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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a family staycation somewhere that was so far from the ordinary....


This humble establishment is simple in size but overflowing in purpose and inspiration. And yep! Don't forget the FUN!!!

To be honest, I really did not expect to have one of the most unforgettable staycations ever. This just goes on to show that a hotel doesn't need to be grand or sosy wosy for guests to have a great time -- sometimes having a place that was constructed with lots of love and dedication then run by happy and inspired people is more than enough.

Check out part TWO of our memorable family staycation in a place that you should DEFINITELY check out soon...


Da da dan danan.... Danananan!!!!!

Were you able to tell that's from the Superman theme? Tee hee!!!

The Yub and I woke up late and when I went outside, THIS greeted me.

Ay naku! The little lords playing on their gadgets. (Pano the wifi was so fast daw).

Breakfast was included in our stay and served in HONESTY CAFE.

Inspired by the cafe of the same name in Batanes, HONESTY CAFE encourages the pay-for-what-you-got system without the guarding eyes from servers. You take whatever you need and pay the total bill at the wooden box at the side.

Yup! Payment is at your discretion and depends on your character as a person.

I really hope this will push people to be more honest rather than take advantage of trusting establishments.

Oh well... We'll see!!!!!


Now I'll take advantage of THIS one! He he he he he he!

In HONESTY CAFE, you'll see different board games, magazines, newspapers, etc to give you a more leisurely time.

You could also hang out and watch tv too!

Plus there are a lot of interesting collector's items to feast your eyes on. He he he he he he he!

Won't show the other ones. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

For that morning, we're at HONEST CAFE for breakfast!

Usually it's included in the room accommodations but just in case it's not, it's still very affordable.

The eggs are cooked up by their Chef Nico!

Sometimes Mr. Mannie dela Serna, the owner of HEROES HOTEL, would be the one frying up the eggs for the guests!

Besides the eat all you can eggs, pancakes, and waffles, you'll also get cereals...

... and breads!

I think that's pretty sulit for the price!!!!!

That's why our breakfast was longer than usual. 

The kiddies, especially Master Mati, enjoyed the food.

As for Andrei, he's happy that he doesn't have to eat rice -- diet daw siya. He he he he he he he!

When I have breakfast, I always start it with coffee!

Yummmm!!! My simple but yum scrambled eggs with buttered toast and jam!

Let's EAT!!!!

I enjoyed my eggs so much that I asked for another serving. This time with just cheese!!!!

The Yub suddenly got a whiff of the pancakes from the other table and ordered one for himself.

Homemade pancakes! Yummers!

It's a Yappy breakfast for us!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and KTG in HONESTY CAFE!

After our delicious breakfast, we decided to hang out in the HEROES HOTEL lobby!

With Iron Mannie!!!!!

Andrei making a call in Superman's phonebooth!

Hanging out at Ellen's couch!

He he he he... HEROES HOTEL may be a secret hide-out for SHIELD!

Master Mati with a replica of the shield used in 300!!!!


While we lounged around, the bunsoy Andrei played some tunes using the replica of John Lennon's piano in IMAGINE.

The YAPPY BUNCH in different timezones... He he he he he he he he!

We decided to go back to our room and get ready to check out.


While packing, I caught the little bunsoy reading again the description about the BEATLES.

Even if he already saw these yesterday, he gave another look again at the BEATLES pictures around the room. 

Yup! Truly a BEATLES fan!

And now it's time to do our usual "pictures around the room" thingy!

I swear, this has become a tradition for us everytime we do a staycation. We have some favorite poses na nga that are becoming "regulars" in the selection. Tee Hee!

The drunk shot!

(A favorite...)

On the bed shot...

By the BEATLES album covers shot...

The guys looking out the window shot... Emo-Emo kuno!

(A series regular.)


By the balcony shot!

Somebody wants to be emo shot!

Outside shot!

Inulit ang emo shot because he was not happy with the first one!

He he he he he!

In the end, he settled for a happy shot na lang.

Who are you going to send this to ba????

By the sofa with Andrei on our laps shot!

Andrei requested this to be a "regular" as well!

The boys by the BEATLES album covers shot!

Hall shot!!!

By the door shot!!!

As our check-out time draws near, it's time to officially say bye-bye to our dear old John Lennon.

It's a recreation of the singer's self portrait. You should have seen Andrei's smile when it greeted us yesterday.

Even Hampie seemed to be saying a sentimental good-bye to pareng John!!!

(Let me just say that I am grateful for readers who really look for dear Hampie when we have staycations. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yep!!!! Don't worry, we cannot (and will not) leave Hampie behind!)

And of course, before we go....

He he he he he!


The boys were indeed sad to go.

Andrei was even saying "I'M GOING TO MISS YOU BEATLES ROOM!" to the Abbey Road picture.

Bye room!!!!

Thank you for taking care of us!!!

My boys really enjoyed their stay and didn't want to go. To think that usually in our staycations, they would spend the duration of the weekend in the pool or going to play areas. In HEROES HOTEL, they were so content to just looking around the interesting collectibles in the lobby, in the HONESTY CAFE, and just being all lazy in the room.

I don't know if it's just our nature to enjoy the simple things in life or what, but one thing's for sure: we had an incredible staycation in HEROES HOTEL. Not only was it an extra bonding session with the little lords in our comfortable room, but they were also educated on sharing their talents and blessings for a purpose. It's great too that besides being entertained with the comical superheroes, they also got inspired and enlightened that they could do something for the world that will not just be restricted to colorful pages of comics.

I mean, what hotel could do that right?

Plus it's REALLY pretty darn cool to stay in the BEATLES room. PERIOD.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

HEROES HOTEL, we will DEFINITELY be back! 

Thank you so much dear Spanky for inviting us and for HEROES HOTEL for having our BEATLE-minded family!!!

Backpackers - P750.00 per night
Superior Room - P1,870.00 per night
De Luxe Room - P1,870.00 per night
Suite Room - P3,740.00 per night


Note that all rooms come with breakfast for 2 (except the backpackers where breakfast is only good for 1 pax). The Superior and Deluxe Room could accommodate 2 pax each while the Suite Room could take in 4 pax.

Florentino Torres St. 
Osmena Highway,
Manila, Philippines
(+632) 251-9239
(+639) 9515-83723



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