Thursday, November 10, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH were on the way to CANYON COVE for a weekend staycation, and we were a FAM with a PLAN.

You might say we're planning ahead on the different activities that we'll be doing in the resort, OR, what we'll be wearing to show off our VERY sexy bodies, OR, how many miles we'll be jogging at the beach at the break of dawn.


Darkness my old friend??

This silly little blog is not called ERICJAZ FOODIES for nothing. So most naturally, before even thinking about the trivial things such as what we'll wear OR what we'll do OR what we'll look like, we'll focus on the MOST important for us as a family in times of need.

FOOD! Har de har har!

So while plotting our way to CANYON COVE, the Chinese Dimpol was already looking for restaurants to try out in the area. And the one he got the most curious of was KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN.  The reviews garnered by the restaurant were all positively constant: diners kept on raving about the delicious AND affordable dishes. It's like, if you're going to that area of Batangas, you CANNOT not eat there. It will be a sacrilege to the likes of Mark Wiens, the Lonely Planet, Anthony Bourdain, or pareng Steve Zimmerman. KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN was already a traveler's custom and not trying it might be going against the forces of foodie nature. He he he he he he he he he!

So eat there we did. And wow. We really enjoyed the food. It was certainly a great choice for us to officially start our Batangas staycation.

Thank gulay for thinking ahead and being always hungry. He he he he he he he!


KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN is about 10-15 minutes from CANYON COVE (if you're passing by Cavitex).  When you get to Nasugbu Town proper, look for R. Martinez street to get there.

It might be hard finding it especially that the entrance is hidden under trees and this tricycle might still be there covering the sign. :P

When you enter, it's like going inside your grandma's old vacation house with lots of trees!!!!!


When you enter KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN you'll be greeted by greens and waterfalls. Such a relaxing combo if you ask me.

Inside, KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN was homey, comfortable, and so Filipino. 

Even if they don't have airconditioning, I love that they have a lot of windows that lets the cool breeze and smell of trees inside.

Haaaaaaay! Sarap!

KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN is very spacious and I could imagine how it is a popular venue for weddings, birthdays, baptism receptions, etc!


Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun (Team Campo is joining us for the staycation).

Cuties Sky and Sasha!

Pogies Andrei and Mati!

AND US!!!!!!!!!!

While I'm writing this post, it's our 18th Annivesary of being boyfriend/girlfriend. Ewwwwww! Who would have thought we're sane enough to stand each other for so long??


I love you LABSKI, YABSKI, and YUB! 

Yes. That's the evolution of our terms of endearment. Yuk. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Teh, don't look at my braso. :)



After about 10-15 minutes, FOOD IS HERE!!!!

Whenever we're at a Filipino restaurant, we always have to have Sisig (P300.00). It's one of my favorite dishes now that I cannot do without!

In KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN their sisig was crunchy and chopped bigger than how it is usually done. But still you could really taste the seasonings, the butter, and the savory char-broiled taste of the meat! Extra rice please!

Speaking of rice when you're in KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN, do try their Adobo Binalot (250.00)! It's not in their menu but you could request for it. 

When you open it, you'll see an uber packed rice that's so fragrant with the banana leaf and adobo seasonings!

When I poked it further, out sprang Adobo meats like Chicken, Pork, and Shrimp! Wow! This may already be a complete meal!!!! One pack was enough for 2 to 3 people. Sulit!


Sinigang sa Tanigue (P170.00)!

Yub ordered this as opposed to our usual Sinigang na Baboy because we already had sisig. I'm glad we did because the fish was fresh and it paired up so well with the fruity sourness of the sinigang. So perfect over my flavored rice!!!!

KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN Sinigang na Baboy (P220.00)!


My plate!


For dessert, the Chinese Adonis decided to indulge and ordered a halo halo (P90.00)!

I wanted to try out the leche flan but I was already so full! I just had a small bite from my uberly generous husband.

Aba! Himala!!!! :)

While we were eating, I suddenly had this feeling that somebody was watching me.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah! My kiddies love scaring me.

It's okay. I do it to them also!

And we're done!!!!

Our bill!!!!

KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN was indeed a great and delicious choice for us! I'm glad the Chinese Dimpol was able to find this.

Naks! Foodie na din siya!!!

Our 2 cuties!!!!!!!!


R. Martinez Street, Barangay Bucana, 
Nasugbu Batangas
+63 (43) 931-1134 / +63 927 756-3162


  1. Kainan sa Dalampasigan is AWESOME! I could still remember we go married in that restauant 12 years ago!...They were able to maintain that GREAT QUALITY and genuine customer service, It really is a HIDDEN GEM in Batangas!~

    Your blog is indeed AWESOME!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ah!!! Thanks so muchos Dave! Right back atya! You're awesome! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! He he he he he!

      I so agree! The food was deeeeelicious and I loved the Filipino homey setting. Our lady server really took care of us and she was so nice! Would really love to go back the next time we're here. You' are so right. It IS a hidden gem in Batangas!!!

      Uy kinilig naman ako! Thanks sooo much! Hope to hear more from you soon!!!! Stay awesome!!!


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