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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH escaped in the very cozy MERANTI HOTEL in Quezon City for a fun yet relaxing family staycation.

And as always, when we're checked in a hotel, we would get up extra earlier than usual even if we stayed up late. The reason? HOTEL BREAKFAST.

Yup! Because great food is ALWAYS worth getting up for.

And in MERANTI CAFE by MAPLE, you'll be risin' and shinin' with such a big smile because their breakfast will surely satisfy your morning tummy!!!!! 


When I got up early that morning, the boys were already awake and watching their favorite Roman Atwood.

Our window view...

Good morning Quezon City!

MERANTI CAFE was in the first floor and near the lobby of the hotel.

We saw DUDE FOR FOOD and his lovely mother were already having breakfast. 

Now it's TIME TO EAT!

MERANTI CAFE breakfast buffet may limited but I was happy with the selection.

Actually I was only planning to eat light because we have Sunday lunch with my family later. But predictable me ate (AGAIN) more than what I should.


Garlic rice!

Cream of mushroom soup!

One of my favorite starters is mushroom soup and though it's not really breakfast food, it's great to have it in the buffet!

Beef tapa and longganisa!

I'm not really a tapa or longganisa person but I was blown away with the taste of these two. Especially the longganisa! It was like a fat bacon with crispy bits inside the crusty casing. So flavorful and very garlicky!!! YOO to the HOO!

OMAYGAD! Dried Danggit!

This is now my favorite breakfast food, besides Spam, Tocino, Bacon, Pancakes, Noodles, Country Sausage.... (ang dami he he he he he), because it's crispy, salty and so perfect with garlic rice!

I love bacon too and even if it was not available that morning in MERANTI CAFE, I was so happy piling up my plate with these crunchy goodies! I could not have enough of it especially with a dipping sauce of vinegar and garlic.

Another breakfast staple for me is creamy and runny scrambled eggs!

I'm all for sunny side up eggs too but for breakfast buffets, the scrambled ones are already what's programmed in my mind and tummy. He he he he he!

Bread station!

Choices may not be as much compared to other hotels, but it does its job in stuffing a carb hungry diner!

Fruits and salad station!


Juice and cereal station!

Coffee station!

One of the things I love about being a grown-up is I could have coffee anytime I want! Yup! I have lots of it! Especially in the morning! He he he he he he he!

My master Mati loves breakfast food too and he eagerly helped himself to the hot dishes that smelled so good!

The Chinese Dimpol immediately helped himself to chugfuls of the MERANTI CAFE juices!

My happy husband!

Going back to the table he joined his fellow blue boy!

While I slid beside my master foodie!

My boys are already settled at our table.

Mati's full plate of tapa, scrambled eggs, and mushroom soup!

Yup! He just ALWAYS has to have soup during every meal!

As for Andrei he asked if he could just have cereals. I told him yes but he should have 2 bowlfuls of it. 

Hay my picky eater talaga!

Yub's plate!

And this is MINE!

Sooo yummmm...

Hay! I could have 4 servings of this plate of food. 

Why is it that when it comes to breakfast, I NEVER get full! Why?!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MERANTI CAFE!

Joining us at our table is my pogi godson and my mare, wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET!

While eating we had a view of the Quezon City main roads. 

DAYMMMM that longganisa was so good!

So stuffed and energized! We are a happy group continuing our staycation in MERANTI HOTEL!

Yup! Rise and shine indeed!!!!!



82 Scout Castor, Quezon City, 1100
Phone: (02) 784 9000

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