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I think I have made no secret how much I love EAT BULAGA. Nope. Not because I've been working there for about 8 years already. But more on I grew up watching the country's longest running noon time show and have been a fan of Tito, Vic, and Joey's antics as long as I can remember.

To think I'm working with them now? Yup! Like what Hugh Grant said, "It's surreal... But nice!"

If you're a true blue EAT BULAGA fan who stay tuned to watch even the commercials, you would also see neverending advertisements on DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT. Of course, at my age then, I was still not aware of the other premier summer destinations (like Boracay or Palawan). So when I saw the resort's pristine white sand, blue waters, classy room accommodations, and abundance of seafood, it became my childhood dream (or goal) to go there someday.

As I grew up, I forgot about DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT because like I said, there were other more popular places to go to. Besides that, when I had a family of my own, I was suddenly more focused on the convenience of hotel staycations.

Lo and behold, my officemates from TAPE Inc., suddenly planned on booking a vacation there at what we all thought was a holiday weekend. At first I was hesitant because I'm really not that comfortable leaving my boys behind (who, even at their naughtiest, I always miss terribly). But then, the premise of having an all expense paid staycation (excluding airfare) at my childhood dream destination was a little too hard to reject.

So after a puppy-face pleading with the Chinese Dimpol, I was good to go for TAPE Inc., DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT getaway!!! Yohooo! FINALLY! Even if it was a kiddie goal that was long forgotten, I suddenly felt all excited, hyped, and just sentimental at this wonderful blessing. I'm finally going!!!!

Too bad though that it was not with THE YAPPY BUNCH. But since it's all free, I'd go with the Kardashian-Wests if I had to!!! He he he he he!

Oh I'm kidding!

Of course, besides THE YAPPY BUNCH, I'm happy to be with the family other than MY family --- my officemates at TAPE Inc. And yes, to think that I was with people who I work with at MY favorite TV show, going to MY childhood fantasy getaway, is indeed something.

Yup! It is SO surreal but VERY nice.

So don't mind the excessive pics forcing me to make this into a 3-"parter". It was THAT fun and we didn't want to forget any minute of it!

And like what Kuya Jose and Wally said in their old DAKAK commercial "ANG SAYA SAYA DITO!!!!"  


It was a stormy Friday that's why I was extra early going to Tita Josie's condo because the rest of the group will pick us up from there.

Finally! Our ride arrived!

Seriously, it was my first time to take a domestic flight and I was not that knowledgeable of the step-by-step process. Good thing my companions all knew what to do that I just followed them.

That's a first!!! It's such a relief that I didn't have to be the one to think and take care of a group! I'm so used to that with my family! With my TAPE Inc friends, I just went with the flow!

Got my boarding pass!

And we are finally comeple!!!!! 

Left to right -- Tita Josie, LYANNAH MORMONT, Kris, Abbie, Ate Dalden, Larlene, and Tita Florie!!!

Missing Ate Yogie and Tita Grace who were supposed to join us but cannot. When we booked, we thought at first that Friday, July 8, will be a holiday. But then President Duterte changed dates that Friday became a working day.  As a result, the two cannot afford to be absent from all requirements they needed to submit on a Friday!


Sayang talaga!

We still had an hour to go before our flight so we had a quick lunch at MRS. FIELDS! There, Abbie and Kris were able to catch up!

HERE'S OUR GRUB! We each ordered our own sets but some were identical!

Corned Beef with Garlic Rice!

SPAM with garlic rice!


With very full tummies, we went to the terminal.

And as expected, our flight was delayed! 3 HOURS GRRRRR!!!!!

We finally boarded our flight and I'm happy that Tita Josie got the front row. 

It's my first time to ride the front row of Cebu Pacific (since kuripot ERICJAZ FOODIES don't like paying extra) and it was indeed comfortable! When we go on international flights before, we would always request for the emergency exit seats for the legroom. It didn't occur to us to do so in CEBU PACIFIC since the flight is only for about 2 hours max.

But you know what? It still counts in the overall comfort and experience of the trip! Will DEFINITELY consider this the next time we book a flight!

Snacks in CEBU PACIFIC are as usual expensive and BLECH.

I don't really like wasting food but I wouldn't have extra fat or calories over something so hideous. SOBRA. Don't order their cheeseroll!

As usual, we had games in the CEBU PACIFIC flight!

I won a purse!

And we're in Zamboanga!!!!

I was surprised at the runway when we landed. It was so small!

The size was like a big rice field! Sorry for my disbelief because being my first domestic flight, I never expected that local airports would be just a millionaire's garden!

But I loved the airport in Dipolog because of the scenery around it -- there were mountains, trees, and  the sea!

The arrival building was being repaired!

Inside Dipolog Airport Arrivals!

Tita Josie saw a familiar face among the crowds... It's Leo from Dakak!

We were also met with longtime DAKAK Staff Harlon, who prepared rose leis for us!

I think it's a pretty nice gesture after a long trip!

Yihiii! We have roses!

Somebody said we looked like graduating students. But I still liked it! 

The simple flower necklace is like an "appetizer" to the great weekend to come. It just made us all doubly excited!

At the arrivals, we were also met by a representative of the office of the mayor. We chatted with her while waiting for our Dakak ride.

Finally! We're in a van!


What I noticed about Dipolog is that it's very clean. The place was also very simple with no big establishments or crowded areas. It is like a relaxing province that you would like to go home to on special occasions.

Tita Josie wanted to make the most of our night and asked to pass by the Dapitan City Hall!

It was so beautiful, clean, and grand! 

After our City Hall stopover, we passed by the structure of Rizal's Landing Site on the shore of Sta. Cruz, Dapitan! This is where his boat landed for his exile in Dapitan.

This is a beautiful shrine that you should visit whenever in Dipolog.



We were tired so their cold welcome drinks was such a treat!

It certainly energized us to take more pictures!

Nothing perks up girls more than a camera and the words "pictuuuuuure muna!"

There are other services offered in DAKAK but the juice was more than enough for us that night!

Tita Josie has been here several times and proceeded to check in the whole group.

To think that we told her we'll take care of her if she joins us in DAKAK! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks Tita Josie for being our stern BUT fun mother hen!

Hotel attendants helped us with our bags.

The entrance for the beach front houses!


We had the DAKAK Casitas Room and it was definitely a welcome sight!


That bed is HUGE and fluffy!

Right side...

Left side!

Work table with flat screen tv!

There were also robes and a safe!

Drinks nook!

We got complimentary water, tea, and coffee!

Besides that, we got complimentary bottle of wine and fruits!

Here, I laid down my "medal" which was deserted by the roses. He he he he he he!

Each Casitas has an assigned butler whom we could call anytime with a buzzer. Our girl was very gracious and friendly!


Bathroom was big too and definitely suited the three of us!

I was not able to bring my yellow hampee because we only got carry-on luggage.

Don't worry Yellow Hampee. Even if we got something else here in DAKAK, you will never be replaced.

Toilet and bath!

Complimentary toiletries!


Sorry for the blurred shot but I only have my digicam for this trip he he he he he!

This is our Casitas outside sitting area!

After freshening up, we went to DAKAK restaurant for dinner!

Check out my blog on LE BAMBOO CAFE for our unforgettable meal that night!

We may be tired but drinks are ALWAYS in order!

Don't worry Yub. I only had coffee. Their margarita was so strong!

After visiting ate Dalden and the other girls in the next Casitas, I went back my snoozing companions!

Oops! Tita Flory was still watching her koreanovelas pala! He he he he he he he he he!

Good night everyone!

SO MUCH MORE will happen the next day I ASSURE YOU!!!!! I get tired just thinking about it

Till then, my pren!

Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte
(065) 213 6813


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