Wednesday, September 2, 2015


ERICJAZ FOODIES with Best Gal Pal (BGP) Marian and Manong Fred have already been to DEAN & DELUCA before but since we had so much fun that night, we decided to make a return, pronto.

And we brought reinforcements.... pay the bill for us.



It was a busy week day when we decided to go to DEAN & DELUCA. I had an early release from work (which was a rare thing) so it was just natural for us to invite our best friends for a couples night. 

That is, after we put the little lords to sleep!


My very pretty BGP Marian and her husband, Manong Fred! He's covering his face because he just discovered that he had MILLIONS OF BOILS on it.

MILLIONS I tells ya!

Mike and Donna, whom we recruited to pay for us. 

Okay I'm kidding. The very happy lady behind Mike will be the one to foot our bill. Tee hee!

And of course, the ALDEN and YAYA DUB of Mandaluyong City...


(Pabebe wave)


Don't worry Mike, I'll put MY thumb on Manong Fred's pizza later.

While waiting for our food, I gave Manong Fred my Japanese Edible Toy in Sushi variant. I told him to give it to my godson Paolo but I doubt that he'll do it. 



BGP Marian ordered a DEAN & DELUCA Peach and Passion Fruit Smoothie (P180.00) to quench her pretty thirst!

I was actually in the mood for something light that night so I got the DEAN & DELUCA Smoked Salmon Croissant (P420.00)!

I loved every bite of my sandwich because the buttery croissant was light and flaky. 

The smoked salmon was delicate yet very appetizing. It certainly went well with the cream cheese and tangy pickled onions for that extra bite!

Dear Donna was in the mood for something rich so she ordered the DEAN & DELUCA Carbonara with bacon (P450.00). 

Even though this pasta dish may be loaded with cheese, cream, and fatty bacon, I found it a bit light in taste.

Personally I would love it if it had more "KAPOW" in seasonings but if you want carbonara that is not at all cloying, then DEAN & DELUCA'S carbonara is for you!

Dear Donna seemed to enjoy slurping on this though.

The Chinese Adonis cannot forget the euphoria he experienced upon biting this special sandwich from DEAN & DELUCA that he got again their Cubano (P500.00)!

My very wise husband even requested for some extra cheese in lieu of the pickles. Yup! He hates vegetables but he would gaga over gooey and stringy cheese!

I don't blame him. THIS is so beautiful, I would trade the life of Jon Snow for a bite of THIS!

Wait a minute....

Manong Fred is crazy over ravioli and ordered once again the Duo of Braised Beef and Corn Agnolotti (P520.00)!

He enjoyed so much the meat filled pasta swimming in luscious cream sauce. The first time we ate here, he was scraping his bowl to make sure he got everything. I doubt if he'll not do that later.


And here's "later"!

Manong Fred and Koya Mike each ordered DEAN & DELUCA's delicious Margherita Pizza (P650.00) and it was as awesome as we remembered it.

Cheese was bubbling and gooey when the pizza was served to our table. The crust was perfectly baked and gave out such an enticing crunch!!!

If you're going to DEAN & DELUCA you should ALWAYS get their pizza.


don't pair this with their smoothies. 

BGP Marian may have enjoyed her fruity cold shake but the aftertaste of her smoothie did not complement the cheesy pizza.  While we were all enjoying the hot and saucy pizzas, she felt that it tasted different. We concluded later on that it's probably because of the smoothie. 

Yup, the pizza and the smoothie did not live together in perfect harmony. But both are still oh so delicious separately!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Koya Mike, dear Donna, BGP Marian, and Manong Fred in DEAN & DELUCA once more!!!!!

I was trying to diet so I only wanted to eat half of my sandwich. But it was sooooo good that I massacred it in no time.

My husband's uber cheesy Cubano!

I told the Chinese Adonis to leave me a small piece. And thus he did...

I think it was TOO small though.

Hey Manong Fred, remember when you made me cry by saying that I looked like the mean girl from METEOR GARDEN?



Revenge for Wanda!

And in a short while, we're done.

The boys had some leftover pizza since it could really get so filling. At least they'll have a midnight snack later.

Here's our side of the table.

Yup. That's a wee portion of the Cubano for me to take home. 

Don't judge that wee piece of DEAN & DELUCA Cubano. It may be small but its 3 bite equivalent was still jam packed with flavorful meats and cheese!

So full and happy at DEAN & DELUCA!

For dessert, Dear Donna had the DEAN & DELUCA Carrot Cake. I'm not much of a carrot cake fan but this was very moist with an icing that was not too sweet but perfect for every bite.

BGP Marian tried our the DEAN & DELUCA Pecan Pie and enjoyed it till the last forkful.

As for me, I had a perfect sweet ending for our great dinner! 

Cappuccino (P150.00) and DEAN & DELUCA'S Pain Au Chocolate (P110.00)!!!

This ultra satisfying dessert had a very light and flaky breading which perfectly held the fudgy chocolate ganache inside.

Auuuughhhh! I cannot stop at just one!!! I want one more!

Oh well... Something to come back for.

Our DEAN & DELUCA bill!

It's always nice to go back to a hub where not only we got delicious chomps but we had an overall great night as well.

Can't wait to schedule our next one!

Don't worry, you are oh so welcomed to join us!

As long as you're paying of course!

Tee hee!



Rockwell Edades, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:348

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