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Tuesday, November 6, 2018


HALLOWEEN has got to be one of the most exciting seasons for people like me who are quite fond of all things ghostly and macabre: I love the decors, I love the scary TV specials and movie marathons, I love hearing the "Monster Mash", I love the Jack O' Lanterns and hearing the legend about Ichabod Crane, etc., etc., Basta just in case it's not clear enough, I love everything Halloween!!!!!

I think Halloween is only time where the Marvel Superheroes take a break to give way to pareng Freddie Krueger, pareng Michael Myers, pareng Jason, mareng Sadako, Mahal (he he he), and the new kid on the block, mareng Bent-Necked Lady.

Yep! Halloween is the holiday where we could be our scary selves and not be ashamed of it (he he he he he). Not to mention the delicious candies and treats that come with that will energize us throughout the whole horror season.

Here's how we celebrated Halloween for this year. It may not be what we usually do but we still had a scream-worthy great time!!!!  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As early as the October, the Yub and I would start watching scary movies. Call it a tradition if you will.

I showed the Yub "SHUTTER" and he screamed like a schoolgirl as expected. Afterwards we were looking for other scary movies (we've seen almost everything!).

Later on I discovered the "beauty" of The Haunting of Hill House!

I loved it!!!! I found the last episode to be MEH though but it's still a great series!!

The Yub fell asleep naman. BOO!

We also discovered later on that the bunsoy baby loved watching scary movies too! While searching what to watch in Netflix, we got to this!


I was happy that my bunsoy doesn't get afraid AT ALL when we watch these horror films. We didn't know that he liked it because as long as it's scary we automatically watch without the boys. Yayyyy! May kasama na ko. He just gets pikon with me and the Yub when we scream. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He became particularly fond of the doll Annabelle because he discovered that it was based on an actual haunted doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also saw Annabelle afterwards. Later on we'll watch The Nun when it's already online. 

One date night, the Yub and I went out for dinner in our favorite OHAYO RAMEN BAR!

He he he he he! It would also be your favorite too I bet when you taste it.

We decided to watch HALLOWEEN 2018, the direct sequel to the classic.

Hala! When we got inside, we were the only ones in the theatre!

We waited and waited....

Nobody really came! Ha ha ha ha ha! We got the theatre all to ourselves! See? We were able to take a picture pa? If there was another pair who watched, we really didn't notice!

Hala! What if this was a candid camera segment and Michael Myers would pop out of nowhere for us?????


What if it's NOT a candid camera moment and Michael Myers will pop out of nowhere???



That Sunday, Best Gal Pal Marian invited us for lunch in her aunt's place to celebrate the coming of St. Peter Alcantara from Laguna.

While we were eating, Best Guy Pals, Andrei and Pao Pao played nearby.

They opened Yub's toolbox and saw some safety vests.

The 2 boys played with it and were laughing hard.

Later on we discovered that their subdivision was having a Trick or Treat that afternoon.

Usually, we would join my HS friend Heidi in her village for Trick or Treat. But since Mati's intrams fell on that same date, we had to cancel. I was so sad that my boys won't be able to do some Trick or Treatin' this year. Good thing we joined BGP's family for lunch that Sunday and saw that there was some major Trick or Treatin' going on!

Andrei got my lip liner and put some bloody designs on his face. Pao Pao followed too.

And voila...

ZOMBIE TRAFFIC ENFORCERS! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

O di ba? Their costumes may be so simple but I think they're the most pogi among the kids there.

Let's go kiddies!

Paopao and Andrei rode at the back of the pick-up.

Manong Fred and I joined them at the back. I tell you while he was helping me go up, his back sorta broke. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! I weighed like a big "sako ng bigas" daw!


Yub dropped us off and that's when we discovered that the TRICK OR TREAT session hasn't started yet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Manong Fred treated us to some milkshakes and juice in the clubhouse while we waited.


The pangets....

And the BGPS!

Thanks Manong Fred for the treat! Sorry we didn't call you for the picture. Tee hee!

And now we're off!

It's time to do some mean TRICK OR TREATIN!!!!

First stop!

We always encouraged the boys to yell out TRICK OR TREAT when they ask for candies.

Second stop!


Andrei started eating  his candies at this point.

The boys really looked forward to the clubhouse.... 


They dressed up the playground for Halloween!

The monsters roamed at the sides and tried their best to scare the visitors.

I think they were considerate of kiddies because they would let the younger ones go by.

Hala! Hala!

Here's another one!

If you noticed, Andrei didn't seem scared AT ALL.

When one white lady tried to howl at my bunsoy, he gave her a very high-pitched scream back. The lady tried to stay in character but was shaking with laughter. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The endpoint of the "tour" was where they gave treats to the kiddes....

Step 2 gave ice cream!!!



After that, the little boys wanted to go na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! They all piled at the back of the pick-up.

I didn't join them anymore because nobody could lift me up.


They seem to be having more fun this way.

He he he he he he he!

However, when we passed by houses that gave treats to kids, we would stop.

This house gave drinks!

This kind lady gave candies and a smile!

At the next house, BGP Marian got the candies for the boys.

The little ones were willing to go down naman pero it's hard!!!! He he he he he he!

With this house though, Andrei insisted to go down.

I think it's because he saw these 2 cute little babies!


I think one of the reasons why the boys wanted to wrap up our TRICK OR TREATIN' session was because they wanted to go home and play with their toys.

At the same time too they wanted to start eating their candies!

For that night we ordered some  Mcdonalds!!!!

Manong Fred treated us again!

Yayyy! Thank you pohzzzzzzzzzzz!

After eating, we rushed back home to watch THIS!!! Talagang mabilis pa sa alas kwatro!!!!!!

Yup! Every year I SO LOOK FORWARD to the Haunted TV specials in our local channels.

The classic one of course is the Magandang Gabi Bayan Horror special. Yun lang, I found the stretched face of Mr. de Castro more frightening!!!!!!

That's why this year, Jessica Soho presented the scarier show.


After a lot of eating, scaring, and eating again, we spent the rest of the night by lying on our sofas and watching ghostly specials. I cannot think of a better way to end this awesome day. 

Life may be scary but it IS indeed beautiful!


"Ano... Ang nasa dako pa roon.....?"

Happy Halloween y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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