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Friday, September 11, 2015


For day-3 in Japan, we were dragging our selves from walking all day from the temples that we went to in Kyoto. It was really a long, tiring, but ultra fun day that we all just wanted to plop ourselves on the beds of TOKYU STAY NIHONBASHI  and just snooze a year or two. But alas, we haven't eaten yet. Now where should we go to satisfy our tired yet loudly grumbling tummy?

Good thing that at the street across our hotel, we saw this small restaurant with the lights still on. At first we were a bit hesitant since there wasn't anyone there, but the big hulky Japanese guy gestured that it was fine for us to go in.

And so, SUKIYA it is!

I forgot what time it was but it was really late. The busy streets of Tokyo were clear and there were no humans in sight.

The two people I see there look like robots. You won't know for sure in Japan because they DID invent the Transformers right?


And we saw our food savior, SUKIYA!

My brothers and sisters checked out the menu and gave it their thumb's up for approval.

Actually, you could give us raw okra and we would still eat it from being too hungry.

SUKIYA menu!

Pretty affordable right?

And we're going right in. 

Like I said above, at first we were hesitant because we were the only ones in the restaurant. But after the lone server assured us that SUKIYA was open, we went right in.

It was very curious though because while we were eating, there were 2 Japanese gentlemen who sat by one of the tables. The Japanese server called out something to them and they stood up to leave.

We just concluded that the restaurant was really near closing time and the lone attendant invited us in because we all looked like pathetic "Olivers" wanting more.

Oh well...

Thank you SUKIYA lone attendant! You just saved our lives that night.

Well almost. e He he he he he!

There he is hiding behind the wall. Tee hee!

SUKIYA menu again...

SUKIYA menu on the walls...

And another SUKIYA menu on the opposite wall.

I think this is their breakfast menu!

We all made our orders and sat by the counter. While waiting for our food, I tackled on the condiments in front of me. 

In Japan, they really encourage you to do everything yourself BUT, they won't give you a hard time doing so. 

And it's complete too with matching salad dressings!

Hmmm... I wonder what would happen if I put this over my rice..... You know me. The mayonnaise/cream addict.

My brothers and sisters were impressed that there is only one SUKIYA attendant manning the whole restaurant. 

Even if he was all alone, food came right on time and the place was clean. 

The Chinese Adonis and I were trying to diet that night so we just shared an order of Vegetable topped rice.

And a SUKIYA Beef rice with pickled ginger!

You THOUGHT that we were only going to have vegetables for the night???


This was a set meal and it was more than enough for us!

My boring sister had the same (minus our vegetables).

As for little Andrei he ordered, yes ordered, a SUKIYA Tuna Sashimi bowl over sushi rice!

Yep! He really wanted to try this one!

Mati went for the SUKIYA Beef Rice with extra kimchi!

My brother got the vegetable bowl! He he he he he!

He eats fast like the Chinese Adonis!

Kuya Jay and Karen ordered the WOW dish for the night -- the SUKIYA Bulgogi Rice Meal with Soup (Y580.00)!!!


The food was enough for 2 people...

With some beggars (like me) on the side!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my family in SUKIYA!!!

After the Chinese Adonis was done with his food, he feasted on a cup of yoghurt.

Oh he's so weird I know.

One minute he's all "I'm gonna eat all the fat and ox brains with my rice" then the next he'll be like pinky-finger-sticking-out-while-having-yoghurt.... 

And they say I'M fickle minded!

The cuteness overload that night for me was Andrei! He really wolfed down the raw tuna and rice with so much glee and gusto!

He even put wasabi in his soy sauce!


My fussy little eater is allergic to food, he hates eating! That's why I'm so happy that he loved his SUKIYA order so much that he was raring to finish it! 

Go Andrei!

As for Mati, he eats everything in sight. Boring... boring.

Kidding! Ha ha ha ha! I always rave that my master Mati is such a foodie and this trip is no exception. He really feasted on the food that adults would like!

Can't talk. Eating.


As for the Chinese Adonis, he moved on with a cold bottle of Asahi -- cools so well and warm as a breeze!

Little Andrei was taking his sweet time relishing the deliciousness of his tuna over rice. 

Some cuteness never change.

Our SUKIYA bill! 

If you're wondering why THE YAPPY BUNCH orders are so cheap, it's because we got the small or regular size of the dish!

SUKIYA may have been a last resort to us but that doesn't mean  we didn't enjoy the food. In fact, we LOVED it! We're so glad that it was just there in front of us, so near the hotel during the night when we were too tired to think properly. 

I guess, some things are truly meant to be. 


 Japan, 〒103-0023 Tokyo, Chuo, 
Nihonbashihoncho, 4 Chome−9−1, 三勝ビル
+81 120-498-007

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  1. Turo-turo system din kayo pag umorder? LOL!

    1. Ha ha ha ha Bap, medj!!!! Turo turo kain alis.... Ha ha ha ha ha!


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