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Thursday, August 4, 2016


APPLEBEE'S recently opened its 2nd Philippine branch in Eastwood, Quezon City, and the foodies in the area can't be happier. FINALLY, they have one of America's favorite restaurants that serves hearty salads, pastas, steaks, and most especially, their signature dish, the riblets, closer at this side of the Metro.

As for me and the Chinese Dimpol, even if we live in the area of "Upside Down" (tee hee), we don't mind going the distance to get a taste of the food from the restaurant that we have been hearing AND seeing for many years. Yup! We have tried (BLANK) and (BLANK) restaurants but we could never get away from the familiarity and presence of APPLEBEES from the shows/movies we watch or from the drool worthy advertisements in cable TV. So yes, we're REALLY going. And to learn that an APPLEBEE'S branch is so near the place I work in is like cherry on top of a huuuuge sundae for me --- suhweet!

So for those who think that BGC is like the edge of the world, REJOICE! We now have APPLEBEE's in Eastwood, Quezon City to keep you company when you're needing to have platters of your favorite American comfort food.

And you don't really need to follow confusing red and green colored lights to get to it. Just look for their big and white apple and you are SO good to go!


The big apple is now in Eastwood!

APPLEBEE'S is on the second floor and it was packed on a Friday.

Many were in the al fresco area to drink, smoke, and just be as loud as they wanna be.

Some would opt to sit by the bar for drinks and watch the latest in sports.

Uuuuy kiligations the pretty bartender! He he he he he he he!

If you're with kids, it's better to stay inside APPLEBEE'S.

 Just follow the brick walls. He he he he he he!

Inside, APPLEBEE'S is like your neighborhood diner but with a more warm feel to it. 

Of course, if your neighborhood diner has an open kitchen that fires up juicy steaks, ribs, and loads of meat, then it surely is a different level from the ordinary!

Case in point! He he he he he he....

We arrived just in time to meet up with THE FOOD ALPHABET, my godson Sky, and Mr. Bob Vallar of APPLEBEE'S!

Of course, when Mrs. FOOD ALPHABET is nearby, we just HAVE to take a picture too with cutie pie Sky!!!

We got settled into our tables and waited while our tummies grumbled.

Now it's time ELEVEN and CHIEF HOPPER to eat!

I know they're not really paired up in STRANGER THINGS but they're  my favorite characters. Tee hee!

Mareng Joan started off with APPLEBEE'S Soup of the Day and enjoyed her creamy mushroom soup!

As for me, I got the APPLEBEE'S French Onion Soup (P195.00) and it was served piping hot. The cheese was indeed gooey on top the toasted baguette. Under it was the soup which were so thick with the caramelized onions that it was like gravy! Yummers!

We then got the APPLEBEE'S Double Crunch Bone-In Wings in Spicy Buffalo Sauce (P395.00)!

This was messy, saucy, spicy, and just oh so juicy! My idea of a perfect bar chow with beer!

Except that I don't drink beer.

So it's really just the bar chow for me. Tee hee!

We also got some nachos, my kumare's favorite.  And when you eat at APPLEBEE'S, do go for the Spinach and Artichoke Dip (P375.00)! 

The dip is so cheesy and buttery with the earthiness of the artichokes. This was so perfect with the crunchy nacho chips! I would definitely order this the next time were here. 

The full plate also comes with a small tub of salsa WHICH you won't notice because you'll be so busy stuffing your face with the nachos and spinach dip!

While reading reviews on APPLEBEE'S I would always see raves about their Wonton Taco (P225.00).

Crunchy taco shells filled with sweet spicy shredded chicken and tangy coleslaw. You cannot just stop at one.

Pair this with a tall glass of bottomless iced tea and you got yourself great for the night. You'll munch on these until it's all gone!

One of my new favorites from APPLEBEE'S is the Sriracha Shrimp (P445.00)!

I'm sure you all know how I'm such a sucker for anything creamy. Well THIS dish is spicy AND creamy at the same time that it's just an instant "DING! DING! DING!" for me. Add to that, the fried wanton strips that give each mouthful of spicy shrimps more crunch a flavor. 

If I wasn't watching my carbs I would really order a side plate of garlic rice to go with this. That would be just pure bliss!

For the main entrees, we got APPLEBEE'S Fiesta Lime Chicken (P395.00)!

I know it's always in the norm for us to get the fried chicken when we're in restaurants serving American food but this is a very tasty change should you want to diversify your choices!

And believe me, you'll love it!

What you get is a very tender grilled chicken fillet that is topped with melted jack cheddar cheese and ranch sauce. This simple but very tasty meat is served with fiesta rice, toasted nacho chips, and pico de gallo! Just by looking at it, you'll know that you're going to have a party in your mouth like it's cinco de mayo!

If you're craving for some pasta, go for the very comforting APPLEBEE'S Three Cheese Chicken Cavatappi (P295.00)!

You don't have to talk or analyze it. Just scoop over a hefty serving of the cavatappi pasta loaded with parmesan blend and alfredo sauce. One big spoonful will get you closing your eyes and just relishing the satisfying cheesiness of it. 

I'm sure you'd know by now how my husband hates vegetables but THE APPLEBEE'S Quesadilla Burger (P575.00), he liked.

I don't really know what made him a convert but I was a witness to him taking a huge bite of the meaty and messy burger and exclaiming that it was good. He almost finished my share if you're still doubting. 

Yup! This different kind of burger had juicy patties and crunchy quesadilla "buns" which savory sauces. It was just a "new found favorite" waiting to happen. 

Another new favorite of the Chinese Dimpol is the Pork Ribs in Honey Barbecue Sauce (P650.00 half rack / P950.00 full).

After a huge bite, my husband was almost blown away with the fall off the bone tenderness of the meat and the sweet sauce that just got him chomping for more. He was so happy with his ribs that he exclaimed to Mr. Bob Vallar how the flavors were just "right for him" (meaning, "delicious for a picky eater like him). 

To this, Mr. Vallar said that APPLEBEE'S Manila has made some of their dishes more palatable to the Filipino diner. But of course, this has the approval from the American company. Mr. Vallar said that some diners, like the Chinese Dimpol, would prefer some of the dishes, like the ribs, to be less tangy and on the sweeter side. This holds true with how much we favor our barbecue sticks and cheesy hotdog spaghettis over the authentic ones. He he he he he he he!

So with this, the Chinese Dimpol didn't have any trouble digging in and licking the sauce from his fingers.

Oooh lala!

We paired our hearty APPLEBEE'S meal with tall glasses of ice cold Mango Shake and APPLEBEE'S BAHAMA MAMA! After a loooong sip from munching all that food, you'll just go, "AAAAAAH. This is the life!"


Our table filled with food!

Almost done!

As always I'm the last girl eating.

For dessert we got the APPLEBEE'S Butter Pecan Blondie (P325.00)!

I'm more of a chocolate lover but this got me scooping and scraping until I can't scoop and scrape no more.

We also got the Blue ribbon Blondie (P325.00) that was loaded with whipped cream, nuts, and chocolate fudge.

Like I said, I'm really a chocolate person but the vanilla ice cream they use here is just nummmity gooood!

And like what I always do after every meal, I ended it with a cup of coffee!

That was a super fun dinner Fridate with THE FOOD ALPHABET family!!! We should schedule another one REAL soon!!!!

Thank you so much dear Mr. Bob Vallar and APPLEBEE'S for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

So THIS is what we've been missing for so long!!! Now we can't wait to bring the kids to APPLEBEE'S ASAP!



Eastwood Citywalk 1, 
Libis, Quezon City

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