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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


My Daddyowzers celebrated his 80th birthday in the middle of June and it was surely going to be a whole day family affair!

In the morning, we heard mass to thank the Lord for all the blessings and to pray also for more birthday for my Dad!

After mass... What now???

Of course, knowing US, we would go hunting for someplace to eat.

And since it's my Daddy's special day, the usual choice would be our birthday breakfast favorite -- GLORIA MARIS!!!!

I really don't know how it started but it sort of became a tradition really for THE YAPPY BUNCH and my parents. I don't object with this because I LOVE dimsum and congee!


Ate Jojit and husband Anthony!

Little Lords, Mati and Andrei!

My shy Mom and the birthday boy!



Sorry but after all the brutality and erotics of GAME OF THRONES, I went for something pure and morally traditional. He he he he he he. So PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is the natural choice for me. 

I could just watch this movie again and again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food is here! Time to eat!

GLORIA MARIS Steamed Meatballs (P180.00)!

We only got one of this because it wasn't really a strong favorite. Though it was good, we were not able to finish it.

My sister ordered this. Tsk tsk tsk....

He he he he he!

GLORIA MARIS Beancurd Roll (P175.00)!

Now this we love!!! We got 2 orders of this and after it was all wiped out, Mati asked for one more just for him!


GLORIA MARIS Baked Pork Bun (P175.00)!

One order has 3 buns and as expected it was soft, sweet, with a meaty filling!

GLORIA MARIS Shrimp Vegetable Dumpling (P175.00) was another in demand dish by the adults of the group. It was filled with chops of plump shrimps and steamed greens!

GLORIA MARIS Hakaw (P175.00)!!!

GLORIA MARIS Pork Siomai (P170.00)!

GLORIA MARIS Chicken Feet (P150.00)!!

To warm up our tummies, we had the GLORIA MARIS Meatball Congee (P170.00)!

GLORIA MARIS Plain Congee (P90.00) with a lot of crispy wanton courtesy of US. He he he he he!

GLORIA MARIS Fish Fillet Congee (P190.00)!

For those who are craving for a light alternative! 

To amp up our congee, we had an extra order of Fried Wanton Crisps (P30.00)!

And century egg (P85.00)!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and my family at GLORIA MARIS!

Gobble! Gobble!

Remember what I told you about the Bean Curd Roll? Yup! Mati just devoured them all!

Later on, everyone was done!

As usual, Andrei was still eating and treating that 1 cup of congee like it was Mt. Everest or something.

The GLORIA MARIS bill!!!!

I decided to pick up the check to treat my family in celebrating Daddy's birthday and Father's Day because that's what daughters should do.

Asuuuus! Or maybe I'm just being "sip-sip"! He he he he he he! Kidding!

Of course, besides Daddy's birthday, this is also a wee celebration for Father's Day!!

My husband was fine with taking a backseat when it was supposedly his special day too because it was my Dad's birthday. See how loving and humble he is? :)

That's why the little lords love him! After every meal, they would run up to their Daddy for some hugs. Especially Andrei, the little Daddy's boy.

My Daddy saw that and asked the same from Mati and Andrei!

Andrei joined his Kuya too!

I told them to hug lolo tightly but, according to Andrei, their faces get hurt from their Lolo's "sharp beard".

Sarap pagumumpugin ang ulo ng mga to ah!



Now boys, THIS is how you do it!!!!

You guys just the hugging and squeezing to us girls!!!

We love you so muchos Daddyowzers!!! Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!!! Let's have fun THE WHOLE DAY!!!!!!!!


P.S. For those pitying the Yubskers, don't worry, he has his own celebration at his restaurant of choice in ALEX 3RD! Besides, like I said, he is so fine with devoting this special day to my Dad!

Ako lang naman ang KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin) sa family e!

He he he he he!



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Abad Santos, Little Baguio, 
San Juan City
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