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Monday, October 5, 2015


Our trip to Japan is almost coming to an end but that doesn't mean we're just going to sit around and eat Sushi or slurp on Ramen.

Come to think of it, that doesn't sound so bad for a last day celebration. He he he he he he

Anywho, since we felt like leaving Japan with a bang, we thought of going to the famous OSAKA CASTLE on our last day. Yep. THE YAPPY BUNCH went there hours before our flight going back to Manila. We figured we cannot just leave Japan without going to one of its oldest historical sites and immersing ourselves into their honorable culture one last time (for 2015 at least).

When we were done, we were so glad that we went to OSAKA CASTLE instead of being lazy before our flight. Even the little lords agreed! It may not be possible but yes, we found another level of respect for the Japanese after learning more about their courage and love for tradition.

And, even if a bowl of Ramen or a plate of sushi may be more delicious, the experience and memories that we had in OSAKA CASTLE will last us a lifetime.

WHICH we will be glad to reminisce over bowls of Ramen and Sushi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

By the way, I apologize but there are no history nor special trivias about OSAKA CASTLE here. This is more like our photo journal of the fun we had there. Hope you guys will have enjoy your time when you go to this special Japanese landmark as well!


Our hotel was so near OSAKA CASTLE that we were able to go there by foot. There was only a slight drizzle so our water-resistant jackets came in quite handy!

Empty streets!

I don't really like walking because  I'm just plain lazy. But I don't mind doing so in Japan.

Especially that there are flowers and trees everywhere.

There was a time when whenever we see a pedestrian walk the boys would do a Gangnam style trot.

THIS is one of those times for me and Andrei!

Where to?

We came upon the West Outer Moat of OSAKA CASTLE.

Before we even got to OSAKA CASTLE, we saw a map to aid us in getting to the famous structure.

Hopefully they would also have English directions in the future. 

After the slight drizzle, the weather became perfect for us.

Add to that were greens from the grass and trees -- so relaxing!

We haven't officially entered OSAKA CASTLE yet and we have already taken dozens of pictures!

The Otemon (Western Gate)!

Upon entering the Western gate you will still see some more doors going to OSAKA CASTLE.

Even if we are already married for 11 years, I still discover something new about my spouse. For our Japan trip, I discovered that my husband loves ancient woodwork. He can't stop staring and raving at it.

He really told me to stand by this wooden entrance for a picture.

I understand his fascination with it but I was just surprised that he shared my same appreciation at something that has been there for centuries!

In his case though, he is awed that the wood is still standing strong up to now.

OSAKA CASTLE features this week!

We also admired the large stonewalls surround the castle. 

While walking, we also came upon this dojo with students studying the ways of the samurai. He he he he he he he!

Outside the OSAKA CASTLE walls were many kiosks selling famous "street foods"

We definitely know where to have lunch later!

Check out our delicious meal there, HERE!

In front of that is another gate.

Check out the girl in pink. He he he he he!

This part of the castle actually served as a moat probably serving a line of defense.

On the other side, still waters defend the OSAKA CASTLE walls.

I think this is the first time I saw garbage littered in Japan.

But it is still a picturesque view if you ask me.

We took a short rest and waited for Andrei to finish his ice cream.

When he was done, I wiped his sticky face full of chocolate ice cream. He he he he he he!

I know it's wrong but I still love babying my bunsoy Andrei. It gives me a certain kind of thrill to feel needed by my boys.

Even if they don't want to. 

Of course, this merits another family picture again by the Sakuramon Gate!

While walking we came upon this restaurant and cafe that was inside in what looked like an ancient jail building. 

If you have the whole day, you could try out the whole OSAKA CASTLE experience.

And we finally see it from afar.

The outside of OSAKA CASTLE seem like a park with many things going on.

One of which is this open space where you could feed pigeons!

There are vendors selling pigeon feeds but since we packed some biscuits, we used that instead.

Andrei truly enjoyed the experience!

Such a priceless smile from my bunsoy!

I tried feeding one pigeon and it's actually quite scary especially that its small claws are digging onto my skin.

Andrei didn't mind and still stayed with the birdies.

He was not scared at all!

Wouldn't it be funny if they pooped on the Chinese Adonis? Har de har har!

On our way inside!

It's so hard to imagine that OSAKA CASTLE was venue to many battles in ancient Japan.

"The main tower of Osaka Castle is situated on a plot of land roughly one square kilometer. It is built on two raised platforms of landfill supported by sheer walls of cut rock, using a technique called Burdock piling, each overlooking a moat. The central castle building is five stories on the outside and eight stories on the inside, and built atop a tall stone foundation to protect its occupants from attackers.  The castle grounds, which cover approximately 60,000 square meters (15 acres), contain thirteen structures that have been designated as important cultural assets by the Japanese government." --

We lined up to get admission tickets for OSAKA CASTLE!

And there she stands.

OSAKA CASTLE was actually built by Toyotomi Hideyashi which served as headquarters for his regime. It burned down during the siege of Tokugawa and its new ruler had it reconstructed on 1615. The grand castle was also used as base for the rule of Tokugawa over Western Japan. 

Wanna learn more?

As we have been to Japan for many days already, we have gotten used to their vending machines.

Tickets to OSAKA CASTLE is Y450 for adults and Y300 for kiddies!

After buying tickets, you will go through many stairs.


In OSAKA CASTLE, you have the option to go on the elevator and start the tour from top to bottom.

The people behind OSAKA CASTLE museum set up a systematic way so that the people going up won't bump into the people going down. 

Separate staircases!

Okay then!

Oh boo!

OSAKA CASTLE first floor!

There, we were greeted with these two golden statues!

The Fusetora.... 

And the Shachi Gawara!

As I always fall asleep when I study my books during my elementary years. So let me just post these infos on the SHACHI GAWARA and FUSETORA.

Let me add THIS too for more knowledge on OSAKA CASTLE!

 As there was a long line, we just went for the usual route and began on the first floor.

OSAKA CASTLE stone wall history!

MORE stone wall history!

Entry to OSAKA CASTLE before!

When in OSAKA CASTLE, don't forget to pass by this display.

It is in this floor we came upon this opportunity to don Japanese costumes.

For Y300 each you get to play dress up and take pictures! You choose what you want and they will assist you in wearing it.

Andrei immediately knew what he wanted to try on the moment he saw it.


Mati's choice reminded me somehow of King Robert Baratheon.

Good thing my choice in Kimono did a good job in hiding my pooch (aka puson).

My cutie pie samurais!


The head gear may seem outrageous at first but I admire the over all look and representation of their ancient families!


The Chinese Adonis cannot move. Ha ha h h ha ha!

After fitting our costumes, the little lords watched a bit of OSAKA CASTLE history in their mini-theatre.

While they do THAT, the Chinese Adonis and I went around and read up on each story of the people who ruled in OSAKA CASTLE before.


(Yap Selfie!)

Would you believe that the red railings are considered as a floor too?

Forget GAME OF THRONES, the story on the battle for OSAKA CASTLE may be more interesting.

Although there are no incest, dragons, and TYRION though.

Later on, the Chinese Adonis and I joined the kids. They were so interested in watching the story.

It was also very cool to check out the drawings and models depicting the siege of the Tokugawas.

I'm happy that little Andrei was really attentive to everything he's seeing in the OSAKA MUSEUM. I'm sure he is already imagining the brutal fights that went on centuries ago.

On another floor in the  museum, they mounted many monitors on walls to show a more visual story of the siege of OSAKA CASTLE.

It's pretty creative and eye-catching really.They had a mini-set and there was movement from the character actors on a reflective screen.

A scene is assigned per monitor but it doesn't just flash the show at random. You would really have to follow the monitors at a counterclockwise movement to follow the story.

Nice huh?

Now I wouldn't mind if Andrei is glued to the TV screen with this!

This floor may get a bit crowded but OSAKA CASTLE's air conditioning is in full blast so you would still keep your cool.

After we've had our screen-time fill, we headed to the top (8th floor) and check out the OSAKA CASTLE roof deck. 

It is also where you could buy some souvenirs!

Later on, we reached the top floor of OSAKA CASTLE!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

Oops! Wrong country.

I wonder what's going on down there?

Feels like we are on top of the world!

The OSAKA CASTLE rooftop has a 360 breath-taking top view of the city.  

I can't help but imagine how this scenery looked like hundreds of years ago. 

To think that this was a fortress before that was under attack by the Tokugawa family. What was an area where bloodshed happened before is now a basketball field!

Wow! Such an easy peasy life we have right now.

I shared those sentiments with my little ones!

Everywhere we look was just beautiful!


Thank you for Candy Candy! Thank you for Bioman! Thank you for Voltes V!


Sorry! I can't help it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course, the Chinese Adonis can't help but ask for a photo op! That is so rare you know.

From this view, it is so evident how Japan may be advanced in technology and modern structures but they still value nature and greenery.

Don't be scared to really check out the view. There are screens and thin railings anyway. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding. I'm sure it's pretty safe to even take selfies.

We went downstairs and got ready to say "good-bye" to the museum.

Time to go Osaka boys!

My little bunsoy still felt like sitting down and drinking in all the beauty of OSAKA CASTLE!

If we didn't have a flight to catch later, we would stayed longer a LOT more.

But I'm sure about 10 minutes wouldn't hurt.

We also checked out this deep OSAKA CASTLE well where we could make wishes.

Time to say good bye to Toyotomi...

or is that Tokugawa? :)

Oops! A storm is brewing...

The weather may be acting up but we still can't separate ourselves from the beauty around OSAKA CASTLE!

Infer, I feel pretty here.

Feeling lang. Ha ha ha ha a ha ha ha!

Some may get bored looking around OSAKA CASTLE but THE YAPPY BUNCH really enjoyed our short "de-tour". Even though we've been to many temples, or historical sites, it is in OSAKA CASTLE that we felt the fierceness of the Japanese and how family honor would also come with a price. 

Do visit OSAKA CASTLE when you're in Japan.  For me, it was an overall breath taking experience learning about the true beauty and success of ancient Osaka families.


 1-1, Osaka-jo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone: 06‐6941‐3044 / Fax: 06‐6941‐2197


  1. EricJaz may I know what travel agency here in Manila did your japanese visa and how early did you guys apply your japanese visa?

    1. Hi Cindy! How are you? We availed the services of FOREFRONT TRAVEL AGENCY but I think they are also called Voyager. You may contact the owner, ALICE AGCOILI Tel # 8935290 / 8929704 / 8401161 Fax# 8133683 to make arrangements. We only got them for the visas. But for the rest, we booked everything ourselves. :)


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