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Friday, September 25, 2015


When we were in Japan, my siblings made it a point to go to places that have historical significance or where we could have major food-trippings.  Alas, in Tokyo, they were able to put those two ultimo supremos together. And that was in the usual foodie wonderland....


If you haven't heard about this, then food is not really a priority and you're just a faker!

UNLESS of course if your top priority is ALDEN RICHARDS, then that's ok.

He he he he he! (Pabebe wave) 


From the hotel, THIS is what we have to contend with when we got to the train station. Good thing that my brothers have already mastered the art of the railways in Japan!

Of course, the arrows really helped.

UNLESS, our destination is in the middle. What gives??? Ha ha ha!

After the train, we had a bit of a walk. Good thing that even if it was sunny in Tokyo that morning, it was cool enough for a jacket!

I don't really like any form of physical movement (unless it's biting and chewing) but walking in Japan was so fine by me because there was always something to see.

For some reason, I often see (and feel) the marriage of the old (and new) in their structures (and people)!

If I'm not making sense, I'm sure you'll know what I mean when you get there.

I like how even if Japan is so advanced in technology and business, their cities are not congested with buildings, vehicles, and people!

The only uber crowded area that we encountered in Japan is our road going to TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

But this is one hustle and bustle that I don't mind.

Because everywhere you look, you'll see people slurping on noodles...

Selling exotic spices...

Buying fillets of something...

Yelling out to sell dried goodies.... 

And lining up for bowls of food!

Why hello cute lady checking out!

The great thing about this food haven near TSUKIJI FISH MARKET is that you'll be able to use your "cowboy" skills and just strike anywhere when eating your purchased food. 

I'm normally very particular on air-conditioning and body odor but I'm glad in Japan the weather was cool and everybody smelled okay!

Nobody picks their nose too!

Wait a minute...

And after a while, we're still walking!

I'm thankful that the little lords did not throw a hissy-fit and were all in good moods!

We're almost near! I could feel it!

At this point, the breeze became got chillier and there was a faint smell of saltwater in the air.

I actually HATE going to wet markets because I don't like the smell and seeing dead animals. But this place seem so alright with me.

The only thing to be concerned about are these motorized carts or the turret trucks! 

These things move so fast and would whizz out of nowhere!

And finally, we're here!


TSUKIJI MARKET is famous for the wholesale and distribution of various meats, fish, and flowers around Tokyo.

But what the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET is actually famous for is the seafood and the Tuna auctions that they hold further inside.

Photo from Japan Travel Guide
Like so!

My Kuya Jon suggested we look around the wholesale market and see the magic that is in this famous spot in TSUKIJI!

When we got inside, we were just dazzled with the many boxes containing fresh seafoods!

Oooh la la!

Now this is MY kind of shopping.

Too bad though that we cannot do any cooking today so it is just "window shopping" for us.

We walked along first in the wholesale area which became a famous attraction for tourists. 

The good thing about the wholesale area in the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET is that they also have stores selling their Japanese delicacies!

Like super kaduper fresh sashimi!

You could take your pick if you want slabs and big chunks of your raw tuna!

The sliced Tuna Sashimi is already so fine by me!

As much as I love seafood, I would certainly pass on the fish eyes. 

Kuya Jay and Karen treated us to some Tuna Sashimi. While they were buying, we took some selfies! Hi hi hi!

As much as they love having customers, the growing visits of tourists became a happy problem for the vendors in TSUKIJI FISH MARKET. Sure the number of people were probable buyers but the old structure for the market may not be strong enough since the builders before did not anticipate that it would become a tourist spot. 

At the same time, the visitors would somehow be in the way of the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET's course of business and we all know how the Japanese are serious with their work.

As much as we wanted to go further inside and see where they auction the fresh tuna, my Kuya Jon suggested that it would be safer if we just call it a day inside the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET. Since we were with kiddies, he feared for their safety with the turret trucks.

These things really moved so fast to do its business pronto. If it was a thing of concern outside, imagine how it is further inside when it gets more cramped with the market stalls and crates.

So for now, it's good bye TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

We will definitely be back anyway!

And now it's time for something to eat!

It was almost noon and the sun is up. We suddenly missed the coldness in the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

Now where to?

We wanted to go for the nearest sushi near the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET but it was all full!

Would you believe that these are stalls beside more stalls of sushi?

Yep! Each one had a line and a mind of its own!

Ngii! Me hungry!

I'm almost tempted to enter these restaurants via the backdoors! He he he he!

While walking, we saw the real Yoshinoya in Japan!

Hmmmm... Should we go in? But we are really craving for sushi!

We were all getting so hungry and delirious that it looked like Mati is carrying a big fish here!

I must be seeing things because now even the Chinese Adonis looks like he's carrying a big fish too!

Woah! it did not help that we saw these guys slicing up some fresh sashimi!

If all else fails we'll just buy from here and eat it in the hotel!

Finally my brothers were able to find a decent sushi restaurant that had manageable lines and a very accommodating lady.

Wohoo! Finally!

Check out our lunch at SUSHI SEN!!!

After the delicious sushi lunch, we are back outside to contend with the crowds!

But do we go home already?


When in TSUKIJI MARKET, you shop and EAT some more!

Care for some Tamago?

My Kuya Jon had it and he said it was awesome!

The aroma from this stall is so mouth watering.

But my eye caught these two ladies sharing a grilled sea urchin!


I especially liked these grilled seafoods with special sauce on a flat shell! I sniffed and got a whiff of charcoal, butter, and the freshness from the sea!

My Kuya Jay treated us to some! Wohoo!

At this point, I was trying my best not to gobble up the whole thing!

It had fish, squid, oysters, scallops, you name it, it almost has it!

My poor husband wasn't able to eat anything in the sushi restaurant for lunch. But don't pity him too much.  He was having loads of fun outside the TSUKIJI MARKET!

He got these fishcakes with crab claws which he gobbled in an instant!

He cannot believe how this tasted so good!

The Chinese Adonis was so drawn to the long lines going for bowls of this bubbling brown concoction!

Ooh! Topped rice!

I don't know what is it about this bubbling hot ground pork meat with red oily sauce. The people at TSUKIJI MARKET were just lining up all over it!

The thing is, they only have 3 or 4 stools for eating in and you have to wait your turn.

You could have it for take out but it is still taking soooo long!

As for me, I decided that I want to try out the noodles this old couple were serving.

These two were so cute! The old guy carefully boils and assembles the egg noodles while his wife daintily puts the toppings.

There is nothing hasty nor sloppy for these two.They made all of the noodle bowls with love and care. I was astonished at how they put a lot of effort in each order to think this is just an eatery!

That's what I admire about the Japanese. No matter how simple or astonishing their jobs are, they still treat their work with a lot of pride and respect!

And finally I got my bowl! I paid for it and took it to the one of the tables. Will eat this standing up!

The shoyu broth was light and had mild saltiness of soy into it. The chasyu pork may not be as tender as what we had in other restaurants but it definitely soaked in all the flavors of the soup. The noodles were still perfectly al dente and the vegetable toppings certainly added layers of texture and refreshing taste into the whole dish. 

My husband didn't like the veggies but he certainly slurped up the soup and the noodles with me!

After we're done eating, we did a bit of shopping around TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

I bundled up on these colorful cloth wrappings for bento boxes and other stuff. Cool right?

After we're all happy and full, it's time to walk back to the normal world!

Good thing I'm not hungry and delirious anymore. Otherwise, I would've thought this guy was ALDEN RICHARDS.

Yes because the guy above looks more like the Chinese Adonis!


5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
+81 3-3542-1111


  1. Inggit ako na try mo to! Next time talaga pupuntahan namin to!! Bye the way. May birthday wish ako. Although november pa. Greet lang ako ni Alden ok na hahaha!

    1. Go dear Erika! I'm sure you'll have so much fun in Tsukiji Market! Ha ha ha ha ha h!!!

      Uuuuy advance Happy Birthday! Gawan natin ng paraan yan! :)

    2. Waah! Ngayon palang Thank you na!! At ngayon palang kinikilig na ko! Di pa din ako maka move on sa kahapon!!! Pabebe wave!


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