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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH is having a stormy staycation at CANYON COVE HOTEL and we are having an awesome time!

Awesome time you say? How is that possible during a storm????

That was also what I thought at first. But reservations and payments have already been made, and we cannot reschedule it anymore since we only availed of the promo of CANYON COVE at Metrodeal. So I guess we all had no choice but to go through with the weekend. As long as there are no dangerous strong winds or heavy duty rainfalls that might submerge the whole resort, we're good! Of course, the typhoon was in Metro Manila but there will still be rains in the resort.

How are we going to have then?

Read on and find out!


It was a very wet AND stormy Metro Manila that we are leaving behind. Hopefully the rains are not that strong in Batangas.

Because we are one excited group!!! It's our first time to go there!

We passed by the new Cavitex and thought the drive seemed longer because of the winding roads, we still enjoyed the view.

There was one point when we went down and capture the moment for the family.

We're on top of the world!!!!!!!!!!

Well.... Almost!

Before going to Canyon Cove, we passed by KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN for our lunch. The Chinese Dimpol read that this is a must-try in Batangas and really wished for us to go there.

Well your wish is our command!

Team Campo joined us for that sumptuous lunch!

Check out or blog on KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN!

And finally, WE'RE HERE!


CANYON COVE awaits you!

When we got inside CANYON COVE, I was impressed with the magnificent lobby!

The great thing about going to a resort during the rainy season? NOBODY'S THERE! He he he he he he he!

This got the boys more excited. A resort all to themselves!!!!

Checking in!

Service was friendly at CANYON COVE and they were very considerate of our numerous requests.  

Going to our room!!!!

Here we are at room 123!!!!

We got the twin deluxe room in CANYON COVE and for the price of P2,999.00 in Metrodeal, this was fine for us!

We got 2 queen beds and 1 bed near the window!

I got to admit though that the room was a bit old. But for a getaway that costs less than P3,000.00, I'm good!!!!

Our room was beachfront!

Noiiice!!!! There was a slight rain and the winds were causing stronger waves than usual.

I was pleased to see that CANYON COVE had a terrace and drying rack for our wet clothes.

TV area...


Sink and shower!

My bunsoy wasted no time in staring at the resort and daydreaming.

The room was just right for us and I really didn't mind that it was evidently not "new". However, what we cannot bear is that the airconditioning was not cold at all. It was bordering on humid that when we opened the windows, it was cooler!

I called front desk and for 30 minutes, nobody came. So I called again.

When somebody FINALLY did come, he just said that there was a brown-out and airconditioning was weak due to the generator.

"Really?" I said. "Then why is it I just visited my friends from the other rooms and their airconditioning was freezer cold?"

The repairman asked "What room?"

I gave him the room numbers and offered to go there with him. 

With that, he got his tools and proceeded to check our aircon and the air vents. Upon checking, the vents were BLOCKED with dirt that's why the cool air can't go through. He then advised me to leave the aircon on to see if it'll get the room cool in 2 or 3 hours.

Hay nako. Something tells me that brown-out and generator are their usual excuses in CANYON COVE if  their aircon is not working. Because while walking towards the beach later on, I asked some attendants when the brown-out started and remarked that it's a good thing they have a generator.

The attendants were like, whuuut? There ain't no brown-out and there ain't no generators turned on.

Okay of course they didn't say it EXACTLY like that but they confirmed to me that they don't have any sort of power interruption.

Of course, even with that slight uncool hiccup in our accommodations, NOTHING is going to get us down.

We are going to have a GRRREEEAAAT weekend!!!!

In the end however, we decided to transfer rooms. It was still sort of warm in 123 so I went to the front desk to request a change. Good thing the receptionist helped us out and put us in the opposite room which was much colder!

After dressing up, we immediately went to the beach.

At first I was under an umbrella and in my sarong because there was a slight drizzle. I figured that I'll be under that umbrella for the duration of the boys' swim there.

Good thing that CANYON COVE had wooden cottages that they let you use for free!!! Since it's a rainy weekend, there were MANY available huts for us!!!

We almost had the CANYON COVE beach to ourselves! And woah! What a big beach it was.

The sand was soft and there were no hurtful rocks by the shore. We could enjoy running by the waters (ala Baywatch) without stepping on ouchy pebbles!

A strong rain suddenly started to pour so I just stayed in the hut with my friend Gem of Team Navarro.

From there, I could see the boys playing with the Navarro and Campo kiddies. Of course, the Chinese Dimpol stayed with them.

The waves were getting a bit stronger so I asked Andrei to just stay on the shallow waters.

Though there was a net and even if our guy is big already, the Chinese Dimpol stayed with Master Mati. Better be SUPER safe than sorry.

The rain was already pouring but our kiddies were far from stopping the swimming party!

Check out Andrei bursting with excitement after getting splashed by the strong waves!!!!

It's actually my first time to go on the beach during a rain and the waters are going down strong. 

But you know what? It was actually VERY fun! Swimming on the beach while there's rain is like having a very long shower but with a wonderful 360 degree view! Having raindrops repeatedly splash on my cheeks, my lips, and my eyes, (not to mention my big forehead), added another level of fun to swimming!

After swimming to our heart's fullest in the beach, it was time to move onto the pool!

And like in the beach area, CANYON COVE had covered tables that are free to use!

Team Campo's angels guarded our stuff so we just swam the afternoon away!

Ain't this a BIG pool???

I think the pool is divided into 3 sections: Kiddie pool, not so kiddie pool, and NOT for kids pool.

He he he he he he!

Andrei and Fritz settled so nicely in the Not So Kid's Pool!

As for me and the Chinese Dimpol, we went to the "Not For Kids Pool".

He he he he he he!

Don't worry! We don't even plan on doing anything PG13! This is just a deep pool. That's all!

The adult pool is perfect for exchanging chika too!

Kiddies could still join but it's deep that they should be carried by the parents!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and Team Navarro had an awesome time at the pool!

After we finished swimming the afternoon away, we washed up and got ready to take a short nap.

I don't think little Andrei plans has any plans to do very soon so because he's still daydreaming at his beach front view.

Later that night, ERICJAZ FOODIES had dinner at CANYON COVE!

Yup! With the whole gang!

Afterwards we went to the lobby to hang out.

Of course, the 2 hour chatter from dinner wasn't enough so we had to move the "mini-chika party" here!

Don't worry about the kiddies. They were also having fun themselves!

The great thing about our children is that we share a love and appreciation for all things simple (aka mababaw). They don't need expensive gadgets or games to make them happy. Even something like a hotel trolley would give them laughs already. 

I think they imagined this was their little moving house!

And again, an hour chatting in the lobby was still NOT enough. We all went to Team Navarro's room for some chips, wine, coffee, and CHIKA!!!!!

Again, don't worry about the kids being "echepwera". They are all giggling, laughing, playing, AND snacking in our room! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

They even requested (or ordered) for instant noodles pa!!!!!!

It was an awesome night!!!!

I'm so thankful for these ladies and gentlemen that, even if we do not share the same religion, we are all respectful of each other's beliefs and convictions. The great thing too is that we all have the same views on family, relationships, raising children, politics, and children. (Though I'm sure, even if we disagree on something, we'll not say anything hurtful just to prove a point. We value friendship more that's why.) It is also our positive outlook and honesty in life that gets us always laughing and having fun in EVERYTHING we do.

Yup! Even if it means having a weekend getaway during the rainy season!!!! Instead of whining or complaining about it, we saw the fun in running around the sand with the strong winds and rains!!!!! Seriously, it was SOBRANG SAYA!!!!

Not only that, we really enjoyed our first day in CANYON COVE!!! Some might pass it up thinking it's a resort for the "masa" because of the cheap rates. But we all still found something enjoyable about it that we want to go back again! YUP!!!! When you always have good and happy vibes, everything is just fun all the way!!!!

And finally, we all went back to our rooms because we wanted to wake up early the next day for some more swimming!

Good night my little lords! Mommy is so happy that you're all having an enjoyable stormy getaway!

More on our uber fun in CANYON COVE soon!!!!



Piloto, Nasugbu - Ternate Hwy, 
Nasugbu, Batangas
(02) 908 1111

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