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Saturday, March 12, 2011

HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL (Part deux - Yub's birthday)

For TEAM YAP, we do not just celebrate somebody's birthDAY -- we usually celebrate it for a week or more. Most recently, Mati had so much fun with his 2 week birthday celebration that he requested to have it for 3 weeks next time!

The rules usually are, we sing to the celebrant at the strike of 12:00am and eat at his choice of restaurant every dinner for a week (or two). Then, in the restaurant, we will sing to the celebrant a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with matching candles (that's why I always have candles in my bag). Most recently, Mati added to the "birthday rules" that he could play video games or watch TV with no "Mommy conditions" (I ask them to write in their journals first before playing). Well let's see how that "plays" out (pun sorta intended).

At the start of my husband's birthday week, I did not wait for him to request his usual Aysee's (see that HERE !!!), Buddy's (also HERE !!!), or even at JT's Manukan (yup HERE !!!). I wanted to treat him someplace special and different from his usual requests. You see, my husband has very simple tastes and it does not take a lot to make him happy. That's why I love him VERY muchos gracias! :)

So I surprised him with a birthday pre-dinner at the HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL since I had such a heavenly meal there with the Ladies Who Lunch (see that HERE !!!).

The smile on my husband's face at the first bite of his Wagyu was priceless. You'll see it later on. Ha ha ha! He truly loved my treat for him that he can't stop thanking me enough (naughty grin).

I told him his happiness was worth every peso I forked for the meal.

Naaah... Actually, I'm posting and writing about this so he would treat me to HOUSE OF WAGYU even if it is not my birthday. :)

I just love my steak that way. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding :)

It's a day before my hubby's birthday and I surprised him at HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL!

Yub : "This is a warning to anyone who goes near my hot wife..."

Oh Yub! That would be convincing if you don't have that silly grin on your face!

HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's complimentary soup with the steak!

For tonight they served us creamy pumpkin soup. My husband took a small (and quiet) sip and lighted up! He knew he would be in for a special treat since the soup was SO good!

My husband does not eat vegetables and would even make weird specifications to the waiter just so that it would not mix with his food

For example (I kid you not) : "Waiter, yung atsara, ilagay mo sa kabilang plato. Wag na wag nyong isasama sa plato ng barbecue at di ko kakainin yan kapag nadapuan ng atsara yung barbecue.". ("Waiter, please put the pickled papaya on a separate plate. Do not put it in the same plate as my barbecue. It the picked papaya  touches my barbecue, I will not eat it".)

So I was happily relieved that he loved his soup considering it was mushed pumpkin pureed and blended with stock.

Yub : PUMPKIN??? What the...

Kidding :) he he he!

HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL provides brown bibs to diners so as to prevent meat oil splatters while the steak sizzles.  

My husband though was very giddy (kiligations) that somebody was putting a bib around his neck. Ha ha ha!

Yub you could remove that silly grin from your face okay?

Is it just me or in his past 4 pictures my husband's smile looks like as if it was just plastered on his face? It never changed!! Ha ha ha!

Let's EAT!!!!

I ordered HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's Wagyu New York Strip (P1,850.00) and we get THIS.


I now have tears in my eyes... This is just so beautiful.....

My husband sliced his HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL steak with ease and like a boss!

Such a beautiful sight! Plus the aroma will make all your senses take a trip to cloud 9!

I don't know about you but I especially loved the sight of oils dripping down the side of the grill in HOUSE OF WAGYU!

My happy birthday boy who was so excited to take his first bite that he decided to pose first like Zoolander.


Ha ha ha ha! No, he did not take a swig at a Datu Puti Vinegar shot!

I'm sorry if this picture will cause you nightmares but this was how my hub looked like after putting a newly grilled and juicy Wagyu strip inside his mouth. He said it was just so good that his face nearly internally combusted!

So that the steak would not be too well done for his taste, he put the cooked Wagyu beef on a side dish :) 

I also ordered some HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL'S Gambas (P275.00) for a little bit of surf and turf action to go on his birthday!

I'm going to snuck out these cubes of Wagyu beef when he's not looking he he he he!

My plate!!! I ordered some Garlic rice and ate Yub's buttered vegetables too!

Oh I'm DEFINITELY going to get all this fat then scrape the stone grill for the garlic and salt bits!

All done!!

Hmmm... I have not scraped this enough....

HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL sang to my husband and gave him a complimentary chocolate birthday cake!

Yum! Such a great dessert!!!! Thanks HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL!!!

The bill!  

Truly worth it! I don't mind forking out as much for the man I love and for such delicious meat!

See you soon Thor!

Kidding :)


Wagyu Stone Grill
Eastwood Mall
G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(02) 706-5385


  1. ow my god I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee! I've always wanted to try this place. And it's reasonably priced too!!! *drool*

    1. Hiya Jimrei! Oh please you should! Their wagyu steaks are truly delectable! I can't wait to go back! I'm still bribing my hub to treat me there naman! Tell me how you find it after you eat there! Pwedeng sumama? Kidding! Thanks for reading! :)


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