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Monday, August 22, 2016


ERICJAZ FOODIES was recently invited to try out the new meals from the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES (IHOP) and we were beyond excited!

I remember that when IHOP first opened in BGC the lines were just unimaginable. The people who endured the long wait (ourselves included) were combinations of those who had tried their food from the US and those who just wanted to taste what the fuss was about. Too bad that those who really set up such over-the-top expectations on IHOP was disappointed. As for ERICJAZ FOODIES,  honestly, we still enjoyed it!

Sure, it tasted different from what we are used to here in Manila (because of the different ingredients)...

Sure, the servings may be smaller compared to the US (for pricing purposes)...

Sure, some of the dishes of the dishes from the US may not be available (either they prioritized more on the Filipino favorites OR, ingredients that were ordered from the US haven't arrived yet. They don't use substitutes!!!!)...


Because really, you shouldn't hype yourselves up just for the heck of it. IHOP has been serving hot platters of breakfast and main entrees for over 57 years so I'm sure they know what they are doing. And if you just set aside comparisons and expectations, you will also find something to enjoy in IHOP.

YEAH! Like what we always do! That's why we have fun in everything!

And in IHOP, they have new dishes in the menu to give you more reasons to come back for a visit. That's why with their ever growing list of foods to try out, I'm sure you'll find again something to enjoy too!


And we're back in IHOP! But this time, we're in Araneta Center!

IHOP Araneta Center is the second brand of the franchise to open in the Philippines. Soon there will be a total of 8 branches in Manila of this American favorite!!!!

We arrived late (because of the traffic) but good thing that some of our KTG friends still waited for us.

Yihiii! Great catching up with THE FOOD SCOUT and mareng Joan, wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET!!!!


First dish on the table is this hot platter of IHOP Waffle Burger! This beauty won in the International dineChef Contest (where IHOP chefs throughout the world compete with their creations) and we could just see AND taste why!!!!

Don't be grossed out by the sweet waffle as "buns". Actually, it complemented the premium beef burger that is topped with salty bacon, veggies, and this gooey egg!!!!

This was my Yubhub's favorite among the dishes.  He declared that he was DEFINITELY going to order it again!

When I'm in a restaurant that's an American franchise, I would never order Filipino food because, well, I believe it's not their "forte". But the IHOP Pork Chop with Pineapple Salsa is something to go for if you're craving for the familiar. 

Grilled and flavorful porkchop topped with sweet pineapple salsa and served with steamed brocolli. 

The meat was tender too so I might consider this for little Andrei the next time we're here. I just hope they have the option to have it with garlic rice.

I love creamy sauces so when I saw this IHOP Chicken Cordon Bleu, I immediately wanted to try it out. 

Tender chicken that's rolled with ham and cheese then topped with a very creamy sauce! Hopefully there's an option to have this with garlic rice too. 

Sometimes the messy plates are the best and IHOP's Bacon Topped Chicken Breast with Potato Hash is indeed something to put on your list. 

Whenever I see chicken breast, I always consider it a "healthy option". Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now I know the crispy bacon and gooey cheese wouldn't agree with my earlier statement but you could ignore that for now and just continue eating. 

Almost done...

To wash down all of that food, the Chinese Dimpol got his favorite Splashberry and chugged down about 4 glasses of it!!!

My very happy hubby!

Besides the Splashberry, we also got one of IHOP's new drink offerings... The Banana Smoothie! They got more flavors available but we've already got too much on our table!


We moved to another table because we just got too much food!

For dessert, we also tried out IHOP's new Mango Strawberry Sundae!!!! So luscious, creamy, fruity and just very refreshing after all that rich food!

Thanks so much THE FOOD SCOUT for "saving" some for us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

By the way, don't you just feel kilig with the look of love that your fiance O is giving you in the above pic?


Check out OUR pic when she was saying good-bye. He he he he he!

I love her but I was also loving the food that moment that my face is giving the look of a chipmunk! He he he he he he he!

And we're done.

Egad we're so full!

I ended the meal with a cup of hot coffee!

Dear Bob Vallar of IHOP told us the tale of how the wife of the original owner of IHOP once went to a diner and she got miffed when she was billed for EVERY cup of coffee.

With that, she promised herself that if she's going to set up a restaurant, the coffee will be free flowing.

HENCE, the neverending cup of java from IHOP! WOHOO!!!!

Some may find the coffee to "diluted" for comfort, but I still liked it!

As for the Yubhub, he got ANOTHER serving of Splashberry and really drained his glass.

This time it's because to get the strawberries (from the US) for his dessert. He he he he he he! He did it again afterwards!

Even if we were late (because of work and traffic) we still had a great time chowing and chatting with these super cool foodies: ANIMETRIC, THE FOOD ALPHABET, and THE FOOD SCOUT!

Hope we could set up again something soon!!!!!

And thank you dear Bob Vallar for having us! As always, you rock!!!!!

We will DEFINITELY go back to IHOP with the little lords to let them taste their new dishes!!! 

Besides trying out the new dishes, we should DEFINITELY go back before August 31, 2016 to avail of this very sulit promo where for only P499.00 you get 3 dishes (1 appetizer and 2 mains from their selected menu). This is their Perfect for 2 Promotion! (But I think this would also be enough for 2 beautiful parents and 2 little lords. He he he he he he he!)

Here are the choices!

2 pcs Tacos, House Salad, Monster Mozza, Onion Rings, or Seasoned Fries.

Main dishes:
Spaghetti Bolognese, Bacon Mac and Cheese Pasta, 1 pc Chicken Rice, Longganisa Scrambler Rice, Corned Beef Hash, and Angus Burger Steak Rice. 




Ground Floor, Coliseum Circle, 
Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
02 2889735

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