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Monday, August 8, 2016


It was our good friend, Manong Fred's birthday week and THE YAPPY BUNCH decided to treat him and my BGP Marian out for lunch! 

And the venue for that Saturday was in TEXAS ROADHOUSE!

TEXAS ROADHOUSE shouldn't be confused with the Philippine restaurant bearing the similar name but with the word "grill" at the end. This one is actually an American franchise that is famous for their ribs!

When you enter TEXAS ROADHOUSE, the vibe just screams of cowboys, rodeo, and the South!!

There were old style booths everywhere with brown leather seats and wooden frames!

They also adorned strategic spots with cactus pots!

And moose heads!!!!

We even spotted a painting of Stephen Curry!

Now I don't know if he's part of the Texas look but we still love him! He could be in a restaurant in the moon for all I care!

You may find Mr. Curry at this hall going to the rest room.

TEXAS ROADHOUSE also had a bar whipping up cool cocktails.

But of course since we're with the boys, we're not havin' any of that.

If you're not with the kiddies, you could hang out at the bar and be like a cowboy!

Just don't ask for a glass of milk like what those classic Lito Lapid movies would always show.

Buns are baked daily in TEXAS ROADHOUSE by the entrance.

From there, you'll also see the choice selections of steaks that you want to go on the grill!

We decided to sit by the windows since Andrei loved looking at the fountain which was within view.


BGP Marian and birthday boy, Manong Fred!

Little lords Mati and Andrei!


ARYA STARK and LYANNA MORMONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those two KICKED ASS in the season ender of GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!


Now I know that Arya is a girl.... but it's okay. Both she and the Chinese Dimpol are cute anyway.

Oh and RIP to Margaery and Loras Tyrell. You will be missed.

As for King Tommen..... Not so much.

As soon as we sat down, we were given some complimentary bar nuts!

They also served us baskets of complimentary baked bread with honey glaze!!! 

Woah... These were soooo good especially with the whipped butter!

The Chinese Dimpol wanted to claim the whole basket!

As for the birthday boy, he asked if he could double dip in the butter!

Our server for that day was the cute and ever happy Merlin!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred asked for the specials.

Why so serious?

Because FOOD is something to be really serious about that's why.



Yes. We're ready lord commander!

First up is our order of TEXAS ROADHOUSE's shareable combos... We got the Sirloin Steak with the Barbecue Chicken (P895.00)!

It had the Chicken breast coated with their tangy barbecue sauce. Beside it was the inch thick sirloin that was deliciously pink at the center!

This platter came with 2 sides: We got the Side Salad and buttered corn (which master Mati gobbled up!)

Since we were a hungry group, we also ordered the TEXAS ROADHOUSE Spiced Shrimps, Ribs, and Pork Belly Platter (P1,395.00)!

Those shrimps were grilled perfectly and so flavorful to the bite!

We also got fall off the bone ribs that were jampacked with Southern seasoning!

Manong Fred especially loved the Pork Belly because the skin was still crunchy and it was so tender without being greasy.

Come to mama!!!!!!!

Last order for the day was the TEXAS ROADHOUSE Rib-Eye with Grilled Shrimp (P1,595.00)!

The rib-eye was fatty, just the way BGP Marian liked it! 

And it didn't need any sauce at all because it already tasted glorious!

We got another serving of the shrimps that were basted with their herbed butter!

Don't forget to try out their loaded mashed potatoes because you'll find yourself scraping it till the last creamy bit!

Our table with food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Mina in TEXAS ROADHOUSE!

Me: Andrei! Stop putting bunny ears!



I guess it's already a force of habit! He he he he he he he!

Birthday boy with his steak...

AND the one he loves biting day and night...

Tee hee!

My plate! My first mini-plate!

Mati was so happy with his extra order of steak rice and shrimps!

When you order the shrimps, don't forget to give it a generous dip in the melted butter. Trust me, you'll just feel (and taste) all that is right with the world.

As usual, Manong Fred went back to hiding his face.


That Rib-Eye was so tender and juicy!

While we were eating, the TEXAS ROADHOUSE servers did a mini-song and dance number!

We were already so full but there was still food!!!!

This was the Sirloin steak along with the Barbecue Chicken. We had it done Medium and loved that they grilled it juuuust right.

The ultra-delectable loaded Mashed Potatoes!

These were so good but we got VERY full, FAST.

Done!!! With take home!

Later on, the servers went out and sang a birthday song to Manong Fred!!!!

In TEXAS ROADHOUSE, you don't just get a song from the servers on your birthday. You'll be the (extra) star of the show when they bring out their special saddle!!!!


Happy Birthday Manong Fred!

This was something definitely new in our book!

Afterwards, we gave Manong Fred our own special song!

Plus my emotional speech/sermon.



If you're looking at someplace new to celebrate your family/friend's birthdays, DO try out TEXAS ROADHOUSE!!! Get a taste of the juicy steaks and ribs that the American franchise is famous for. PLUS, you'll get a unique birthday "gift" from the servers. It was DEFINITELY so memorable not just for Manong Fred but for ALL OF US!!!!! 

Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:618



  1. Damm those hand cut steaks look good! Do they sell them as well?

    1. I think so!!!! And you must try the bread too! Saraaaap!


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