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Friday, July 29, 2016


It's our Daddyowzer's 80th birthday and like we do every year, we had a family celebration!!!!

Of course, as always, we went to his room at a little past 12:00am to sing to him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY since it was already June 19!!!

Hey Daddy!!!!

He would always act surprised but he is really waiting for this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Why would you think he's still awake at this time!

So glad that we were able to make him smile at the official start of his birthday!!!!!

The next morning, we all had an early mass with the birthday celebrant, my Mom, ate Jit, and her husband Anthony!

As always, whenever there's a birthday, we always have breakfast at GLORIA MARIS! I got the bill on this one as an early birthday treat for my Daddyowzers!!!

Sorry Yub. Daddy will be MY man for the whole day! He he he he he he he!

For our Sunday lunch I decided to cook my Daddy his favorite pasta dish...

Sardine Pasta!!! But this time, I added some cherry tomatoes and arugula!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddyowzers!!!

While we were eating, Daddy's longtime secretary Lea, and her cutie lady LJ came by to greet him!

Come night time, it's Daddy's birthday dinner for family and staff!!!!

We always do this every year for his birthday. But for this year though we were thinking of doing it in a hotel since it IS his 80th birthday.

My Dad though was adamant and did not want us to do his party differently (even though we were going to foot the bill). His wish was to have it at home, like we do every year.

That's my Dad! Still looking out for us. He didn't want us to spend nor trouble ourselves too much on his birthday. He just wants everyone to have  a good time!

Later on, the guests started arriving!

Guests are the same every year! He he he he he he!

For this year though, we banished the videoke machine and had a duo for our music.

They played really great music!

The music entertained the guests while we were waiting for the celebrant to come out!

Look at me all smiles!


My Dad went out na!

Everybody started singing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Time for a small speech from the celebrant.

And like he does every year, he thanks our friends, family, relatives, and staff members. Of course, he did not forget to include his opinion about Philippine politics.

He he he he he he he!

Daddy with some of our Fatherside cousins!

Daddy with our Fatherside cousins again!

Mareng Gail and her cutie kiddies!

Mommy with her best friend Tita Flor and our aunt, Tita Neneng!

Daddy with some of my Motherside relatives!

Some of the GAT'S CONDO staff!

For this year, we had our food catered by VERLEO. Have you guys tried them? They serve really delicious food! I should know because TAPE Inc would regularly get them for special events!!!!

The VERLEO table set-up may be simple but it definitely works for me!


VERLEO Fried Rice!

This was so flavorful, meaty, and so appetizing!

VERLEO Birthday Noodles!

My favorite in VERLEO is actually the Prawns with Glass noodles but since it was my Dad's birthday, they all voted for this.

VERLEO Buttered Vegetables!

I loved that the vegetables maintained its crunchiness!

VERLEO Boneless Barbecue Chicken!

Tender...Sweet... with that delicious char-grilled taste!

VERLEO Roast Beef with mushrooms and gravy!

This hearty dish was so perfect with bread or rice!

We also got VERLEO Fish Tempura that was cooked on the spot!

We had 2 lechon's for Daddy's party. Here are our angels, Cacai and Marie with Joseph!!

The other lechon was for display! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I also cooked up some fried prawns, my friends' favorite! He he he he he he he!

For dessert, my Tito George cooked up this delicious Rice Cake!

My cousin Kuya Ariel also gave my Dad this wonderful cake!!!

Thanks so much Kuya Ariel!

If you need special cakes and baked goodies, place your orders HERE!

Since my Mom's family is from Pateros, they brought some Balot and Salted Eggs to the party! 



GAT'S STAFF, Lea, Julius, Mang Henry, Jay, and Joseph!

Our former GAT'S staff who were able to join us! So happy to see them!

Marie (our former head of the household), Mang Tony (our former head of repairs), and Aida (Dad's former secretary).


Go Mareng Gail!

Dad's party got packed fast!!!!

Ate Jojit sat with her Ninang, Tita Flor (my Mom's best friend)!

As always, my friends ate in our long table because it was already full outside. He he he he he he!

Later on, Team Virrey came! Wohoo!

After eating, we sang to Daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


We finally got a smile from my grumpy Daddy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After the song, Kuya Jon made a toast to my Dad.

After the toast, Ate Jojit made a short introduction for the next number.

A number by me and my niece Rocio!!!

She played "MOON RIVER" while I accompanied her with my opera-like voice.

Tee hee... Not! Everyone loved the musical number though.

A bit later, Team Navarro arrived!

Plus BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

So thankful for our family, friends, relatives, and staff members who were able to join Daddy's 80th birthday party!! 

Of course, the greetings from our US relatives like Tita Carmie, Tita Carol, Tita Meldy, Ate Sheila, and Kuya Nap were much appreciated!!! We love you guys and will NEVER forget you!!!!!! You are the ones who truly matter and count in our hearts. NAKS!

We were not able to get a picture of all the guests with my Dad like last year. So here's just another wacky shot from my other family. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry. We're the ones who love taking pictures naman e!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN my ever special Daddyowzers!!! I don't need to stress anymore how much you took care of not just your wife and kids, but almost everyone in your side of the family. That's why you're OUR Chairman of the Board and still our bossing forever and ever!!!

WE LOVE YOU! Here's to decades more of your generosity, love, and grumpiness! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!




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