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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Life is all about simple joys. And for me, seriously, I get all happy and high when I get a whiff of freshly baked pandesal straight from the oven when I'm walking or driving somewhere.

While I was growing up, there used to be a panaderia in our street and we were blessed with the appetizing aroma every morning and during snack time. I don't know why but our friendly neighborhood panaderia closed shop and was replaced by something else. So now the scent of crusty bread and newly baked pandesal were no more. That's why whenever I'm at a street and the familiar smell of bakery love is there, I instantly get so sentimental and nostalgic.

Such are my feelings for KAMUNING BAKERY and my gratitude to Mr. Wilson Lee Flores for acquiring it. Imagine, this famous establishment has been baking our favorite Filipino baked goodies since 1939, and it has continuously done so the classic and "un-commercialized" way! Now why are we going to let it go?

I may not personally live in the neighborhood of KAMUNING BAKERY but the fact that it has been serving the people for 77 tears is enough for me to support it with full heart and tummy. And yes, though it may just be a little store, for us it shall always be the little bakery that could.

When you can, do visit KAMUNING BAKERY and relive the taste of freshly baked Filipino classics that have been enjoyed by many generations.

Now check out how this oldie livened one lazy Saturday afternoon for us!


KAMUNING BAKERY is located in the Jimenez corner K1st street of Quezon City. 

When you enter, it is like a trip back in time. Though the place has been renovated, they still remembered not to make it too modern. It's like your neighborhood bakeshop in the 70s!

When you enter, you'll be greeted with a picture of the KAMUNING BAKERY original owners!

To add more color in KAMUNING BAKERY, there are artistic paintings posted on their walls.

But of course, this one will catch your attention.

Same goes with portraits of different personalities who have sang their praises for KAMUNING BAKERY!

Time to get settled in!

New owner Mr. Wilson Lee Flores officially welcomed the KTG by introducing us to the original pugon oven that KAMUNING BAKERY used since the 1930s!

According to Mr. Flores, they bake EVERYTHING in this pugon oven and it starts firing up as early as 2:30am!

He also showed us that they don't use any sort of electricity for their pugon oven. They use wood! Yup! To BAKE!!!!

This was such an advantage to them especially when a strong typhoon hit the area and it was a black out everywhere. Only KAMUNING BAKERY was open for business because they fired up their trusty oven the natural way!

All pastries are mixed, kneaded, and assembled in KAMUNING BAKERY.

Because of that, you get fresh, hot, and deliciously baked bread daily!!!!

No yub. You can't get the bread from the tray. 

Because KAMUNING BAKERY have loads for you to try!

KAMUNING BAKERY ladies immediately pack the baked goods from the tray!

Yup! All are freshly baked!

Oooh! So THAT'S where the TASTY brand came from????



These are all so perfect for merienda!

Looking at this, you'll be thinking that the pastry possibilities seem ENDLESS.

Besides the breads, I am so drooling over the KAMUNING BAKERY pies!


Sweet and citrusy pineapple pie!!!!



Another favorite!

I also ALWAYS have THIS whenever I see it on the menu!

If I was there, I would've yanked the Chinese Dimpol to get me a big slice with ice cream on the side. 

Time to order from the very friendly ladies!



YUP! They don't just serve baked goodies!




AND TEA!!!!!!!!!

And if you're feeling a bit political during your snack time, check out these special items in their menu!

Here's the Chinese Dimpol had!

Pan De Nada (P150.00)!!!

Ham and Egg sandwich with KAMUNING BAKERY's famous pugon Pan de sal!

Pan de Trump (P165.00) is the meatloaf Pan De Sal sandwich with free coffee!

The Chinese Dimpol's favorite was the KAMUNING BAKERY  Noche Buena (P165.00) which comes with ham and kesong puti!

He loved it so much that he ordered an extra basket of Pan De Sal to go with it!

KAMUNING BAKERY Grilled Kesong Puti (P120.00)!

To have a little bit of everything, try the Pan de Suelo Sampler (P165.00)!

This classic traditional bread of the spanish era is served with corned beef, tuna, and menudo! A little something of meaty sandwich fillings. 

When you visit KAMUNING BAKERY, don't forget to try their coffee, tea, and chocolate!

KAMUNING BAKERY's best selling hot chocolate (P70.00) would certainly hit the spot after all that Pan de sal munching! It is rich and super satisfying especially that it's made with the traditional batirol!

Most of the younger generation are now too jaded with the special taste of Pan De Sal and Pan de Suelo especially that there are a lot of commercialized brands out there.

But with KAMUNING BAKERY, you somehow get a taste of "home" where it is warm and full of love. With just one bite, you'll be experience how Filipino bread ought to be with the unique flavors and freshness!

Thank you Mr. Flores for valuing the significance of KAMUNING BAKERY and sharing its classic deliciousness to the coming generations! Of course, it's easy to just sell it out and have other big corporations take care of it. But since you also treasure the cultural and historical worth of KAMUNING BAKERY, it's awesome that you will continue it's legacy for many more years to come!

Now foodies are rejoicing everywhere!!!!!


Drop by KAMUNING BAKERY and experience a Filipino classic that'll satisfy and fill your tummy! 


43 Judge Jimenez Corner K-1st Street, 
Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 929 2216

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