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Sorry that I have been MIA-ing for so long. I'm sure you guys don't really care but just in case you do, I was setting up my sister's bridal shower. Of course I'll be blogging about it once the dear bridezilla allows me to. Maybe during their honeymoon? Tee hee!

Anywho, one of the latest traditions of THE YAPPY BUNCH is we always celebrate the last day of the little lords' quarterly exams. It was actually Mati who thought of this gimmick for the family since he felt deserving of a reward after all that studying and hard work in preparation for his exams. He he he he! With that, it became an instant thing for us that we never really make any other plans except with the boys. 

And so for this week, our "after exams" venue will be...


Usually in the little lords' school, the last day of the exams would fall on a Saturday. I don't really know why this is so, but at least my husband and I are able to pick them up ourselves.

No matter how many times we do so, the boys always get so excited when they see us waiting for them. 

They get so excited that they don't mind having a picture with us even if their friends are around! He he he he he he!

Like Mati's great bud since Grade 1, Dominic!

I packed extra clothes for the boys so that they'll be all fresh and clean for our day out. And after they got dressed, we were off!



When we see interesting sights on the rode, we would all guffaw with all our might. Seeing THIS is no exception.

It's not everyday  where you're behind a bear's butt right?

SHAWARMA BROS is located at the second floor of Stopover Pavilion in the Fort. There is a big parking space in front of the building so you won't have to worry about where to put your helicopter.

SHAWARMA BROS has a very simple set up with metal tables and black plastic chairs with unpainted walls and floors.  Exposed pipes and air vents even rule the ceiling!

Too artless you say? Naaaah! I think it all adds to the je ne sais quois of it all with its unpretentious interiors!

It's semi-self service in SHAWARMA BROS and you would have to get your lazy arse off the chair and at the counter. 


SHAWARMA BROS menu 2!!!!

Ordering up!

Up to now, Andrei is engrossed with the program on tv!

How to order in SHAWARMA BROS!

1) Read the directions...

2) Answer the questions.... (to yourself and not aloud)....

3) And think about if you'll have some more!

You confident eh bro? We'll see...

You'll ALL see...


After we have made our minds with what to order (that usually takes a while) we sang it to the guy at the counter.

Tee Hee!

We looked for a table to sit our hungry butts on. Good thing SHAWARMA BROS still had available tables at about 11:30am.

Come lunch time, it was so packed!

We were given these white pucks that light up when our order is ready.

Like so!


Master Mati and Me!

Andrei and Daddy!

And in true-blue food truck fashion, our trays of food were sent out of the glass counters waiting for us to pick it up.

And it's time to eat!

Initially I wanted to order Mcdonald's chicken for Andrei because he is not fond of Mediterranean food like his Kuya Mati. But the Chinese Adonis said he should eat what we will be having so I just hoped for the best for my picky eater and ordered the Chicken Shawarma Rice (P149.00).

Servings are enough for 2 fussy eaters like Andrei and the Chinese Adonis so they shared one platter.

My master Mati loved Shawarmas and would always order it in his school cafeteria. So it's no wonder that he decided to order one SHAWARMA BROS Beef Shawarma Rice (P159.00) to himself!

As for me, I got the spicy and saucy SHAWARMA BROS Keema Rice (P99.00) since it had always been my favorites in Mediterranean restaurants!

Mmmmm.....  The well-seasoned ground beef was swimming in its sauces and emitted this mouth-watering aroma. 

I got more excited to eat when the boys dumped all of their vegetables on my plate. 

Yohoo! More for me!

Each order comes with 2 servings of their special SHAWARMA BROS sauces -- Yoghurt Garlic, Cheese, and Chili Sauce. 

We got 2 of each to try on our rice. Should we want more, there is no charge for additional requests of the sauce!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in SHAWARMA BROS!

Mati was raring to dig in to his SHAWARMA BROS beef rice especially that he drizzled a lot of yoghurt garlic and chili over it.

As for Andrei, he loves cheese and poured over the gooey bright yellow mixture over his rice!

Like so!

And wow! I saw a phenomenon right before my very eyes!!!

My Andrei, the little guy who would rather not eat, started wolfing down his plate of cheesy Shawarma Chicken Rice with gusto. I didn't have to remind him to take in a spoonful! He was shoving all that creamy Shawarma rice inside his hungry mouth!


As for me, I poured all of the sauces I could get a hold on from the table and made a delicious mess out of my SHAWARMA BROS Keema and the vegetable salsa!

Oh wow! Every mouthful is a delicious blend of spices, seasonings, and exotic flavors! It was made all the more exciting with the crunch of the sweet vegetables and creamy sauces!

Egad! I'm supposed to watch my carb intake but I'm almost done!!! Now what should I do???

Order an extra plate of SHAWARMA BROS Pita Bread (P30.00) to mop out all the leftover meats, rice, and sauces! Har de har har!!

Like so! 

Mati was so happy with his food that he kept on making loud chomping noises.

As for Andrei, I was so happy that he is about to finish his SHAWARMA BROS plate!

Yohoo! Look at him go!

And we're done!

It's a rare occasion that Andrei is finished along with us!

Check out how he wiped out the food from his plate!

We love sauces and cannot get enough of the concoctions from SHAWARMA BROS! I hope that they will just have canisters per table so that there wouldn't be so much waste with the plastic tubs.

Mati and Andrei really loved the food and sauces at SHAWARMA BROS that they were scraping their plate till it did not have a grain left!!!!

They were almost licking their plates clean!

Don't worry. Just ALMOST!

Oops! Spoke too soon. He he he he he!


Very affordable right?

We all left SHAWARMA BROS so stuffed and happy! It was such a pleasant surprise too that even if Andrei did not fancy Shawarma too much, he was able to finish everything on his plate!

After SHAWARMA BROS, we passed by FAMILY MART for some dessert!

Master Mati headed directly for the soft ice cream!

Andrei followed suit but was able to dispense a naughty looking ice cream cone.

Check out how giggly he was with his creation!

After our dessert, we went to the LEGO store in Fort. The boys loved Lego but it was our first time to go there. It was not as big as we expected.

Still, the little lords enjoyed it and Mati tried to spell out FTW (For the Watch... este... Win).

He just ran out of the Lego blocks that he needed so he was only able to make a small V. He he he he he!

Then they just made Lego houses!

Hmmm.... Flowers on Andrei's Lego house. Okay.

MORE flowers on Mati's LEGO house. 

Okay! It's time to go!


Overall we had such a fun day celebrating with the boys on the last day of their exams. The Chinese Adonis and I were so happy that the little lords loved the food. 

Well-l, a little too much! 

I know that they were going to like it, but we didn't expect them to really, really, really, really, really, LOVE it!

Yes. LOVE to the point of MOMMY MUTINY!


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well. The story of my life.


2/F BGC Stopover Pavillion, 
Rizal Dr cor 31st St,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(0977) 325-7032


  1. Hi, this is an amazing review. Can you also please make a review of TURKS? They're specialty is also shawarma but they call it as 'doner.' TURKS is my number 1 bet when it comes to shawarma so I'd like to know if how you'll rate it. Thank you and more power ERICJAZ FOODIES!

    1. Hiya Erwin! How are you? Thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely check it out the next time we're in SM :) I saw their menu and those doners are mouth watering nga! And wow! Prices are cheap ah! Yun palang winner na! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear more of you soon! CHEERS!


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