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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


During our Japan trip last May, THE YAPPY BUNCH along with my brothers and sisters were able to eat in many restaurants and pigged out on our favorite Ramen, Sushi, Yakiniku, etc. etc! However, you may call us traitors or "bakayarōs", but there came a time wherein we were craving to bite into something familiar.

Something that reminds us of home...
Something that would take us a trip down memory lane...
Something that we have been craving for subconsciously....

And that something is...



In our defense though we always made it a point to eat in a MCDONALD'S branch  in all of the countries that we've been to (US, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, etc) because we wanted to see how it was different in each culture.

And yes, we are happy to discover that we always find something different and more special in each of the MCDONALD'S that we've been to per country.

Including JAPAN! 


Somebody inside wants to join our party! He he he he he!

For some weird reason even if we are already faced with all the delicious food in Japan, the thought of eating at this popular fast food chain got us all excited!

The MCDONALD'S servers saw how hyper we are with happiness and were amused. He he he he he! Yes, our fun could be infectious!

They didn't speak English but they were still so patient and accommodating with our orders and requests. 

I'm glad that they seem to be very happy even if they're the only staff members present that night in MCDONALD'S. 

Looking around I saw that it is only now they're having the striped socks campaign.

Trays lined with the famous arches!


Oops! I see two people now in the back.


I was really craving for some MCDONALD'S Big Mac that night but the Chinese Adonis recommended that I try something they don't have in the Philippines. 

MCDONALD'S drinks!

I saw these pretty interesting sandwiches that I would've loved to try. However, these MCDONALD'S goodies were only available in the morning.

Chicken Fillets served ala Hash Browns? Interesting....

The husbandry tasked me to do the ordering that night possibly because he already ran out of English. He he he he he!

Our MCDONALD's grub...

Our tall MCDONALD'S drinks...

Our bill!


My Master Mati was in the mood for some seafood so he ordered a MCDONALD'S Fillet-O-Fish (Y

The Chinese Adonis was curious with this MCDONALD'S Shaka Shaka Chicken and got each for him and Andrei.

My husband got the barbecue flavor...

While Andrei got the one with the Cheese packet.

It was very similar with Shake Shake Fries except that it's chicken!

The Chinese Adonis and little Andrei both loved it! They said the moist and juicy chicken went so well with the sharp flavors of the cheese powder.

As for me, as much as I wanted to have a MCDONALD'S burger right now, I tried out their Shrimp Sandwich instead.

We don't have this in MCDONALD'S Philippines so I was extra excited to try it.

Something tells me that I should just stop looking and start biting.

The Shrimp Sandwich of MCDONALD'S was good and very similar to their Filet-O-Fish. However, as much as I enjoyed my "light meal", I still craved for their fat and juicy burgers! 

Grrrr.... Blast you diet!

Me and Andrei!

The Chinese Adonis and Mati!

We thought that since Japan's cuisine mostly had rice dishes, they would also offer it in MCDONALD'S. Unfortunately, there's not a grain of rice anywhere so we had to contend with their crispy fries!

The MCDONALD'S fries were good though and was wiped out in no time!


For dessert, Master Mati ordered a MCDONALD'S Mcflurry of cookies and cream.

We were so curious with the spoon they have here in MCDONALD'S OSAKA since it's hollow inside and had a straw-like attachment. 

Mati figured that the "spoon" could double as a straw when the Mcflurry melts? 

Curiouser and curiouser!

As for Andrei, he ordered the MCDONALD'S Hot Fudge Sundae but we were surprised that instead of the usual generous dollop of the chocolate, we just got this small tub. 

We even had a hard time opening it since there were no flaps to detach the cover. It turned out that we had to just put together point A to point B then squeeze. 

From there, two spouts will pop automatically then out comes the chocolate fudge! Weeee!

From the small tub, we thought that we would have to ask for extra chocolate syrup. But as we were drizzling the thick sauce over our ice cream, Andrei said that it was just right for him. 

As for the Chinese Adonis, he got curious with the MCDONALD'S Strawberry Milkshake.

It was just fine with him but he said he expected more especially that he tried sweet fresh strawberries in Tokyo. When he opened his MCDONALD'S Milkshake he saw the the strawberry syrup was not mixed too well with the ice cream. 

For me I got my usual MCDONALD'S apple pie!

I doubt if there's any risk of biting into pieces of kamote here! He he he he eh!

He he he he he!

We were so happy with our MCDONALD'S dinner that we cannot help but do the M sign!

AND since I love MCDONALD'S and ALDUB KALYESERYE so much, I can't help but include their 30 seconder TVC too!

Tee hee!!!!


After our MCDONALD'S dinner, we went around the park nearby for a walk. It was a cool night and good thing I still had some coffee to warm me up!

While walking, Andrei saw a couple kissing by the dock. Ha ha ha ha ha! Normally he's grossed out when he sees his Mommy and Daddy kiss but since  other people are involved, it made him all kilig!

Why you little!!!! >:(

It's great exploring the different ways how a country cooks up a popular favorite. With MCDONALD'S OSAKA, there may be some misses but it was still an unforgettable experience fit for OUR books!

So. There!

Keihan City Mall
1-1 Tenmabashikyomachi, Chuo Ward, 
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 540-0032,
+81 6-6944-0072


  1. Kami naman ng husband ko, gusto namin itry mcdo breakfast sa ibat ibang bansa hehe. Waaah! When we went there last August wala nung Shaka Shaka! I wanna try that mukhang masarap! Meron lang don nung Avocado burger. Haha hindi ako mahilig sa burger kaya di ko tinry. Hirap nga sila maka intindi ng english. Kulang kulang order namin nung nag breakfast kami sa Mcdo hehe.

    1. Hi Erika!!! Cool!!!! Yes we loved the MCDONALD'S breakfast too in LA! Mas malaki servings niya right and sulit na sulit!

      Don't worry when you go back naman to Japan I'm sure MCDO has something else offered na wala sa Philippines. Curious nga ako sa Avocado burger. Looks healthy and sarap!!!

      Oo they don't know english too much no? Pero they're not rude and would really try to understand you. He he he he he he he!

  2. wow! sana magkaroon din ng Shaka Shaka Chicken dito :D

    1. Hi Istin! Oo nga! Andrei loved the cheese flavor so muchos! Baka soon magkaroon... Sa tamang panahon... HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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