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Monday, August 15, 2016


If you are working, going to school, or just being harassed by the white walkers throughout the week, Saturdays are something that you would always look forward to with a matching hallelujah. Like me, I'm sure you wouldn't want to do anything else but just to relax, eat, sleep, and have fun with your family.

That is why I have come to appreciate the beauty and essence of staycations. Of course, getaway trips are still something else. And nothing beats just staying in your room all day, watching dibidis, and just being a hungry sloth (sorry I'm not a good example). But there is something exciting about having a change of scenery, getting pampered like you were Prince William, and just relaxing without having to think of your usual cares in the world (like household chores, and uh, dieting... he he he he).

Just like what happened to us during our recent staycation in MERANTI HOTEL. At first you would doubt how a boutique hotel that's so nearby in Quezon City could provide happiness in a unruly family of 4. But to debunk the naysayers, just right after checking out little Andrei was already wishing that we go back there! Yes, and as from our group would agree, it was one of our most enjoyable staycations this year to date!

Find out why and how MERANTI HOTEL is the little staycation destination that could! And like us, you'll surely check-out refreshed, de-stressed, and so ready to face another crummy week ahead!



MERANTI HOTEL is located in the streets of Quezon City in Scout Lozano. 

At one side it is in a residential area while the other one faces the main street. 

MERANTI is the first hotel by the Max's Group, the company that brought us restaurants such as Max’s (obviously... he he he he), Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Dencio’s, and international brands Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice to name a few. They've produced many restaurants that have almost become "icons" in the Philippine cuisine so it's really no wonder that they'll venture into accommodations BECAUSE food and lodging just goes oh so well together!

See the sense in my argument? He he he he he he!

We all arrived on time in the lobby to meet with our KAIN TULOG GANG group.

Welcome drinks were immediately served and I was so relieved to see not the usual sugar packed fruit juices!

Sago and Gulaman!!!!! My favorite!

Well I'm sure this is still packed with sugar but it's the kind that we are craving for in this hot day.

Check in was quick especially with their efficient (and good looking hi hi hi) staff!

In no time, we're heading up to room 802!!!!

Upon opening the door, my eyes caught sight of the 2 Queen Sized beds that seem to be the comfiest I've seen in a hotel bed!


WE LOVE OUR ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read that the MERANTI HOTEL beds are 400-count sheets! Now THAT would be something I would love to jump in and cozy up to the whole night... AND day!

We're loving that this standard room (P4,094.00 / night) has  a lot of space. Some hotels would only have about inches from the bed to the work station. Ha ha ha ha h aha!

Our view!

Let me take you a short tour around our room...

Here's the work station!

This is where we saw our personalized welcome by the MERANTI HOTEL manager!

Here we also got our complimentary coffee and tea!

Mati said he will station himself here most of the time.

My guess is not for working but eating. He he he he he he!

OR, it may have something to do with their flatscreen TV that has youtube, spotify, and facebook on it!

Yup! All of MERANTI HOTEL rooms have wifi!

The wash area!

Our sink!

Our cool toiletries!

YEP. Really cool!

Our toilet!

Our shower!


Yohooo!!!! We're going to have an AWESOME weekend I'm sure!

After washing up, it was time to go down for lunch.

Before heading for the lobby, we saw that MERANTI HOTEL also has conference rooms for those who are planning to mix pleasure with business. 

They have rooms in the mezzanine that are for bigger groups.

They also have laptops available for guest's use!

The KAIN TULOG GANG converged at the lobby to head out for lunch!

While waiting for the others, Mati and Andrei had a short game of chess while little Sky smiled on.

That's me. Always hanging out with the boys! He he he he he!

We all walked to MAX'S RESTAURANT for lunch since it was just beside MERANTI HOTEL.

Check out our blogpost on MAX'S RESTAURANT!!!

When we got back to the room, the boys rested a bit and watched some of their favorites in Youtube.


Afterwards, the Chinese Dimpol and Andrei went to the penthouse to do some swimming!

It's always a complete staycation whenever there's a pool!

And this is one pool that's a first for Andrei!

It had see through glass!

Andrei loved clowning around it for us!


While Mati was relaxing in the room, the Chinese Dimpol and Andrei were bonding in the unique MERANTI HOTEL pool!

After Andrei's swim, the Chinese Dimpol went to the famous KAMUNING BAKERY for some of their baked goodies!!!!

Blog post soon to follow!

If you're looking for me, I attended the Anniversary party of my office.

Of course, I took a picture with my new officemates. He he he he he he!

I was back just in time for our dinner at MAPLE in MERANTI HOTEL!

Check out my blog post on our amazing dinner there, HERE!

After the kids went to the room, the Chinese Dimpol and I stayed for more chatter!

When everyone said their goodnights, it was time for the Chinese Dimpol and I to retire!

The little lords were already fast asleep in their beds.

Ahohoy.... I guess it's time to cue in some Marvin Gaye AND GET IT ON!!!!!!

However, before I could do any TWENG TWENG TWENG, somebody was instantly snoring!



I don't blame him though. The beds are SO effing comfortable that you wouldn't want to do anything else but sleep on it!

The next day, I woke up to the kids watching their favorite in Youtube.

Roman Atwood!

We then went down for breakfast.

The MERANTI HOTEL breakfast was so good! I guess the food they had from the buffet was from the menu of MAPLE!

Check out our blogpost in MERANTI CAFE (breakfast edition)!

After brekky, guess what we planned to do?

You guessed that right.


Andrei was so happy that his Kuya Mati swam with him this time.

Master Mati was also loving the MERANTI HOTEL pool!

As for me and the Chinese Dimpol, we just enjoyed the view.

And chatted with dear DUDE FOR FOOD!

We also snacked on some Estrel's cake that a friend brought up for us!

Yummmm... THIS is the life.

It was near our check out time but the boys kept on asking for "5 more minutes".

Finally I got them out!

The MERANTI HOTEL pool may not be as big as the other ones out there but it still gave my little lords LOADS of enjoyment that day because it was a different experience for them. 

The little lords washed up and helped me pack.

And since we were all set to go, we did our usual "around the room" pictures!

Mati asked me to take his "jumping on the bed" shots.

He he he he he! Life's little joys talaga!

Our room number shot...

Our hallway shot....

And our bunny ears shot!

Bye room!

Even my Yellow Hamper (Yep! It always goes with us) was sad to go.

Hamper: "Bye Alfred!!!!"

We were back in the lobby (with heavy hearts) to check out.

Which the Chinese Dimpol did for us.

While waiting for their Daddy, the little lords read some of the coffee table books on display at the lobby.

And it was time to go....

Really. I never expected that we're going to have this much fun in a boutique hotel. Besides the warm service, wonderful facilities, SUPERKADUPER comfortable beds, and delicious food, we really appreciated the coziness and location of MERANTI HOTEL because it gave us many bonding moments as a family. There may be other bigger hotels out there in prime districts, but if you're looking for a bit of solitude with a side of super fun (not to mention for a price that will be great for impromptu trips), MERANTI HOTEL may be perfect for you.

Of course, our stay was MORE enjoyable because we had it with our foodie family the KTG!!!!!!

One of the best staycations EVER!

Thank you dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Once again, you organized another epic event for THE KTG!

Picture by Chuckie Dreyfus of ALL CHUCKED UP

And thank you MERANTI HOTEL for having us!!!! I swear, my boys are asking me (endlessly) when we're going back. So most likely we will see each other again!




82 Scout Castor, Quezon City, 1100
Phone: (02) 784 9000


  1. Whaaaat! Wala man lang complimentary pics of your wonderful neighbors from across the street!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mahirap na madiscover kayo ng eskinol sa puti ng legs nyo!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Replies
    1. Hulloooo! I'm not really sure but it's safe for my kid so I guess around 4feet. :) Best call MERANTI HOTEL to make sure!



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