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Thursday, November 17, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a stormy staycation in CANYON COVE and we are having so much fun!

Yes!!!! LOADS of it!

Honestly, we didn't expect much in that CANYON COVE weekend because of the rains. We thought, we'll just be boo-hooing and moping inside our rooms because of the bad weather.  But what happened yesterday was so far from it. For the first time, THE YAPPY BUNCH swam in the beach and happily faced the strong splashes of the waves while rain was pouring. We got the pool area to ourselves too because only a handful of guests checked in due to the news of the storm.

So unexpectedly, it was a really perfect vacation!!!

And the great thing is, we have one more day to do it all over again!!!!! 


We may have stayed up late but we woke up real early to start another fun filled day!

Check out the waves! It was sort of strong but was still safe for us as long as we stay in the shallow side.

We went to ISLAND'S CAFE for a delicious Filipino breakfast.

Blogpost coming soon!

After energizing up with brekky, we dressed up to do some more swimming.

Suddenly I have "helmet hair" made of... "hair?


The CANYON COVE beach!

We are so ready to attack!!!!!!!!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH volt in!!!!


Thanks strong wave for ruining our shot! He he he he he he he!

There was only a slight drizzle that morning and the winds made great waves!

The little lords loved getting hit by the forceful waters! He he he he he he he!

They would also ran after it! 

As for me, I tried my best to cover my (ahem) "asset". I didn't want to blind you with my porta-spotlight. He he he he he he he he!

Suddenly wanted to "battle" the waves!

Same goes for the Chinese Dimpol.

Even if there was a safety net, we thought the boys should still stay by the shore or on the shallow side. 

As a parent, you could never worry too much about the safety of your kiddies!

It's great that the boys didn't object and found something to enjoy about just staying by the shore. 

They discovered that the waves were stronger there!

Andrei waited patiently.

He he he he he he! Check out his happy face! He was laughing so hard here.

Later on, our friends Team Navarro joined us.

I requested for another shot to cover my (ahem) noo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Little Andrei immediately ran off to the waves again.

While me and master Mati watched him from nearby.

YOHOOO! Super fun!

Even if CANYON COVE was not as posh as the other beach resorts, we all agree that this is one of our best outings this year!!!!

Team Campo is now here too!

Andrei loved playing with the ladies!

The reason why kiddies love the beach is because they love playing in the sand!


Super fun!

After he had his fill of battling the waves, Mati requested if we could go to the pool.

Since we let Andrei had his turn in the beach, we are now going with Kuya Mati, who likes swimming in the pool more!

But generally, they love going where there is a place to swim in!

Yup! Even if it's just a bath tub. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But for now, this pool is OURS!!!!!

(You could see how strong the winds are based on the trees.

This is what you may call as "hugging weather".


He he he he he he!

Family time is ALWAYS the best time!!!!

Yup! No matter where we are!

As long as we are all together.

Yup! Because family makes a supposedly gloomy day still a happy one!!!!!

We requested for a late check out and CANYON COVE was very considerate. With that, we were able to swim for many hours that the boys didn't complain when I said it's time to go.

Quota na!

Still, Andrei was a bit sad to leave his "bed".

Soon Andrei you'll have a house with a beach front view!!!

Master Mati is now in charge of doing the final check up around the room. :)

It's time to go so we were only able to do a few shots around our unit.

Here we are by the door...

Here we are by our terrace.


Bye CANYON COVE room 122!!!!!!

And it was time to check out!

Overall THE YAPPY BUNCH had a VERY fun staycation in CANYON COVE. Sure the rooms are a bit old and they had limited facilities, but the resort was clean, the attendants were friendly (except for technician man... he he he he he he), and the pool/beach was ginormous!!!!!
CANYON COVE definitely exceeded our expectations on that stormy weekend!!!

Of course, let's say even if the resort was below our standards (and believe me, our standards are sooooooo low already), I'm sure THE YAPPY BUNCH will find a way to still make the stay a memorable and enjoyable one. Because that's the power of having positivity and togetherness: you'll ALWAYS find something to be happy and thankful about!!!! 



Piloto, Nasugbu - Ternate Hwy, 
Nasugbu, Batangas
(02) 908 1111

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