Wednesday, August 3, 2016


We're going to have a RICHMONDE HOTEL staycation!!!!!!!!!!

For my sister's wedding last year, she got extra rooms for the family for 3 days and 2 nights. When she asked us if we wanted to use one of it, we agreed without second thoughts.

After all, we just love staycations. Especially free ones!!!!

Of course, we didn't consider that we had work while the boys had classes. So we meekly told my sister that we'll be arriving late at night and good thing that she was fine with it! He he he he he he he!

Wedding jitters RULE!!!!!

Arriving at RICHMONDE HOTEL!!!!

Check out Andrei doing the "beautiful eyes!"

We arrived at RICHMONDE HOTEL after dinner and since it was late, there was nobody in sight.

We got the place to ourselves!!!

Checking in!

Somebody immediately sequestered the big bed!!!!

Look at his cheeky smile!

My sister was still awake with her friends and attending to some stuff. I asked if she could check on the boys every now and then (since our rooms were close) while we have a mini-date for coffee.

Ikakasal na nga nautusan pa!

Sorry ate Jit! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


The next day, we were up and early to greet the bride a good morning!

Her lovely gown!

The boys were still sleeping (since this was about 7:00am) that we went down for a quick breakfast. I have to eat early since I needed to get my hair and make up done.

We joined my aunt (who was also checked in) for some hot brekky! 

The groom Anthony was also there having breakfast with his family.


Bacon and Pancakes!


Mixed Veggies!

Beef with Oyster Sauce!

Fried Fish!

Longganisang Macau!


The Chinese Dimpol's weird first plate.

His saving grace from that plating catastrophe is the hefty serving of crispy bacon!!!!

Now these are MY PLATES!

Yeah. I always watch what I eat.

After my breakfast, I went to ate Jojit's room for my make-up!


Isn't Mati so handsome???

We had a fun celebration of' Ate Jojit and Anthonys wedding in RICHMONDE HOTEL Ballroom!

We got back to the room and started to get ready for bed. That's when we noticed that the airconditioning was not working. We called front desk and they sent somebody up after. Their technician said that the aircon was indeed broken and they'll see what they could do with it.

We thought that they'll be repairing the unit when after about 10 minutes, a Front Desk officer called and apologized for the inconvenience. Because our aircon was broken, they said they'll transfer us to another room.

After confirming with the Chinese Dimpol, he said okay and we fixed our bags. We went to the room they indicated.

Room 3611!!!

When we entered, it was a bigger room with a beautiful view!!!!


Didn't expect this upgrade! Thanks so much RICHMONDE HOTEL!

The little lords were so excited with the space!

(Mababaw lang kaligayahan namin. He he he he he!)

Our Twin beds!

Our TV!

Our work station!

Our cabinet!

Our complimentary drinks!

Our fridge!

Our view!

Our bathroom!

Our toiletries!

My usual bathroom selfie.

Yeah. I haven't taken a bath yet.

Perfect way to end the night!

The next morning....

We were so high!!!!!!!

I could tell that the little lords had a very long and deep snooze!

Because I was extra relaxed with the bathtub, I also had a very long and deep sleep.

This is me after I woke up.

ROCK BOTTOM looks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

A newspaper greeted us a good morning!

Normally we would all take a bath and dress up before breakfast. But we woke up late and we didn't want to miss the buffet.

So we're eating in our jammies!

Good thing we were still able to catch the buffet before it closed. I guess, there were also a lot of late "birds"! He he he he he he!

The spread!


Cold Dishes!

My Mommy's best friend, Tita Jenny, was already at the buffet. She was also a guest at the wedding who stayed overnight with my aunts!

Polynesian Pork and Potato Wedges!

Garlic Rice!

Mati seemed happy with the choices!

Beef with Oyster Sauce!

Grilled Fish!

Pancit Canton!

Mixed Vegetables!

Bacon, Pancakes, and French Toast!

It was served with an assortment of syrups!!!!!


Bread station!


Rolls and loaves!

There was also an egg station!

We stayed beside the table of my Aunts from the US (Tita Meldy and Ninang Carmi -- my Dad's sisters) and Tita Jenny!

The newly weds just went down from their room.



My baby Andrei was so happy with his pancakes!

My breakfast!!!!

Ate Jojit and Anthony's first breakfast as husband and wife!


As for me, I've shared breakfasts with these guys ever since they were a tiny cells!!!! He he he he he!


After eating, we saw the Head Chef of RICHMONDE HOTEL, Mr. Patrick Obia.

We gave him our compliments for a great breakfast and delicious food from my sister's wedding!

Kudos also to the RICHMONDE Restaurant Manager who was very considerate with picky eater Andrei and let him share food with me. It's little acts like this that makes me remember fondly hotel services!

We went back to the room for some more relaxing!

Little Andrei made the most out of the relaxing weekend and had a warm bath!

Even dear Hampy seems so happy!

Yep! He goes with us everywhere!

Later on, the newly weds passed by to say good bye!

And then we are all ready to go!

Oops.... I spoke too soon!

All packed up and ready to go!

Our key card!

We were about to go when the little lords asked if they could do dives!


My boys are flying!

I believe I can fly!


(They're favorite from ANGRY BIRDS movie!!!!)

The little lords with MEEH!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol left early because he had to attend to something.


Mirror shot!

I love Andrei's face here!

Hall way shot!

Good bye room 3611!!!!!!

Hall way shot!

Window shot!

The boys didn't want to go.

Andrei by the window!

Then it was Mati's turn.

Cuties galore.

Bye room!

We had fun!

The elevator hall.

Elevator shot!!!!

Check-out was easy peasy!

The boys just waited for me at the corner.

My patient little lords!

Thanks ate Jojit for the staycation treat at RICHMONDE HOTEL!!!! Though we're not as stressed as you with the wedding, it's nice to be able to relax with a fun filled weekend!!!!


17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City,, 
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 570 7777


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