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Monday, November 12, 2018


It was supposed to be the "usual" weekend for us: wake up to a late breakfast, Kali for Master Mati in the afternoon, then dinner and movie night for our Saturdate. However, we were invited by HEROES HOTEL for a weekend hotel staycation, so that meant our schedule for that particular Saturday and Sunday would be a wee different. But since we know how our usual staycations go, it's still going to be a fun "routine" for us. With that, I immediately made a mental checklist to pack our swimsuits, our midnight snacks, gameboards, movies, etc. etc.

But guess what? We didn't use ANY of them.

Saying that we had a different kind of weekend in HEROES HOTEL would be an understatement. It may not be the 5-star, flashy, and grand hotel that is popular in the metro but still, the family and I all had a unique and unforgettable stay.

And seriously I'm sure you will agree because HEROES HOTEL is indeed "the little hotel that could" in so many fun yet honorable ways!

Where else could you find a hotel that will make heroes out of you?

Read on and find out!

Yohoo! We're in HEROES HOTEL!!!!!

You could easily find HEROES HOTEL because it's registered in WAZE and Google Maps. However, parking could be a problem so if you could use grab or have somebody drop you off that would be a better idea.

We met up with our fellow KTG mates Spanky, and DUDE FOR FOOD in their cafe for some coffee and snacks. Later on dear NINES VS FOOD followed.

After having our fill of coffee, we immediately checked in and were assisted by these cuties (he he he he)...

Cuties nga!

While waiting, my bunsoy Andrei played on the piano replica used by John Lennon in IMAGINE.

Syempre, he would NEVER miss the chance to try out something BEATLES-wise!

The lobby of HEROES HOTEL may be small in size but I tell you, there is an abundance of  things to look at. 

Starting off with the IRON MANNIE that will greet you at the door.

Will explain later about the name. He he he he!

HEROES HOTEL may even be the new  head office for SHIELD. He he he he he!

A phonebooth where some DC superhero changed clothes in when he fought the bad guys.

If you walk up the stairs, you'll see the familiar words from Star Wars!

Should you choose to take the elevator, you'll see how the doors open up to Clark Kent's secret....

He he he he he... Get it???

Thinking of things to do around HEROES HOTEL? You could rent their bikes for free and take their suggested route!

To your left, you'll see these familiar couches....

Could you guess from what show they're from?

At the top of it, HEROES HOTEL will give you a detailed recommendation of how to spend your stay with them.

If you really want to have an adventure, HEROES HOTEL provided helpful city tour guideline!

If you're not from the Philippines, HEROES HOTEL will gladly show you around.

They'll even teach you Filipino words for guidance.

Want something more exciting?

You could take part of HEROES HOTEL Adventure Tours package!!!

If you want to just stay in though, HEROES HOTEL got you covered with their Spooky movie nights!

Movies are free along with iced tea and popcorn! Yup! There's no additional charge for it.

Like I said, HEROES HOTEL will not just give you comfortable accommodations. They also aim to inspire you on being heroes in your own way. They have a corner where you could borrow and read the books featuring the stories of many great people. 

As much as we wanted to hang out in their lobby, we wanted to rest in our rooms.

In the hallway, you'll notice many pictures featuring the beauty of the Philippines and the heroic Filipinos.

But wait... Woah... We got the BEATLES suite?????

Naks! Not too shabby!!!

Check out what greeted us when we opened the door!

John Lennon's self portrait for IMAGINE!!!!!

This was certainly an unexpected treat for BEATLES fans like us!

The bunsoy was still in disbelief of our room.

Everywhere he looked, he saw something about the BEATLES!

The bunsoy Andrei pointed out to the BEATLES clock on top of the TV. 

And even the BEATLES  lampshade!

Most notable though were the different album covers by THE BEATLES by their coffee table.

There was even a short write up about the fab four below their Abbey Road album cover.

Check out the bedroom!!!!

I love the rustic but clean look of it.

Bed was big enough for me, the Yub, and the Androse!

They have a vanity area for dressing up.

Plus a spacious restroom with bathtub and shower area!

Eow Andrei!!!!

HEROES HOTEL toiletries!

Their spacious living room with the convertible sofa bed.

My only deal here is that they only have airconditioning in the bedroom. If you have somebody else staying with your for the night on the sofabed, you may have to open your bedroom doors so that the airconditioning will circulate in that area.

BUT, since Master Mati was in school for an event, the Yub and I could close the doors to get all the airconditioning to ourselves...

Alam nyo na... Wink... wink.... Teee Heee!!!!!

AY Andrei is here pala. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Drats.... Kidding! He he he he he he he!

The baby bunsoy will stay with us of course!

In HEROES HOTEL, all of their rooms feature different heroes or popular figures. During our stay, our friends got the Neil Armstrong room, and the Albert Einstein room.

If you have kids, you could try the Marvel room.

We were supposed to get that but dear Spanky requested the BEATLES room for our little bunsoy Ringo.

YAYYY! Thanks!

HEROES HOTEL have twin beds....

And the backpackers room.

This is so popular with foreign travelers on a budget where they really just need a bed to sleep on.

They have secured lockers for their things.

This could only be opened using the special wristband that is exclusive to the backpackers.

For lunch, we went to JAZZ UP IN THE SKY in the top floor of HEROES HOTEL!

We enjoyed platters of their mouth-watering and delicious barbecues!!! Sooooo good!

After our heavy barbecue lunch, I had a VERY good sleep on our soft queen-sized bed!

If you think that's me and the Yub, you're wrong. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Me and my baby bunsoy snuggled while the Yub fetched Mati from school.

Later on... YAYYY! Master Mati is here!

Now our staycation is officially complete!!!!

For dinner, we went to HONESTY CAFE.

There we met Mr. Mannie dela Serna, the owner of HEROES HOTEL! Yup! The IRON MANNIE himself. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He was a lovely person who had such a lust for life. It was great talking to him because he also loved  Marvel and DC characters, plus THE BEATLES!!!! Certainly a kindred spirit. 

The awesome thing too about him is that in everything he does, he wants it to have a purpose. That's what inspired him to put up HEROES HOTEL. There, he featured the heroes for all ages to educate foreigners and kiddies on what they could do for the country. 

He was also very friendly and nice!!! Upon learning that the bunsoy baby loved THE BEATLES, he took out this special reprint of John Lennon's artwork to show him.

Don't think that he was only friendly with us -- if you read HEROES HOTEL reviews you would find guests marveling at the owner was so accommodating and approachable. You'd get that feeling that you're with an old friend.

Yup! A hero already in his own right!  

Now let's eat!

Mr. Mannie served these Filipino dishes that could be bought nearby!

Grilled Liempo!

Pork Barbecue!

Miki Bihon!

My plate!!!! My metal plate!!!!


Mr. Mannie served us this delicious bottle of red too!!!!

The wine went so well with the barbecues and cheese!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and KTG 


While they were chatting, I saw THIS!!!


Mind you. That's Starbucks coffee pa ah.


I don't think I'll EVER leave this cafe. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As for the kiddies, they played with the cards and the game boards provided.

After taking the kiddies back to the room, the oldies went up for some drinks!

At the roofdeck of HEROES HOTEL they have a bar serving cocktails where everyone, hotel guests or not, could go to. They also had a live band but the great thing was since the sounds were contained inside the bar, you could talk and hear yourselves outside.

There's something about chatting and drinking up with the Manila skyway at the side. He he he he he!

For some reason, it felt like we were in College again.

Our view!

Cheers!!! Uuuuuuy date kami.

That's a virgin mojito by the way. He he he he he he!

Munchies for that night were nachos....

Chicken skin...


What a fun, fun, time drinking under the stars!!!!!

After having several rounds of drinks, we decided to have "dessert" in the nearby 7-Eleven. He he he he he he!


When we got back to the room, the little lords were all soundly sleeping. 


We all had a long but very fun day. As much as I wanted to stay up late to enjoy the fast wifi or the snacks that we brought home with us, our fluffy bed was so inviting

I was telling Mr. Mannie that normally when we're on a staycation, the kiddies would be having fun in the pool or going to a children's area. During our stay in HEROES HOTEL, not once did they ask to swim nor did they complain about the hotel facilities. I guess they were so busy looking around, playing with the game boards available, enjoying the high speed internet, savoring the food, etc etc to even remember what we normally do.

At the same time, the little lords learned about having a purpose in life and offering one's talent, skills, and dedication to mankind. At first they were amused at seeing the comic heroes. I figured later on, these Marvel and DC characters got their attention and pointed it to the direction of their real life contemporaries -- our true Heroes. I'm happy that while relaxing in the comforts of our BEATLEfied room, we were all educated of what it takes to be a real hero.


I bet your hotel can't do that?? He he he he he!

We love HEROES HOTEL!!!!!!

Backpackers - P750.00 per night
Superior Room - P1,870.00 per night
De Luxe Room - P1,870.00 per night
Suite Room - P3,740.00 per night


Note that all rooms come with breakfast for 2 (except the backpackers where breakfast is only good for 1 pax). The Superior and Deluxe Room could accommodate 2 pax each while the Suite Room could take in 4 pax.

Florentino Torres St. 
Osmena Highway,
Manila, Philippines
(+632) 251-9239
(+639) 9515-83723



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