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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Every year, there is that on event which the Chinese Adonis and I are very excited about that we prepare for it as early as the start of the year: The ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

I'm sorry.... were you thinking about our Wedding Annivesary? I know I should be too if I could only remember when it is. Tee Hee!

Seriously though, the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST in ROCKWELL TENT has become a tradition for us every year even before I started this silly little foodie blog.  Like it says so in their "battle cry", this is the ULTIMATE event where you become a food critic for a day and try out over 50+ home based food vendors plus participating restaurants from Powerplant Mall all day from 11:00am to 9:00pm!

All this for only P600.00??? You bet!

And THAT is why I would choose this AWESOME foodie celebration over our wedding anniversary anytime!

Oh. I'm. Kidding!

Or am I? Ha ha ha ha!


This is actually the 12th series of the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST and the 4th time to be in Rockwell Tent. It will be hosted once more by our very cool foodie "bossing" Mr. Spanky Enriquez! 

I got so excited to see him! I knew there and then this was going to be an AWESOME event!

We got our tickets at the counter by the entrance.

When the Chinese Adonis bends down like this I usually give him a big pinch on his small butt. I'm so thankful I haven't mistaken somebody else for him. Otherwise....

ULTIMATE embarassment!

We were given our ULTIMATE TASTE TASTE tickets to claim our passports and plate!

These very gracious ULTIMATE TASTE TEST ladies got our stubs for the raffle and handed out our passport (to rate the different food bites), and our plastic plates (to put these food bites on!).

We got to the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST at around 1:00pm and Rockwell Tent was packed with foodies which were limited to a 1,000 head count for the day. I'm so thankful for that because at least we did not bump into other patrons nor trip over someone. 

Like I would always say, there was still a lot of space for us to do the tango!


So now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Here's our ULTIMATE TASTE TEST experience!

When I met up with my KTG blogger group and asked which stall I should try out first, they unanimously declared that we should head for the Smoked Lamb Ham from WISE EATS!

Now isn't that beautiful? Wouldn't it be perfect for Noche Buena or for any sort of gathering? 

Ms. Marlyn Salvador gave us 2 samples of this WISE EATS specialty: one with sauce and one without. I find it very flavorful but since I'm not a fan of lamb, I gave my itty bitty leftovers to Yub. I'm sure I would love this chunk of meat if it were pork or beef because it was so tasty and perfect with bread or rice. 

The Chinese Adonis though just popped the whole thing in his mouth and chewed with a big intsik smile. No words needed for a man happy with his food.

The Chinese Adonis further hovered onto WISE EATS' sausages and other cured meats. 

We particularly loved these cheesy sausage bites that I remembered asking for 2 more saying that it was for my "friend".

I'm sure they didn't hear that I said "imaginary". 


Check out WISE EATS cured meats and other products. They also have a culinary studio offering a variety of cooking lessons.

#24 Sterly St., Bartville Subdivision
Barangay dela Paz, Pasig City
09176303615 / 09257850058
Email : /

We were not really planning on having dessert so early in our ULTIMATE TASTE TEST visit but PANIC BAKING  beckons!

Actually, these three ladies (Trish Saguin, Maria Regatillo, and Zeel Carps) did it for us.

Oh... did it for the Chinese Adonis I mean... He he he he!

As for me, I was "done" with these very fudgy brownie bites!!!  Nummy!!

Instagram : @panicbaking

Another early favorite for us in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST stalls was the one from KULINARYA KITCHEN

You don't really need to wonder why especially after a helping or two of this very thick and saucy Crispy Pork Belly Con Chorizo Paella. 

One bite and you'll know that each grain of this wonderful paella was simmered to perfection in the hearty broth. The crunchiness of the pork belly certainly add another layer of flavor and texture to the overall wonderful dish.

The Chinese Adonis was not too keen on paella so I got his share and one more.

KULINARYA KITCHEN's Seafood Salad Maki elicited oohs of delight from other ULTIMATE TASTE TEST foodies and I have to agree with them. The well seasoned morsels of seafood and mango delightfully all come together while you're savoring these bite sized appetizers.

Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City

My poor confused Chinese Adonis... He didn't know what to do and where to go next!

But he DID throw his plate in the trash can since he would rather pick and eat the food. Ha ha ha ha! Hay nako! Such a savage.



I enjoyed their Almond Butter Banana Smoothie! I expected it to be cloying and too creamy for comfort. But it was surprisingly light and not that sweet.

The almond butter on toast is a nice alternative to peanut butter. I imagine biting on to its creamy goodness over my whole wheat toast while having a fresh cup of brewed coffee in the morning. Oooh lala!!!

I would definitely choose THIS over the ridiculously expensive chocolate spreads out there which disappeared due to zero demand. He he he he! 

Pretty owner Maxine Qua (right) and friend!

0922 8882299
0917 4551287
Instagram : @madebymaxph

By this time, THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was in full blast. But the food vendors were still all smiling and ready to give a third or fourth serving.

ANO BA YAN! I rhymed again!

The Chinese Adonis and I walked over to FORK PLAY because our nose sniffed something roasting in their corner. 

And true enough, it is their whole roast chicken that called out to us. This FORK PLAY specialty was loud and proud that they don't use MSG nor preservatives in their chicken. 

Check out my sneaky husband asking for a bigger piece. 

I don't know what's in this but another factor for me in the awesomeness of their chicken is a generous drizzle of their special au jus sauce. 

Me and the guy loved this!

You know when you're eating  in restaurants and you know how that certain dish was cooked up by popular chefs or international franchises?

With FORK PLAY, we loved how one bite of their very tasty roast chicken would make you think it was prepared by your loving Grandmother or Mammie from Gone with the Wind. 

Great one Chef Eugene!

3 Panay Avenue, Quezon City
02 4142812 and 0927-4778172

When we passed by BUTCHAY'S stall in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, we were amused with the jolliness of the staff and Mr. Butchay himself. We tried out his very appetizing alugbati and bicol express spreads. A very unique take for your breads and biscuits!

Instagram: @butchaysspreadthelove

I love spicy food so it's no wonder that during THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST I barged like a crazy woman when I saw CHILI ASYLUM.

I LOVED their Corned Beef Chili!! It had just the right thickness and spicy flavors of the hearty tomato stew to it.  One taste and I was craving to top it with fresh onions and eat it over garlic rice.... Oooh yeahhhh....

West Avenue
1104 Quezon City, Philippines

As we were going around THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, we spied more foodies pigging out! I think the turn out this year was more than the previous one. Wohoo!

CHILI ASYLUM burned my tongue so it was a relief that NESTLE's fruit juices were nearby. That's my happy pose of joy! 

My favorite here was the tart but refreshing pink lemonade. I think I favored this because I felt like having the Pink Champagne that Deborah Kerr downed in An Affair to Remember. Ha ha ha!

The Chinese Adonis went for the NESTLE dalandan!

Perhaps my UTMOST SUPERKADUPERMEGA favorite here in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was this very cheesy dish from BHEST LASAGNA.

I think every time I met a foodie, I would ramble on to say "TRY THE BHEST LASAGNA" it's so crazy cheesy! I must have requested for 3 servings! To think that I already rapturously enjoyed the 3 cheese lasagna served stiff cold. Imagine how deliriously delicious it would be if it was straight from the oven and bubbling hot from the layers upon layers of cheese?

Yes. Heaven is for real. 

Thanks BHEST LASAGNA for participating in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! I certainly know where to order on my next potluck.... 

Or just for me. Ha ha ha ha!

39 Masbate Street West Avenue
1100 Quezon City, Philippines
0915 612 6891

After that savory lasagna, we passed by HOFT (Home of French Toast)!

I was immediately attracted to their toast smeared with chocolate fudge then topped with bananas and mocha cream. I think I shoved this all in my mouth with one bite.

Yes. That's why I don't have a picture of myself eating it because I can't smile with bulging cheeks now can I?

Aaah... Another one to go to my list of lazy Sunday eats with coffee. Breakfast would never be the same if I have these around.

Quezon City, Philippines
0932 795 7509 / 09064736200


When the hub saw foodies walking around with sisig atop banana leaves, he followed the direction where they were coming from and landed on BELLY BOB'S!

Ooh yes... It does not get any better with Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu torched to crisp perfection!

The lechon sisig was well seasoned and made us crave more for rice.  It's the perfect combination for it really!

Instead I was more than happy to just munch on BELLY BOB'S chicharon! Nummy and crunchy! I would still eat this with rice! Ha ha ha ha!

BELLY BOB'S please have some rice next time!!!

SM MOA - 0927 6322464
SM MEGAMALL 09173664595

Instagram : @bellybobscebulechon

All that Cebu lechon, pork sisig, and chicharon made my famished husband get himself an ice cold bottle of San Miguel beer! 2 bottles of this world class favorite is provided in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

While we were fulfilling our roles as food critics for a day, there were also a program with raffles and contests going on in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST hosted by dear Spanky Enriquez!

There was also a cook off for the foodies who were wizards in the kitchen. 

The judges for the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST cook-off were THE TUMMY TRAVELER and THE PICKIEST EATER.  It was great seeing familiar faces participating in this awesome event!

Going around once more I saw a familiar restaurant from Powerplant Mall.

By this time I was getting so full so I only got a cup of their Ever Salad and some Tuscan Hummus! The latter reminded me of creamy guacamole.

2/F Archaeology Section, 
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Dr. 
cor. Estrella Street, Barangay Poblacion, 
Makati City, 1210, Metro Manila
(02) 400 7896


While I was enjoying the salads at CPK, I could hear my husband raving from my right ear (yep details matter) how the balls were so chewy and yummy.... 

You hear "balls" and immediately look at that direction thinking of something dirty. Ha h ha ha ha! But of course, I realized it was my husband talking so it wouldn't apply.

Anywho, my husband loved it and chomped on about 3 or 4 balls more. 

GORBY BALLS - Irresistably Chewy!
(Yep... You cannot say their name without the tagline!)

My guy, the pastry lover that he is, was a fan of RED SPATULA'S Mamons in Peanut Butter and Dulce De Leche flavors. Each bite of the mamon was fluffy and airy then held up with the sticky filling. Delicious!

I was elated though that they complimented me on my hair cut. Ha ha ha ha! That IS once in a blue moon you know.

Products Available At:
1. SM Megamall (Spam Jam Booth, Bldg. A, 2nd floor)
2. SM Mall of Asia (Spam Jam Booth next to Krispy Kreme)
3. Eastwood Citywalk Weekend Gourmet Market (Sat/Sun 2nd floor new wing)
4. Lucky Chinatown Mall (Fri-Sun 2nd floor)
5. Phone orders for pick up in one of these 4 locations
024256887 / 09151937470

We were getting too full from all of the food at THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST so we decided to slow things down with dessert. What greeted us in our "rest" was BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!

Their Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream and Sea Salt Caramel were truly creamy and scrumptious! Sarap! 

My husband's favorite! He claimed to have 4 or 5 cups of their ice cream! NGIII!

027048510 / 09179012667 / 0922 7412082

Perhaps the saving grace to our addiction to carbs that night would have to be GENERAL'S LECHON! I know that they roast up a mean lechon whose crispy skin could make any pork rind lay flat in shame but we were so thankful that besides their very flavorful Garlic Sausage, we were also served some fluffy white rice. Hoooray! There is indeed a food god!

Kudos too for serving those spicy bites of meat (similar to our favorite lucban longganisa) with white vinegar and a sliver of scrambled egg. You almost made me want to get a huge plate and never leave your stall!

2nd floor Petron Gasoline Station
Edsa Corner A. Arnaiz St.,
Dasmarinas Village, Makati City
02 6221098 / 09177048070

The last stop for us for the night in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST were to have cupfuls of MERRY MOO Ice Cream! Owner Kelvin gave us some White Chocolate Matcha and Scandalously Chocolate while we were chatting with the KTG near the stage that we went back for it for some more! They were sure winners in our books because while we were talking with the other bloggers, we kept on scooping the very smooth and velvety ice cream till we were already scraping the bottom of the plastic cup!

That chocolate ice cream was scandalously fudgy alright! It's almost like eating cold cake!!! YUM!



Besides all the food that we were able to sample, enjoy, and rate at THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, what made the night more unforgettable was catching up again with my favorite foodie/blogger peeps!

It's been a while since I saw them last and I missed them all!

(left to right) KTG bloggers The Mommist, Tales From The Tummy, Blogalag, MEH, and the creator of the best cheesecake Indulgence By Irene!

Saw Joan, the very kind and pretty wife of  The Food Alphabet!

The very jolly Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice was there. My friend Gail wanted to meet her so much!

Saw also Hefty Foodie, and Yedylicious!

I was only familiar with Jeng of  Food In The Bag via common blogger friends that when I saw him, I immediately introduced myself. We chatted like long time buddies and I know we'll get along juuuuust swell!!!!

Of course, Spanky of The Daily Spanks was there to make everything more enjoyable!

After all that heavy eating in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, it was fun to just sit with the other bloggers and catch up.

Mareng Gail of GLOG attended her first ULTIMATE TASTE TEST and vowed to go back again next year. 

The Chinese Adonis also bumped ito Lordan, his old friend from work!

While my husband and I were having a drink of water, this sweet lady came up to me and asked if I was Jaz from ERICJAZ FOODIES. Of course I said yes (she didn't look like a bounty hunter) and i was happy to learn that she reads my blog. 

Awwww! I got so excited! I mean, you write these things and don't really expect anyone to read them. In fact when somebody tells me "I'm reading your blog now", I usually cringe in embarassment because for some reason, I get a bit shy with what I share (besides my wrong grammar of course). It's like giving a gift to someone and have that person open it in front of you. Soooo embarassing!

But I'm so happy to meet Trish that I really asked to have a picture with her. She also asked for one but I'm not sure though if it's the Chinese Adonis she wants to. Sorry na lang siya that I was hugging her too tight and didn't want to let go of my lone reader who is not from family and circle of imaginary friends. Ha ha ha ha!

This made my night MUCH MORE unforgettable! Thanks so much for brightening my day Trish!

Of course the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was already a winner in our books because me and the hub engorged on something we truly love: food and togetherness!

Thank you so much Mr. Anton Diaz and family for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

And of course, thank you to dear Spanky for inviting us! 

See? I'm hugging him too? I missed him so! I hope he didn't smell my body odor though. Nyuk! Nyuk! 


Till next year again foodies!


Check out our previous UTT events!

(We're here by the way...  ha ha ha ha!!)


  1. Did you try out all 50 vendors?

    1. Hi Bap2! In the many years we've attended THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, we HAVNE'T completed trying out all 50+ vendors! As much as we wanted to, our stomachs cannot handle it! You'd think that small servings of the food is not enough but NOOOH.... You'll be lucky to be able to do even just more than half of it.

      Next year I'll try coming back for the other batch.

  2. -Juzko! Nilagay mo talaga yung "The Ultimate Taste Test" sa ilalim ng picture ng asawa mo? Where do I sign up!!! Bwahahahaha...

    -Pwedeng maki-pinch din ako kay CA? Yun lang nga baka jombagin ako ni husbandry mo, hahaha...

    -Ang daya! They didn't have the smoked lamb ham when I got to Wise Eats' table! They instead gave me this lamb bacon which was so tough! Tapos ang liit pa ng serving - just one tiny cube around 1 cm square! Hay. Needless to say mababa ang grade nila sa akin.

    -OMG! That Seafood Maki from KXP!!! THE BOMB!!!

    -I also liked Fork Play's roast chicken. Dahil maaga ako they gave me two big pieces!!! Kaya nabusog agad, hahaha

    -The Corned Beef Chili was also very good, I just wish it were more spicy.

    -My favorite in the Nestle Booth was the Cucumber Lemonade... weird talaga panlasa ko, hahaha... I'm glad you can go back again and again to their booth. Sarap ng mga drinks nila.

    -Belly Bob's was just okay for me.

    -Hmmmmm... Chinese Adonis likes balls... noted! hahahaha

    -Ang DAAAAMI lang talagang desserts! I didn't even try most of the desserts (I basically stuck to the ice creams and a few cakes and pastries) kasi diabetic na ako, and you can only try so many sugary things before they all taste the same and you slip into a coma.

    -Anokava! Sarap kayang basahin ng blog mo. Sobrang kwela at sobrang kalog (do they still use that term nowadays? hahaha). I'm uber backreading your posts now because they're so entertaining. =)

    1. OWEMGEENESS Noel!!! I so love your comments! Pinapahalakhak mo ko always! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I know magkakasundo tayo because we're both nobela in writing!!! Ha ha ha ha!

      1) Bwa ha ha ha ha! Siya kasi model ng ERICJAZ FOODIES! Naku matutuwa yon na isa pang may magsign up because of him... Yung isa yung mommy niya (ako hindi) JOKE!

      2) Ay naku! Game yon! Ha ha ha ha! Pag nagkita tayo. Believe me, firm na firm ang pwit niya kaya lagi kong pinapalo or pinch. While mine is like jel-o!

      3) Sayang you were not able to try it! Everywhere I asked the bloggers would rave about the lamb ham! Maybe next time they'll sign up again.


      5) Yes the Nestle drinks were life savers. Halos mabilaukan ako sa Chily Asylum... H aha ha ha! Yes mas masarap nga siya if more chili. Papaulanan ko siya ng tabasco when I order some.

      6) Bwa ha ha ha! MISMO! He loves basketballs and tennisballs and soccerballs.... H aha ha ha!

      7) Yes! I was really looking forward for more main entrees in their selection but their desserts were so good and many that I got too full to notice later on. Ha ha ha ha! Dapat talaga next year, let's make 2 stops in UTT! Masyado kasing in demand ang sked natin!

      8) Awwww... yey! Thank you veryyy much! I really hope to have a food trip with you and Jane someday! I'm sure magmamatch ang KALOGNESS natin!!! TEEEHHEEE!

      Thanks sooo much again Neil! Nako hahanap hanapin ko na comment mo niyan!!!!!

    2. Niel, Jaz, hahaha. Short for NathaNIEL. ako din naloka sa dami ng alyas nya. Finally, NIEL pala ang totoong pangalan ng up & coming blogger. :)

    3. bwahahaha... binuking na ako ni Jane! hahaha... hindi pa ako blogger, isa lamang akong dakilang commenter. =)

    4. Ha ha ha ha! Dear Jane! I'm sure mas magkakaron pa siya ng alias once he gets his blog going! Naku! Hopefully he won't forget little ol us!

      Hiya Niel!!! No joke, mas naging makulay and masaya ang ERICJAZ FOODIES when you started commenting. Yihiiii!

  3. OH My! I will be honest, I am shy person.. but your personality gives off that vibe that made me feel at ease with you! Hehehehe ! Anyway, see you soon po! I had a fun time chatting with you :D Cool!!!

    1. Hiya Mr. Jeng! Add to that... you are a kind person and gentle person! My husband liked you too and bait na bait sa yo. Awww thank you! KSP kasi ako. BWA HA HA HA HA! Looking forward to more food trips with you. Thank sooo much for the comment! :)

  4. Awwwww I love our hugging photo here Jaz! I'm really glad that we finally saw each other after the longest time! <3 It's always fun to be in your company.. puro good vibes. Love you & hope we can have a quiet date soon to catch up! :-*

    1. Me too!!!! Buti pala we hugged ultra tight here because super bitin our chika in UTT!!! Right back at ya... You and Kap are so happy that it shows too! Hope to have a meet up pretty please very soon!!!! Mmmmwah!!!!!!

  5. maraming maraming salamat po miss Jaz and sir Eric for this review
    i am so glad you love our chili & salsa! :)
    this made my day!
    - isi
    chili asylum

    1. Hi Isi! Naku please ditch the MISS and SIR! Just Eric and Jaz. We're nobodies. Sexy but nobodies... Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yes we loved it! If there was garlic rice around, I swear I'll also have a full meal with that.

      No YOU made our day with your comment. Thanks so much for reading!!! Hope you could also follow our future posts.

      Thanks again!


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