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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a staycation in MERANTI HOTEL and when it was time for lunch, we were excited to learn that it was going to be in MAX'S RESTAURANT.

Sure there are other more hip places in the area that would be a more "fashionable" choice for us to feature in our silly foodie blog. But awcmown man, MAX'S is already a Filipino institution of our country's cuisine, that when it is part of the decision to be made, YOU GO FOR IT.

Yep. ALL caps are in order.

At least with MAX'S RESTAURANT, you are assured that you are going to have a helluva delicious meal. It hasn't been around for 71 years for nothing. When I was a kid, I remember that when my Dad would bring home boxes of MAX'S fried chicken, it was a happy day for us. Because not only would my Daddy bring home MAX's when he received a bonus at the office (he used to work in a multinational company) but he would also do so when he wins in the casino! Ha ha ha ha ha! Don't worry, he only played sporadically that we would even tell him "Please Daddy play more in the casino so you could bring home MAX'S Fried Chicken!"

Tee Hee! Happy memories. Nothing spells FOODIES more in the family when you encourage gambling just to get fried chicken. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The great thing about MAX'S RESTAURANT is that even if they are so famous for their fried chicken, they would always cook up more dishes that soon became our new favorites!

So read up and drool boys. Be jealous of our ultradelicious MAX'S RESTAURANT lunch. Maybe it's high time for you to head on to MAX'S and go back to its delicious home cooked meals that it has been serving for 71 years.



MAX's RESTAURANT is brought to us by MAX's GROUP which also owned MERANTI HOTEL, the place where we're staying in for the weekend.

After settling in, we were going to walk towards MAX'S restaurant which was just next to the hotel.

And we're here!

Do you know that this is the first MAX'S branch in the Philippines?

Yup! And now it's gone a long way from its humble home in Quezon City with about 127 branches in the Philippines! Not to mention serving its famous fried chicken in the US and Canada!!!

When we arrived in MAX'S, Andrei was immediately drawn to the koi fishes out front.


MAX'S restaurant has always been casual but was definitely more than your ordinary fast food store.

We settled in with the other members of the KAIN TULOG GANG in this section. 

Mati and I already settled in our tables when Andrei pleaded if we could sit by the windows so he could stare at the fishes.

That's my Andrei -- such an animal lover. 


Little Andrei and HARLEY QUINN!!!

THE JOKER and Master Mati!

Yep! We're going to watch SUICIDE SQUAD tomorrow!

Plus our handsome and very busy "godfather" of KTG, dear Chief Hopper.... este... Spanky!


MAX'S RESTAURANT Crispy Pata (P 768.90-Family/P 702.90-Large/P 548.90-Regular)!

MAX'S Crispy Pata has the crunchy skin that you're looking for and the tender pink flesh inside to go with it. Just in case you're looking for an alternative meat besides their fried chicken, THIS is what you should get!

The Chinese Dimpol attacked this like a hungry caveman! GROOOOWWWWWWL!

He's really loving the juicy meat even the ones that were stuck in between the bones!

Of course, when you have Crispy Pata, a claypot of MAX'S Kare Kare (P394.90) isn't far behind.

I've always loved Kare Kare because the heartiness of the thick sauce that is packed with nutty flavors is so perfect for me (e.g. so great with rice). And in MAX'S besides the rich gravy you'll have crunchy vegetables and tender meat. If it weren't for their Fried Chicken, I think I'll focus myself of THIS....

with extra rice.


If you're looking for a veggie fix in MAX'S, try the Pinakbet (P196.90)! 

Fresh vegetables fried up in salty shrimp paste. This is a great side kick for the MAX'S Chicken but if you're watching your meat intake, this is also so good by itself.

Now I have a new favorite in MAX'S Restaurant in the form of rice!!!

YEP! Their ultra delicious FLAVORED RICE!

Tinola Rice (P192.50)!!

Danggit Rice (P214.00)!!

All three were delicious and a great match with MAX'S "kagana-ganang" entrees but I'm leaning closer to this one... Their Adobo Rice (P218.90)!

The rice was fried up in adobo sauce then tossed with meat and eggs. Believe me, this will make you get seconds and thirds because it's just so good! I myself already had a cupful of rice on my plate but I loved this so much that I wolfed down a hefty serving of this too!

INANGKUPO. Sorry 24-inch waistline.


AND of course, let us not forget THE star of the "show" in MAX'S for 71 years....

Their unequaled FRIED SPRING CHICKEN (P 350.90-Whole/P 181.50-Half)!!

My Dad told me before how when he was about 10 years old, he got so excited when he heard about the fall-off-the-bone tenderness of this famous chicken named "SAX". He lived in the province so when his father had a trip to Manila, my Lolo really made it a point to take home some packs of "Sax's" fried chicken. He said that it was one of his most unforgettable experiences as a hungry kid from Cavite that all the raves and hype of the newest popular dish were all true. Since then, my Lolo would always make it a point to bring home hot bags of MAX'S Fried Chicken (yep now he knows) whenever he had a trip in Manila.

I guess that's why my Dad would also make it a point to take home some piping hot and juicy MAX'S FRIED CHICKEN whenever he had extra cash before. He was sharing some of his memorable childhood memories with us.


I guess since MAX'S has been with us for so long we all have our own unforgettable memories with their delicious food while we are growing up!

And now it's the little lords' turn...

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the boys in MAX'S

My plate!


So happy with my food!


My Chinese Dimpol was so happy too!

In no time...

Yup! He really massacred that MAX'S Crispy Pata!

If you loved the entrees of MAX'S, you should also be on the lookout for their desserts!

Do try out MAX'S RESTAURANT'S Caramel Cake! 

If you love MAX'S Caramel Bar, you'll surely enjoy digging in to this cake that Caramel Bar as frosting!!!

But of course, I cannot leave MAX'S Restaurant without having my favorite BUKO PANDAN!

The scoop of Vanilla Ice had just the right sweetness and creaminess for me. 

The green gelatin was perfectly chewy for me! The crispy pinipig also added a delightful crunch at every bite! Yummers!!!

It was a super fun and delicious lunch especially with THE KTG!

The little lords may have their favorite restaurants when we go out.

But MAX'S RESTAURANT is still a great choice for them!

It is really a great accomplishment for a restaurant to be serving up happiness to families for many generations. And with MAX'S, the taste and quality of their food doesn't just remain true to the hearts and tummies of their diners, but they also add more to their already iconic dishes for their new "batch" of customers.

I'm so glad to be able to share many meals at MAX'S with my boys. I know it's still far off but someday I know I'll be sharing chicken with my grandkids too!

Who knows? I'm sure I'll even bring home packs of hot chicken to them when I had a good day!

Like, when I get my first set of false teeth? He he he he he he!



21 Scout Tuason, Diliman, 
Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
(02) 372 1032


  1. Ms. Jaz,

    I can't help not to post a comment hehehe. My grandparents and titos and titas (maternal side)live in Marathon St. just a few meters away from Max's Restaurant (pag naghahabulan kami nung bata pa kami nakakarating kami dyan tumatawid pa kami para di kami mahabol ng kalaro namin hehehe).

    Nateary eyed ako nung makita ko yung chicken statue na katabi ni Andrei ^^ ang tagal tagal na nung statue na yun Ms. Janz ang dalas naming kumain dyan dati, may function hall din sila noon I don't know kung meron pa sila ngayon dyan.

    Ang dami daming memories nyang Max's Restaurant na yan sa amin. Dyan nagreception ng kasal yung isa sa mga tita ko, dyan nag first birthday yung pinsan ko, dyan kami kumakain pag may special occasions not just the restaurant but yung lugar na malapit dyan like yung Roces High School sa kanto ang daming memories ng kabataan namin. Nakakatuwa! Pag nabasa ng mommy ko po itong entry mo na ito, I'm sure ang dami daming kwento nyan sa akin hehehe... Taga QC po kasi talaga sya, silang magkakapatid dyan nag high school sa Roces High. Pastrana po last name nya nung dalaga pa sya, sorry TMI hehehe... natutuwa kasi talaga ako.

    1. Hi dear Christine!!!

      How are you???? I'm so glad you posted a comment. And touched ako sa comment mo promise because you shared something so personal and beautiful.

      Wow! I didn't know that the statue is part of the history of MAXS in that branch. Alam mo if we are just near MAXs QC and we ate there regularly, I'm sure I'll take a picture of my boys with that statue din. And, definitely, maiiyak din ako seeing the many years that have gone by. We saw many function rooms. I thought bago sila. Matagal na pala.

      You know what Christine I'm also a very sentimental person. PROMISE. I never want to forget anything na happy memory kaya I get you. Sometimes pa nga I love recreating something that we did before. Ito nga sa MAX'S blog, I remembered agad the happy memories that my Dad did for us para makatake home lang ng chicken. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! No bola but thank you talaga for sharing. It gave me a new perception of this MAX'S branch that there was so much heart, sentiment, and value sa lugar. If you were touched with my blog, I could say the same thing about your comment. Now when I go back to that branch, maiisip ko din that there were loads of happy memories from the people who frequented the place. And that the MAX'S statue had many MANY kids happy too (besides my boys).

      Naku don't mind the TMI!! I LOVE tmis! Ako din I always share a lot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Super thank you. I'm so happy that my post touched you in someways. You really made my night. I hope to hear more from you and meet you din soon!

      O di ba ang haba ng sagot ko. Feeling close na din ako! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care always.... MMMMWAAAAAAAAH!

    2. Ay please Jaz na lang don't call me Ms. Jaz. Matanda na ako. Gusto mo Tita Jaz?? (Feeling Titas of Manila). Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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