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Monday, September 21, 2015


IT'S THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2015!!! My favorite foodie event of the year!!

Once again we joined other gluttons like us in celebrating our love for eating by being food critics for the day. The venue for the ULTIMATE gluttony party was going to be in Glorietta, and even if we had prior commitments promised on the same day, we will move mountains just to be able to make it.

After all, where could we have a date night where we could be food critics like Padma Lakshmi or Anton Ego while helping ourselves to the hottest food finds that will hit the Metro?


I mean, yes we could do role playing for date night but dessert is already included in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! (Naughty... Naughty wink!)

Now let me share with your our ULTIMATE foodie night!!!!


Even way before ERICJAZ FOODIES, my husband and I are already fans of ANTON DIAZ of OUR AWESOME PLANET. That's why when he came up with THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, it really became our couple "mission" to attend. 

Imagine our thrill when we met Anton in the flesh! The first food blogger that I stalked ever! The excitement I felt back then was like meeting the King of Westeros but Mr. Diaz is the ruler of our food online!

Yeah I would ALWAYS make a GAME OF THRONE reference whenever I can to cope with my wait for Season 6. So. There.

Anyway, that was in 2012! The first ULTIMATE TASTE TEST we went to. It was also made more special because my little Mati joined us!

We had so much fun that day that we promised to attend EVERY ULTIMATE TASTE TEST events!


Uuuy... The Chinese Adonis has dimples...

And last year, 2014!

This year, our day was packed so we were not able to go to the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST as early as we wanted to. But of course, we will still go.

It will be an ULTIMATE sin to my tummy if we don't!!

It was the first time for THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST to be held in the Glorietta Activity Center. This proved to be more of a party for us because many people saw (and smelled) what was cooking inside and joined in on the fun.

Tickets were reasonably sold at P500.00. Believe me that price is SO worth it! For a fee that is much less than restaurant buffets out there but you could sample goodies from about 50 food vendors, that is such a steal! 

PLUS some vendors would let you get a second or third helping so for me it's almost like a buffet where you could eat all you can. 

For this year, ERICJAZ FOODIES were guests of OUR AWESOME PLANET (yihiii kiligations) so we didn't have to pay for anything. I hope Mr. Diaz wouldn't realize soon that we'll still attend even if he doesn't invite us as his guests. Tee heee!!!

Uh oh.... ??

Registration was very organized and even if it was already about 7:00pm, the ladies attending to us were still all smiles. 

Maybe they thought we were ALDUB? Many people say there's a resemblance you know.

By people I meant me, myself, Eric, and my Mom.

My official ULTIMATE TASTE TEST ballot!

The ballot contains the names of all food purveyors and a guide in the scoring. The ULTIMATE TASTE TEST already thought of everything as they provided ballpens as well!

Hmmm... I wonder who will I grade with a "5 -- Awesome I would recommend!"?

Too bad we cannot rate attendees. I know somebody I would give a loving 5 to!

Tee hee!


Now I wonder where I am?

If you think that 40 food vendors are a cinch to finish, think again. EVERY YEAR even if I start off all hungry and angry to do EVERYTHING, I only get to taste food from half of the names listed. I know I am (almost) the size of a whale but I always get full even before I reach dessert!

It's time to join the food jungle!

When I got inside, I immediately saw the man of the hour, Mr. Anton Diaz and his lovely wife Rachel! Of course, I lost no opportunity for a picture doing my new favorite, ALDUB wave. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Whenever I see MRS. AWESOME PLANET, I'm often astounded at how flawless and blooming she is. I always tell her that I'm inggit with her 4 boys. Haaaay! I want to have more kiddies but my husband is not in the mood for it yet. 

I hope my husband would allow himself to be taken advantage by me sometime. He he he he he he he! Kidding!

Inside, I saw the Lechon Diva herself, Ms. Dedet Fuentes of PEPITA'S KITCHEN!

Yohooo! Great to see Joan and Stonibert of THE FOOD ALPHABET!!! They're going to be my kumpares and kumares officially soon! So excited!

While I was chatting with my fellow KTG peeps, our Boss Man dear Spanky Enriquez was hosting THE ULTIMATE EVENT!

Like the ever dependable friend that he is to all of us, dear Spanky is always there to help his kumpare Anton with his hosting powers!

So what are we waiting for Chinese Adonis? 

Armed with our green badges, let us now officially start our tour around THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

Our first choice!

I started off with the one that almost hypnotized me with a whiff of their frying sausages.


This became an early favorite for me with their fat and juicy sausages! Wow! What a delicious way to kick off this foodie event!

21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo City

When I passed by this stall and saw a huge mound of cheese on the table, I knew that I had to make a stop. CASA DEL FORMAGGIO answered my cheese craving for the day.

I'm really no expert but all I know is that I love the taste of cheese no matter kind. For me, the smellier, the better! Though the cheese morsels they gave me were "sniff-friendly", it still tasted delish with bread and crackers.

The Chinese Adonis also chomped on a lot of these fried chips from THC! I'm surprised that he did not get a whole bag to take home!

Truly Home Made Chips

Up next we went to another station for carnivores like us...


Their roast beef was insanely juicy and so flavorful! If it was not too early in the game I would've already asked for 5 more servings of this!

Next up for us are bitefuls of HERBS Fried Chicken with cream sauce and truffle potatoes!

Anything with truffle is something I am always willing to try and surely love later on!

Herbs Bistro Groups
63925-476-8444 / 632-931-2261 

Care for some overloaded buckets of a favorite munchy?

Then try some IRISH POTATOES!

I wasn't able to try these because my husband wiped out his small bucket in a flash!

While going around I came upon CHIVY AND CO. 

I love Hainanese Chicken so I didn't hesitate in getting my taste of this succulent looking bird.

They also gave us spoonfuls of the Pollo wrap which were a bit spicy. Just the way I liked it!  If it was not too embarrassing to ask for more, I would have.

I did though later on. For dessert. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Sorry but I cannot find any contact number!)

I was in the mood for some more meat and was drawn to PAPPY'S BARBECUE HOUSE!

The accommodating servers informed me though that their Wagyu will be mixed in with the rice. Drats! Oh well... I need my daily carbs anyway!

PAPPY'S BARBECUE HOUSE gave me a scoop of their tender ground meat mixed into sticky rice. The taste was milder than I thought it would be but still very appetizing. This would be a great side dish to a plump roast beef or turkey!!


My plate!!!

So glad that THE FOOD ALPHABET and mareng Joan stayed by to chat some more!

And dear Spanky too!



A refreshing sight for me in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was this kiosk from BAKMI NYONYA!

As much as I appreciated the snacks, the meats, and the desserts, I was looking for something different from all the food served including the previous ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! I was happy that this is the first time to find Indonesian food among the ranks so I really helped myself to it!

AND yum! It was so good! My husband won't shut up raving over the satay while I enjoyed slurping on the braised noodles! 

Glad to see AND taste more diversity in THIS ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

101 Maginhawa st. Near Up diliman Quezon City

Like my reaction with BAKMI NYONYA, I was happy to find that there was a UTT stall serving Mediterranean food!

HUMMUS ELIJAH specialized in the glorious chick pea and the appetizers that you would often find in food carts.

I'm such a sucker for hummus and I was raring too try it! I was just too full already by this point but it certainly looked awesome!


If you're trying to lessen your beef and pork intake, check out the delicious chomps at FISHERFARMS!

They were frying up these fat fish frankfurter kebabs that definitely reeled us in with its mouth-watering aroma!

The Fried Bangus was a worthy contender too! I love that it had a lot of fish fat per piece!

632-584-9719 / 632 584-3318

For this year's ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, I'm glad to find another vendor serving aromatic Spanish food!

TARLAQUENA catering cooked up a hearty stew of Callos ladled over a helping of paella rice! 

So yum till the last spoonful!

The potato croquets were extra good too!

632-9215354 / 426-1554

While the Yubskers and I were eating, this SHEBANG lady went up to us and offered some mushroom appetizers. Of course, since we were disarmed with her hotness, we just dove right in (even if the Yubsker doesn't eat veggies. HA!)

After composing ourelves, I went up to the kiosk of KABUTEHAN and found more attractive people there! He he he he he he!

But KABUTEHAN is not just about its attractive owner and server, These specialty mushrooms are happiness packed in a bottle! So perfect for appetizers, pasta, and even as a vegetarian "ulam" as well!

Not only that. KABUTEHAN is working with GAWAD KALINGA so these delicious mushrooms are for a good cause as well!

My second plate of food!

You may think that samples are not enough but I beg to disagree!

At the second plate, I'm already feeling a little something something!

But still, I left room for my favorite of them all...

My ULTIMATE in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST would have to be salpicao from AUNTIE MAYS!

The tender beef chunks were so juicy and very flavorful! The sauce laden with garlic just screamed for extra rice and I could just see myself wolfing down a whole plate of it!

Oh like so!

Auntie May was actually there and I told her to give me a smile while showing a 5. She gladly obliged!

Yep! Especially after getting 3 servings of her lipsmacking salpicao, I was really bound to give her the perfect score!! The unforgettable and my favorite dish for the day!

Angus Beef Salpicao and US Beef Tapa
0917-8001088 / 0998-8698459 / 0917-8850508



For his first dessert, my husband was very partial to YVETTE'S PASTILLAS AND PASALUBONG!

He said he ate A LOT of these!

09081905632 / 09985754837

The Chinese Adonis loved these cookie sticks for his dessert. Usually my guy would go for Filipino sweets (pastillas, kakanin, durian candy...) but this time, he went out of his usuals and helped himself to these elongated cookies! 

This would be so perfect for packed lunches and picnics!!!!

Gumamela St. Sampaguita Village, Malanday
Marikina City
(02) 941 7136

The Chinese Adonis walked on and was surprised to see this beautiful lady promoting CHOCO-LIQUOR Cakes!

My husband does not really fancy alcohol in his dessert but he still had a try. He commented that the cake was very moist and fudgy that he was almost licking the icing off his spoon!

+63 917 864-8282 for orders

If you're into pies, THE KING'S CRUMBS bakeshop will certainly get you going!

As if pies are not figure friendly enough! Indulge in their luscious and creamy pies that would make you forget the word "diet!"

While my husband went for his usual favorites for dessert (ice cream and ice cream!!) I looked for something that will be perfect with coffee. And with that, I tumbled onto BEIGNETS by KAPENG MAINIT!

BEIGNET'S, for the love of all things holy, should never, EVER be confused with the famous fried pork from Ilocos! Please know that it is actually THE capital dessert from New Orleans and are light pastries dusted with powdered sugar!

I have heard only great things about KAPENG MAINIT's Beignets and I delightfully discovered that all the oohs and aahs in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST were true! The beignets had a light crunch but was very airy and soft on the inside. The creamy matcha gave the bitefuls a wonderful surprise that would only make you want to reach for another one. 

And THAT I did!

With a matching 5!!!!

KAPENG MAINIT features more than just sweet desserts! Check out their other great dishes too!

Block 3 lot 6, Tropical Avenue, BF Homes, Las Pinas City

While we were eating, dear Spanky passed by and let us have a sip of this hot drink he was trying. Turns out it was ARROZ, a roasted rice drink!

The idea of grounded rice to drink seem really gross at first, but after a sip I understood how other people would take a liking to it.

The drink was smooth and not as strong as coffee but it had that slightly burnt rice taste into it that actually works for a morning brew. Quite good if you're concerned about your caffeine intake!


Don't judge it till you've tried it!

Extra drinks were provided by SAN MIGUEL LIFESTYLE BREWS! 

The most worthy finish for me to cap off another ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is my cupful of BACIO GELATO!

I was able to try their chocolate Gelato and I was blown away by the creaminess and fudge of just one teaspoonful! It was like eating a frozen chocolate cake! So rich and scrumptious!

PLUS! The owner was kinda cute. Ha ha ha ha ha!


It was great bumping into dear pretty Donna who is connected now with BISTRO GROUP! Looking forward to seeing more of her soon!

The Chinese Adonis and I are having so much fun on this kind of date night stuffing ourselves with different types of food!

My joy was short-lived though because the Chinese Adonis ate too much and excused himself to "rest" a bit in a special room. Ha ha ha ha ha h ah!

That's the story of my life! EVERY TIME!

When the Chinese Adonis and I would attend THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST before, the crowds would thin out by closing time.

It's different this year! People just kept coming in and helping themselves to all the delicious food to sample. It became some sort of party and all of us happy gluttons were invited! The vibe was just so fun!

You would think that with a room full of people, I would feel irritated and suffocated. That certainly didn't happen in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! There was still a lot of space to roam around, eat, and mingle. My husband and I had  really great time!

So great that I was doing the ALDUB Pabebe Wave while eating. HA H HA HA HA!

Congratulations once more to dear Mr. Anton Diaz!!! Even though it is a  new venue, your ULTIMATE TASTE TEST definitely rocked everyone's foodie Saturday!!!! According to Mr. Diaz, all tickets were sold-out and the number of hungry "tasters" were more than he expected. Yohooo! Great job!

So that means there definitely WILL be another ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!!! This early on, my husband and I will be blocking whatever date that is!

Later on the crew from OUR AWESOME PLANET got a short video of me on my views of this year's ULTIMATE TASTE TEST. As usual in my shyness and happiness, I rambled on. I hope the viewers will be more focused on my weirdness so they won't notice my big "biceps". He he he he he he!

The ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is about to end so it is time to draw out our ballots!

Guess who owns this?

Guess who owns this too!!

When we were all done, the Chinese Adonis dropped our ballots in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST box!

And THAT is a wrap!!!

What I love about THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is that ordinary foodies like us get to have a say on the up and coming food trend that will invade the cuisine scene. It gives us all a certain taste (pun intended) of fulfillment knowing that we were there when a certain restaurant or famous food was just starting! The great thing about it too is that THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is not just for couples or friends who are out for a good time. It is also a VERY fun idea for a Saturdate with the family and the kids as the food is cooked with everyone in mind (old, young, health conscious, meat-lovers, dieters, and quitters).  This year, the choices were more diverse and being the usual gluttons that we are, the Chinese Adonis and I appreciated that there were more main entrees (read: MEATS!!!!) to satisfy our intense hunger that Saturday night. Hopefully the same will happen again next year!

May I take special mention too that there are a LOT of good looking chefs, owners, and vendors, who participated in todays UTT? Oh yes! Good-looking, cute, and SHEBANGS! RAWR!

Hopefully, THAT will happen again next year too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously, this is the BEST ULTIMATE TASTE TEST for us to date! This certainly got us MORE excited and looking forward to UTT 2016!!!!!!!

Thank you to dear Anton Diaz for having ERICJAZ FOODIES in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! We really enjoyed ourselves! Believe me, this is something we really plan on doing EVERY year till kingdom come!

Thank you so much dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES! We are looking forward to gate-crashing again next year when you host. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!


After the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, the Chinese Adonis and I watched "MAZE RUNNER 2: THE SCORCH TRIALS" to complete our Saturday Date Night!

Now if THAT isn't a date night, I don't know what is!


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  1. Always wanted to go to this event but everytime they have it I have other activities scheduled as well! Haaaay! Maybe next year!

    1. Sayang Bap you were not in this year's ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! We loved the selection and there were more meats! Hopefully next year you'll join us na. Because promise, it's really FUN!


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