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Thursday, September 3, 2015


One Sunday night, the Chinese Adonis, Mati, and I were craving for some authentic Korean grub that is not in our usual Powerplant Mall. We then remembered that there is this cheap Korean buffet in San Juan that our friends recently ate in and raved about. So we immediately made a mental note to answer our dinner craving there. 

We invited dear Andrei to go but surprise, surprise, our little finicky eater deserted us to go with his Lolo and Lola. It's okay, last thing we need is somebody whining while we attack the buffet anyway. He he he he he he!

Oops... Did I just "say" that out loud???


Lucky us! They now have a promo wherein dinner buffet go for their lunch rates! 

Wohoo! We'll be able to save more while we eat more!

Here's the view from the outside.Whew the place is packed!

Calling for reservations is really advised. SODAM got full in no time!

There are more tables on the second floor but it's such a hassle to stay there when the buffet is on the first floor.

If you don't have reservations, you'll be seated by the somewhat inconsiderate pregnant cashier there. We were eyeing this empty table with a reservation time that already passed for about 20 minutes. I asked if we could take it since the dinner guests were late. She kept on insisting that the guests called already that they were on their way.

But still right? We're already here, why not give it to us?

Later on the Korean owner and one of the servers came to us and advised the pregnant cashier that she should seat the late party upstairs. They saw my point and gave us the table. 


We asked very nicely mind you!

While we were about to go to our table the pregnant cashier saw Mati and even called out "ANG BABAYARAN NYO PO AY 3 FULL BUFFET PRICES!!!"

Obviously we will. Oh well. I guess she's hormonal. 

Thankful for this very nice and accommodating server in SODAM who helped us with our table. Afterwards, she really looked after all of the diners with a smile.


Mati and Daddy!

Of course, nobody took my picture.

The food doesn't bite kid!
The buffet at SODAM was very simple but I feel that it gives you great bang for your buck!

All dishes were fresh from the fryers or the coolers! The servers and owner of SODAM are so quick to replenish when an entree nears its emptiness.

He he he he he...


Hot soup!

Potato Croquettes!

Sweet Corn (ready for the grill!)

SODAM Jap Chae!

SODAM Fried Rice!

SODAM Beef Bulgogi!

SODAM Seafood in Oyster sauce!

SODAM mussels in chili sauce!

SODAM Fried Calamari!

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus!

These were SOOOOO good!

Vegetables in Chili sauce!

And a VERY drool worthy fish!

Dishes change depending on the availability (this fish just came out of nowhere) so don't expect the same items to be served when you eat there.

Of course, you shouldn't miss the Ban Chans in Korean Buffets!

Sweet potato!

Chili Eggplants!

Kimchi, Peanuts, Korean Pancake, Pickled Onions, and MORE Kimchi!

SODAM also had a "make your own Bibimbap" station which Mati loved!

There's hot plain rice that you get from the cooker!

Then add to it all your desired toppings!

A lot of the diners lined up here.

Of course, my master Mati made this his first stop!

Dessert is not included in SODAM but they have a decent selection available in their freezers.

Now take your pick!

There may be a lot of dishes in their buffet but please, for the love of all who desire Alden Richards (????), thou shall not forget to get multiple servings of their beef and pork for the grill!

No need to ask for it really. Upon sitting down, SODAM servers will give you wooden tiers of frozen strips of beef and pork. 

Of course, don't expect grade 1000 quality for the beef. For the price, I find their meat offerings still worth it.

Beef strips were pink and I didn't detect any freezer burns!

The pork strips were so thinly sliced that it grilled up into crispy bacon afterwards!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati in SODAM!!

Getting my grub at SODAM!

I often wear this dress, don't I? He he he he he!

My first plate!

When we're out, my husband takes care of the grill. While cooking, he helped himself to some food to keep himself company.

Like so!

The Chinese Adonis is VERY good with his grill!

Our first serving of grilled SODAM beef.

Now I know I am not an expert but THIS looks mighty good!

The succulent beef was perfect for my pimped up lettuce wrap after a dip in my chili sauce.

My master Mati loved spicy food and loaded up on the chili sauce on his Bibimbap as well.

My dearest gobbled this up in no time.

Mati's second bowl!

Yup. Still loaded with chili sauce. 

My second plate in SODAM!

And we're finally done!

Our SODAM bill!

Wohoo! So affordable! Hopefully they extend this promo for eternity. He he he he he...

Before leaving, I said thank you to the very hands-on Korean owner of SODAM. She really watched over her diners, had a keen eye over the buffet dishes on what needed replenishing, and prioritized customer service. No wonder the restaurant is always packed! You could feel the Korean love!

I told her that we will be back!

After our delicious Korean dinner, my boys and I had dessert somewhere. Then it's time to go home.


I usually review the pictures at night to pick out which ones will stay for the blog. I almost fell off the bed when THIS surprised me!

DAN! DAN! DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei snatched his Daddy's phone and took pictures!

He he he he he! I guess somebody DID miss us while we were gone even if he's having fun with his grandparents.

It was either THAT or he just wanted to mock us further. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry Andrei, we'll take you with us next time even if you don't want us to!

And I don't care if you whine or wail in objection. We had such a great meal at SODAM that we cannot let you miss it!

He he he he he he!

It's just SODAM good!

Sorry. You know I had to do it.


 331 P. Guevarra Street, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 2469069 ext:264

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