she's going to give me a tutorial on how to put on make up!

(puckers up) Is this how you do it????

Tee hee!

We are now loving our new place to hang-out besides the usual malls or restaurants. Besides pigging out on our favorites, we are having a crazy great time doing our thing and ending it with a scary movie. He he he he he he he!

I forgot to take a picture but I think this is when we watched our new "favorite" movie, "JERUZALEM" that was strongly recommended by Fred.

Peeeeyew. Worst 2 hours of my life.

He he he he he he he!



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BF Homes, Parañaque City
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