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Monday, August 1, 2016


It may be a busy Wednesday where there might be traffic jams all around (hopefully not in the Pasay area), but dangnabbit, WE WILL HAVE STEAK TONIGHT.

ERICJAZ FOODIES will be having dinner with our foodie friends, the KTG, in WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE and even if I'm coming from Quezon City AFTER  a meeting, I'll be rushing like Daniel Day Lewis from The Last of the Mohicans.

Oh yes WOLFGANG "I will find YOU." 

But really, as WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE was hailed to be one of the best in New York, sprouting numerous branches in the USA plus in Japan and Seoul, it is not really hard to find in its new home in Newport Mall at Resort's World Manila.

This restaurant, owned by the famed Chef Wolfgang Zwiener, stands a commanding presence in the area that the other establishments beside it seem to be "bowing" under it's rule.

He he he he he!

Or maybe I'm just THAT hungry?

Inside WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE, you will be brought to the look and feel of Manhattan style restaurants. But of course, with that hushed and classy ambiance that is somewhat a norm in steakhouses of this prominence.  

And rightfully so. I learned that even if WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE Manila is one of their newest branch, they still incorporated the elements, color, and mood that it was known for in the former Vanderbuilt Hotel many decades ago.

With its numerous chandeliers and high ceilings, you would think you're entering a hotel!

Wanting to try something else besides wine to go along with your steak?

Check out WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE extensive drinks and cocktail selection. 

It might just even tempt you to sit by the bar, sip on something cool and smooth while the time goes by.

But of course, when you're at a New York style steakhouse, wine isn't far behind. And in WOLFGANG'S, they have a selection of about 1,200 of fine wines from around the world!!

If you're impressed with their wine display, you should definitely check out their steak's storage!

From the slaughterhouse in Colorado USA, meat is directly brought to Philippines in WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE!

You will see shelves upon shelves of meat in bone being dry aged so the beef's natural enzymes will break down the connective tissues and resulting to a more tender meat.

It's not to cold, not too hot in the storage section of the steaks. You could say that it is juuuust right. But it also requires the place to be extra humid for the dry aging process of 28 days to be successful.

Who knew that even storing steak takes so much work? I just want to open my mouth and eat it!

With that we slid into our seats to officially start our dinner. Of course, we were the epitome of behaved on the outside but felt like ravenous cavemen on the inside.


Enough of the chitchat.

It is TIME to eat!

For more of WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE selections, check out the menu!

Cocktails menu 1!

Cocktails 2!




Dinner officially started with warm bread that is baked by the chefs of WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE! Simple as it may seem, this gave me a wonderful first "bite" of the meal to come especially with a generous smear of fatty butter!

To get something hot in our bellies, we were served with the thick and rich Mushroom Soup! Creamy with the earthiness of chopped Shiitake mushrooms. It almost had the consistency of gravy that I also dipped my buttered bread in it.

Now I don't know if it's age or what (I'm only 31 anyways :P) but I always want to have some veggies in my system before a meal. As I'm getting my innards ready for a meat battle, this light and crunchy green salad certainly did the trick in pacifying my deep hunger without the guilt that came from the buttered bread. He he he he he he he!

I know that I should reserve my fat tummy for the prime rib later but the WOLFGANG'S Beef Salpicao!

Fried up in olive oil and topped with generous amounts of garlic bits, these chops of tender beef is certainly a great order if you want something less expensive with your meal.

To take a break from the richness of the soup and salpicao, I went for WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE's Tuna Tartare! Refreshing and sweet with the added texture from the onions and cucumber on crusty bread. Light but still very addicting!

If you're on a seafood roll, try out the WOLFGANG's Mahi Mahi! Flaky and well seasoned. This may give you the perfect bite with the moist fish and the tangy corn salsa!

And now comes the piece de resistance!

WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE 15 kilo Dry Aged Prime Rib!

When this was brought out I suddenly heard "Ode to Joy" in the background. Maybe it was just me and my delusional (aka hungry) self. But I tell you, this Prime Rib was so beautiful that Beethoven's ecstatic composition suddenly blast into my mind when it was laid on the table.

Yup! Prime Rib that is this thick and fatty deserves an award-winning entrance EVERYTIME.  

By now, almost everyone in the room was drooling at this enchanting sight. Inside we were all begging like slaves for this slab of Prime Grade meat to be sliced.

And with one flick and move of the wrist, the chef ran his knife through the juicy meat as if it was butter.

Would you look at the fat on that?

I'm at loss for words on which side I'll get.

Besides the perfectly pink center and the drool worthy marbling of meat, this 15 Kilo Dry Aged Prime Rib also had a crusty doneness on the outside. I could just imagine myself tearing off a big chunk of meat with my teeth and licking the bones just to finish off all the flavors from this "outer layer".

Oh yeah. Come to mama. 

Medium. Just the way I love it.

If you ask for "Well done" in my presence, I'll immediately call Aling Dionisia to do a seductive twerk on you. I promise THAT will not be a lovely sight.

Just like your well done request of this sexy thang.

In WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE, your Prime Rib could have these very worthy "accomplices"...

Creamed Spinach!!

Steamed Brocolli!

and their very buttery and creamy Mashed Potatoes! This is my favorite!

But for now, I'll start with a lovely dinner for two...

Me and my prime rib!

If you want a full plate, check out BLOGALAG's Prime Rib with sidings --- so picture perfect and appetizing right?

Now this is mine when I loaded it.


It may not be much on the eyes but I promise you, everything on this plate was wiped out in a jiffy! After a few minutes I was almost licking my plate like a perverted Annette Benning (I look like her daw).

Sorry. Did I make you choke on the Annette Benning reference???

Yun o!

Fine. It's the wine and my delirious-happy-self-with-the-steak, talking okay? :)

After the entrees, it was great chatting up with these lovely ladies...

Ms. Dedet of PEPITAS KITCHEN, The FOOD ALPHABET'S wife, and ME (Annette Benning)!

It was awesome to finally meet up with THE MOMMIST and writer Jaclyn!

Same goes with BETWEEN BITES!!!!

I only returned to my seat at the sight of dessert!

Fresh fruits, Tiramisu, New York Cheesecake, and my favorite, Chocolate Mousse!

THIS was my perfect ending after platters of that juicy Prime Rib!

Me (so sweetly): "Yubbb..... I'm as sweet as these desserts right? Hi hi hi hi"

Yub Eric : "Yub picture daw."

("Annette Benning" is gone and the Wicked Witch of Mandaluyong is back).


It was a very fun night with THE KAIN TULOG GANG at WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE! Thanks so much for having us!!!!

And of course, thank you to dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES. After seeing your Stag commercial, you sir, are like WOLFGANG'S Prime Rib... You get better with age.

I meant that as a compliment so don't block me! :)

By the way, WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE has Prime Rib Weekend promo! On Saturdays and Sundays this deal includes 2kg of Prime Rib, Au Jus, Horseradish sauce, Creamed Spinach, Mashed Potatoes and 3 pints of imported beers. If you want to make this a party, they also have live musicians every weekend!!!

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact us at 0920-821-9247, 0995-610-2361, 358-7706!


2F Newport Mall, 
Resorts World Manila, Pasay City

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