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Saturday, April 6, 2013

IHOP (International House Of Pancakes)

Our beautiful country of the Philippines has long been invaded by International Food franchises that may or may have not left a delicious mark in our Pinoy tummies.... You would expect that since they are successful abroad, they would be a hit here in our country? No you thought wrong... He he he he! 

Do you guys still remember FASHION CAFE? A and W? CARL'S JR? JOHNNY ROCKETS?

Oopsie on the last one. Anywhooo....

The latest to crash in our shores is the long awaited INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES or IHOP... But let me warn you that once you decide to go to IHOP, another group would think of the same thing. For now, the lines are ridiculously long! But if you're a curious little oaf like me, you would suck it out and wait.

We certainly did.... Twice. The first one was not successful. Oh well, our Patay Gutom persistence paid off... He he he he!

IHOP!  Please be reminded the pronunciation of the acronym is how you see it: "AY HOP" and not "EEHUP"! 

We arrived earlier than my friends BGP (Best Gal Pal ) Marian and Manong Fred (her hub), so we signed up for the wait. EGAD! We were number 24!!! If this wasn't our second time, we would put up our noses and leave...

But since this IS our second time and we're tired of the suspense... we WAITED.

... and MANY waited with us in their own creative little way...

Some were prepared for the long wait and bought extra bags of clothing (tee hee).... 

One would just lean on a post...

(On my own... pretending he's beside me....)

Some would check their messages and go on FB...


One might stifle a yawn and check out another guys gal....

One may feel real cold outside... ( hi hi hi)

Others may cuddle cuddle and do sweety stuffs...

One might check out other restaurants since he's hungry...

While somebody may get crazy because she's hungry... HA HA HA!

But most definitely, there is always someone who would talk with extra added volume saying "Ah sa US we ate in this branch (enter branch)". 

Yey! BGP arrived!!!

... and finally we got a TABLE!!

As expected, IHOP was crowded with hungry customers (like us)!

We were so hungry that we would like to chug down their 4 types of Pancake/Waffle syrups.... They have the OLD FASHION (yum), BLUEBERRY (yum), PECAN (extra yum), and STRAWBERRY (extra yum).

I read in a blog that you may request your server to have your choice of syrup warmed up. We did not get to that since we were shy....

... or deliriously hungry. You choose. Ha ha ha ha! 

The meynuh....

I was supposed to order that NEW YORK CHEESECAKE PANCAKE but the server said their supplies ran out. You see EVERYTHING is flown from the US, from the flour to the strawberries, and when they run out, they would have to wait for the next delivery. 

Sorry, no substituting of white king pancake mix here :)

I suggested to my husband that we order their FRIED CHICKEN DINNER (since it's cheap with good servings) but he wouldn't hear it.

(ala Robin Padilla) "E di kumain na lang tayo sa Jollibeh!!" he said.

Oh my very romantic husband you... H aha ha ha ha!

So he tried to decide what to order for us...

BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Ericjaz Foodies!!!

We have finally decided what we wanted to order and called our very attentive server Jasmin. 

If she seems uneasy to you, I think you would know why.

It's great that service was fast in IHOP and our food arrived in a jiffy!

Like I said, we ARE hungry... so Yub ordered their SPLIT DECISION BREAKFAST (P325) which came with scrumptious french toast, crispy bacon, juicy sausages, and creamy scrambled egg!!!

This is such a winner and amanotalayer!!!

The best thing here is that their order comes with a 2 piece plate of pancakes. The COOLER thing in IHOP is that you could upgrade your plate of pancakes (plus P50) from the other special variety of what they have in their menu...

They did not have the new york cheesecake so I tried the blueberries!!

We also ordered an extra plate of their garlic rice just because I CANNOT have dinner without it. 

More carbs for me! Yum!

Manong Fred ordered their BREAKFAST SAMPLER (P395)...

... with an upgrade of their CINN-A-STAX pancakes... BGP Marian said this was soooo creamy and good... She added that it reminded her of a straight from the oven cinnamon roll!

I had a taste of this and YES it was superkalifragalisticespialidelicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BGP also ordered an Omelette... WHICH I forgot what type/viand. I was not able to taste this since I was so busy with my garlic rice, sausage, bacon, etc etc.... I heard BGP say it was good....

So good she did not offer me a bite??? Kidding! ha ha ha ha!

She also ordered a bottomless SPLASHER (P125) which is a blend of their orange juice, soda, lemon lime, and strawberries. 

She swears she could take 2 or more of this than her husband.

Ha ha ha ha! Kidding Manong Fred! We love you!


Hey Manong Fred, are you TEBOWING before eating???

Let's eat!

Pogi o!!! Mark Anthony Fernandez eat your heart out!

... and then we're finished................

Our bill! Pretty reasonable right? :) We were full beyond words!!!

Happy eaters!!! He he he he he!

And KAPOW! Change costume! Ha ha ha ha! Notice the same seating arrangement and almost the same orders?

We were so happy with our IHOP meal that we ate there AGAIN the following Friday!

Oh yeah! That's me! Gonna have my breakfast dinner like a bad-ass!!!!!!!!!!!

This time we ordered their BREAKFAST SAMPLER. At first I was disappointed that it did not have the French Toast which I savored the last time but upon getting a forkful of their hash browns, I was like... French Toast who??

And FINALLY! My favorite at IHOP! Their NEW YORK CHEESECAKE PANCAKE! So creamy! So heavenly! So overall lovely!!! I want to go back AGAIN to IHOP just for this!

Oh yeah garlic rice... AGAIN!

It's always fun eating out with my best friend BGP and her Manong husband...

But of course everything is the best if you have your meal with the guy you love!

Better if it's at IHOP!!! Ha ha ha ha!

Well many may claim that IHOP has lesser servings than its US counterpart and is overrated. But, to cure that, why don't you A) consider that the reason why they have lesser servings is because they need to mark down their prices for the average Filipino budget, and B) don't expect too much and just have a good time! All restaurants have hits and misses anyway :) 

If you want to test it out yourself, then invite us please... I want some more of that NEW YORK CHEESECAKE PANCAKE! ha ha ha ha


IHOP Restaurant
The Fort
W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 687-5611


  1. hey, can't i follow your blog other than by email? considering i also have a google profile.

  2. I followed your blog too!!! Here's a long and happy blogship!

  3. i had one of the crepes there plus the chicken thingy nila and they both tasted very nice.

    1. Hiya Turista Trails!! Thanks for that! I've always been curious how their chicken tastes like but don't get to order it since the pancakes always get in the way. If you compare it to other fast food fried chicks out there, what is it similar to? Now I'm curious about the crepes as well! H ehe he he he!

  4. Worst pancakes, soggy, rubbery, crumbles on the plate..

    Price? IHOP PHL are priced higher than US branches.. actually all US based restaurants are, even if one factors in their state and sales tax.

    1. Hiya Mark! On our second visit the Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes were good BUT, like you said they were very crumbly :(! Nevertheless... We still had a good time with the whole experience. Ha ha ha! I posted this on the IHOP fb site and I hope they'll take note of our concerns. Thanks for reading and the comment! :)


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